Zlatan Ibrahimović | He came to stay | 1999-2021

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    The Best goals and assists so far in Zlatans 22-year-old career

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    1. Đi đây đi đó

      Did Lukaku see this ? Zlatan is the best

    2. trickywarfare kyle

      Gotta admit this guy is prolly the best striker in terms of era of play

    3. Marisk89 aka Shaormaker

      8:43 Adrian Mutu cry!!!!

    4. Ole tuallot MUF


    5. HDT Tổng hợp

      Anh vẫn đẳng cấp cao nhất

    6. Hurketekung Channel

      Dari awal karir sudah terlihat sekali kesombongannya, tapi dibalik itu banyak sekali tercipta gol2 magic...

    7. Mateus Pacely

      Name music? 5.00 time?


      what is the name of the first song?

    9. Señoritas Top's

      ele é o melhor, de longe, um assassino

    10. Slump

      Always will be a legend

    11. Eshfx Beatboxer

      what a legend!

    12. N I A Z Y ム

      He scored goals that we couldn’t score in PlayStation the man is a legend 🔥👏🏻

    13. bruh

      last song?

    14. Shoemaster Software

      How moved ad free to another clubs?

    15. bris

      Absolute machine

    16. k.k Rai

      Zlatan has conquer wherever he goes to 💥 He had conquered in every clubs and was been on form in every clubs he played to 🙏 #DARETOZLATAN

    17. Bilalsamator123

      The man who made me fall in love with this beautiful sport.

    18. Rich Dan

      Started from 7 m reached 65 m ended up free legends says he is still warming up

    19. JtotheP

      He's been my IDOL since he left Malmoe! Love you Ibra, all the joy you given me AND will keep givin me!

    20. Disorder 23

      Which name of this song?

    21. Seny4p Fi5hin9

      Pemain hebat yg selalu memenangkan piala di liga lokal namun kesombongan nya yg dikutuk untuk mengangkat piala liga champions... Badboy👍

    22. Syahran Rifdy

      Why he's keep being transferred for free like a useless player?

    23. Zapee HRT

      zlatan it's better than cr7

    24. awais asghar

      Real Don of football for ever

    25. phas3rrr

      1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s Four decades of Zlatan

    26. chris brown fan

      Zlatan ibrahimovic deserve every awards and trophies euro, world cup, confederations cup, fifa player of year and BALLON D'OR

    27. Bajak Darat

      What is the name of the first song, please 🙏

    28. Delano Blanco

      Well decorated footballer that is well traveled. I would take his career over messi or Ronaldo

    29. Themindu RSanjana Rsanjana

      Old is good

    30. Nonita Afrilia

      Shoot power 95 Header 77.. Height 195.

    31. Thorbjörn Vass


    32. ryantres85

      He had speed, technique, and power. He has scored some of the most impressive goals I've ever seen. Some consider his goal with Ajax as the best goal ever scored because of his speed, technique, and finish.

    33. Marcos Vinicius

      My favorite player.

    34. geo

      lmao look at messi bounce and Zlatan not even moving and inc at 10:17 xd

    35. Fabian andres Supayabe galvis

      Grande HIBRA 👹

    36. FLOREN78

      Por su carrera merece un ballon d'or....

    37. Video 4 Football

      good player

    38. ឆេង Music Official

      Song name ??

    39. Jeremias Israel 10

      My idol ❤ Amazing zlatan

    40. Martin Bulgaria

      No doubt he is a super talanted

    41. rdmcabee

      Maybe it is an underrated skill, but I have never seen someone better at holding a defender on their back than Zlatan.

    42. Mudassir Mohsin


    43. Tejum Zirdo

      PES should introduce Zlatan's iconic of his last goal for Ajax.🙏🏻

    44. Misu-chan

      name music ppls

    45. Phil Thatcher

      Zlatan and Buffon still playing in 2021 💪 Wouldn't be surprised to see Ronaldo play on until his 40's.

    46. Mari Banks

      What’s the song called?

    47. GamePlay

      Such a big talent but still he missed something to be Nr1

    48. Baki335


    49. Trap TrapBeforeRap

      Love this video very good work what's the name of the first music?

    50. Nerd Xtreme

      Vida longa ao rei 🦁👑

    51. Bugado Óculos


    52. Bugado Óculos

      Se não for convocado para copa do mundo de 2022 é pq o futebol acabou e a máfia tomou conta do jogo

    53. Vojtěch Elísek

      First song?

    54. sonic roblox

      Zlatan one and only...And music???

    55. ginolatino767

      sorry, but i don't understand what means "for free", it's kind "we don't give to you (and your club) nothing for passing whit us and we pay you just salary each year?" or what? can some one explain me? please... (better if is in italian, but if is simple, even in english... Thank you)

    56. ننز ٦عن

      Sport legend

    57. UiDM POLIMAS

      The most arrogant football player on earth

    58. fresh dreams

      MESSI,CRISTIANO,ZLATAN. 3 kings 2005 a 2021.

    59. Shebanuddin Ahmed

      You all know what to all the teams he played with i think all the team declared him as a legend of thier respective clubs..

    60. Jo Ja

      Zlatan is the King

    61. Ivan Car

      Zlatan means golden

    62. Fred Futterfummler

      why do football videos always have to have crappy background noise as audio?

    63. Aji Syifak Burhanudin

      He has the confidence since the very beginning.... His gesture wouldn't lie...

    64. Maulana Yakin

      Great player in the world Lagend

    65. حمد

      مستحيل هذا الاعب مستحيل

    66. Éric Techer

      I remember those goals he sxored dor ajax, for psg he turned rhe world around.

    67. Éric Techer

      I wish though that someone would pay him a trobute.

    68. Éric Techer

      Zlatan is undescribablen no douubt about it.

    69. Sebastian Enrique Segura Pino

      5:15 name song pls??

    70. MLT - Music, Languages & Tea

      Everyone talks about Messi being in prime since 2007 and CR7 since 2004... but few people talk about Zlatan being in prime since 2000, and having the same goal average of CR7 in Serie A being 4 years older. Never seen a 40 year old striker that good since Romário. He's not just a player. Let's enjoy his final sparkles before it's over

      1. Hailerm

        Ok buddy we will :)

    71. Pasalchhia

      We want another video of every legendary player👍👍❤️

    72. Bogdan Kobelenski

      You can put here whatever you want about him. But his behaviour on derby Della madonnina. When he was provoking Lukaku - tells much more about him. Arrogant guy. And of course, he made the wrong decision leaving Inter in 2009 trying to achieve Champions league trophy but unfortunately for him Inter won it.

    73. Mariana Carneiro

      What is the song 5:00, please?

    74. Peace Out

      King Zlatan 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    75. Joaquín

      ZLATAN ⚽ THE BEST 💎♥️

    76. Abdullah Jadoon

      And people say he should retire.

    77. Abdullah Jadoon

      I wonder how many other footballers are gonna go to the MLS and then come back to europe to play for a pretty good club that also at the age of 39 is just ridiculous.

    78. Abdullah Jadoon

      I almost can't believe it that he is still playing today and also in a major league not in the major league. His shooting technique is really great TBH.

    79. Chris Bilas

      Guys what is the name of the first song ?

    80. shawon sid

      Zlatan Ibrahimovic He's my personally favourite footballer in the whole univers ':)

    81. Don Johnson

      What?!!! Since 99’ he’s just from another world

    82. I Dan

      Song ?

    83. Youpo1

      My man played from ps2 to ps5 god damn

    84. azzido pintea

      And stiiill... He was transferred for free. 3 times. This...

    85. Mr:Dome Malitong


    86. Liverpool Oman

      With arabs his nick name is " The Sultan Zlatan "

    87. Steven Garrido

      he will be a good player. juega muy bien

    88. Lol

      40 year old and still doing great things

    89. Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez

      2 balon de Or in current standards

    90. Nhật Nguyệt


    91. Dark Side

      he really waiting for world cup trophies to complete his career and also retired 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    92. Ivor Torres

      Legend 🔥🔥

    93. Кчау

      Song please!!!!!!?????🎶🎶🎶???????????????????????

      1. Кчау


      2. Кчау


    94. Omar Mohamed

      I never thought zlatan was that good well I knew he is one of the best to ever be on the field but I thought he's famous cuz of that double kick and personality but fuknhell he is the G.O.A.T

    95. Damaris Sativa

      This guy would be world champion playing for Brazil, Argentina or Italy.

    96. Hicham Ment

      الغول ابراهيموفيتش

    97. amr rafat


    98. Dany Torres


    99. Alimron Jehlong

      รักซลาตัน รักตลอดไป

    100. Eryek Sihite TV