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  1. Soup Dumpling

    Those little mirrors are called concave mirrors and the concave mirrors provide a magnified reflection of whatever is being reflected, they were mainly used for examining ears, nose and throats. You should also react to Magic School Bus

  2. GhostRights

    0:24 - Well...hello to you, too?

  3. *Vixen*

    My little cousin has CF and she has a specially designed vest fitted for her little body that vibrates hard to “beat” her chest to help with the mucus.

  4. Aida Bilal

    🤣ur sooo sweet , bless u 💖

  5. Emily Williams

    I was literally just thinking about how Dr. Mike should react to that Spongebob episode and here it is!

  6. JumperGamer122

    Dr. Mike can you look into Bio. Inc Redemption, it’s a computer game and I was wondering how medically accurate it was.

  7. Shay Mich

    I think the weird head thing is supposed to be a "head mirror", which are mostly obsolete, but still a part of stereotypical costumes, according to a quick google search.

  8. Lyndsy Ritty

    Has he done Rick and morty?

  9. Felix Barrett

    Also, viruses don't have mitochondria.

  10. Shivam Petumber

    Bear is such a good and cute doggy makes me wanna have a dog too 💙

  11. Marry Lyka

    Is it okay to drink green tea if you have bipolar 2 disorder?

  12. Hayley Likness

    As a daily sims player... this is so hard to watch

  13. Silverfang

    Doctor Mike is going to find out what that thing on the head is even if it kills him lol

  14. Anthony Norman

    This interview was a little disingenuous given the beginning. As stated, for many vegans, veganism isn't simply a dietary thing. It's an ethical issue. From a dietary perspective, eating a hot dog at a baseball game once isn't a problem. From an ethical perspective, the idea of it as a celebratory experience is horrid.

  15. Thylacine 1217

    Could you give a reaction to the Family Guy episode, "Stewie Loves Lois". It shows how bad things can get for a doctor when someone makes a fraudulent claim about their exam. In this case, a prostate exam.

  16. Joe Nazario

    Every Dr I have EVER seen must be fatphobic because they have always told me to lose weight with be being a overweight man. I have always been overweight as long as I can remember.

  17. YashasviK29

    It was funny

  18. mixofcolours

    High five for your editors - amazing job! 👏🏻💪🏻

  19. jack Cheng

    Hi Doctor Mike I just finish a WW2 medical show charite at the war, in the show doctor inject urine into frog to test if the woman is pregnant is this realy?

  20. Floppa Gaming

    dr mike made covid?

  21. GL1TCH BOI

    Me watching all his vids relizing im going to be a docter by accident

  22. Heath Doheny

    That's not a dog that's a bear name bear!😂

  23. cheezkid26

    I genuinely didn't know English was your first language. I thought you were American!

  24. Kat

    Soo relatable I like to spend time finding gifts to give but receiving gifts isn't that important. And as a short girl hugs are amazing.

  25. Qxzkjp

    I've had a doctor use the forehead-mirror on me! Once, when I was young. What it's for (at least one of the things its for) is to reflect light from a fixed-in-place light into the patient's mouth during an oral examination. I guess it pre-dates cheap hand-held illumination?

  26. julie Wallis

    Menst wuw wation ?!?

  27. Orlando Ezikhiel Penaso ferrer

    420k views llooll

  28. Hex

    If my doctor looked like some of those doctors I'd probably go get checkups more often.

  29. Stefan Köhn

    I always guest this colektor on the Head is a thing from before Flaschlights with witch you can shine some light in the throat and ears to see better. It was always my logikal explanation because it's the same thing Miners where just without the candle.

    1. Stefan Köhn

      I mean that's why it's on eyelevel. Am I wrong?

  30. WHA Buali

    The rookie has some good medical stuff in episode 12 of the new season.

  31. Josilynne Swanson

    The boys are so adorably awkward. 😊

  32. Fabian Göransson

    I would love to see you react to Dr. Spaceman's shenanigans on the show 30 Rock. There's a great "Best of"-video on SEprom.

  33. ONR281

    F teachers, same thing happened to me. 😢

  34. Matthew Reilly

    "Here's my cool story. So I'm about to do a pap smear..." Gotta be honest, right off the bat, that doesn't sound like a cool story.

  35. WantedVisuals

    Fun old magazine fact: there's a German company who noticed the issue and came out with a subscription service where once a week, they deliver two dozen or so magazines to waiting rooms of all kinds and take away the old ones. They have an extra, bright red cover, so you can differentiate patient magazines from waiting room magazines. Excellent concept if there's no pandemic on.

  36. Anonymous

    Cupping therapy does really work. It's a common practice in Greece that came from the older generations. If i have a cold or sore musscles, my mom does the cupping thing on me. Also, if you have a sore back and it's cold to the touch, you got a cold and that's also a time when my mom does cupping to me. I dont completely understand how it works but basically you put the hot cups on and wherever there's more cold it sucks more skin and increases circulation. Is you do it tho, for three days after you have to be really careful because you can catch pneumonia so you have to walk around in warm clothing.

  37. frank handerson

    God bless doctor owobu for curing my hiv totally and permanently he is a great traditional doctor WhatsApp number.+2348050739750

  38. Dimah azizi

    What about casualty?

  39. ONR281

    The reflective disk is used to reflect more light on to an area a doctor is looking at, like an ear.


    This video has aged very well after a pandemic with a new virus that came "out of nowhere".

  41. Enpei Che

    Man, my guy's got bars. "What went wrong?" Nah doc, man's PEAKING! -~-~- Lyrics: Yo, got that helicobacter on the *tractor.* I'm gonna change it and give you that intrinsic *FACTOR.* ~~~ I've got that helicobacter, sitting on that tractor I hear everyone hits me w/ the laughter It's a right, 'cuz I got that intrinsic factor Living in my stomach, it's a mnemonic -~-~- C'mon. You can't get lines better than this.

  42. mattlillie08

    It's called a head mirror.

  43. Kathy Rogers

    ER is my favorite. Love House, too, but sometimes wonder why in so many episodes of House patients a. vomit blood and b. have liver failure. So, so many!

  44. Aaron_Monster 126

    i just remembered how he was fighting with a plant and he just sponsored trees...

  45. Haley Dunn

    I was hoping he would react to live action Nickelodeon shows. Like he could react to that scene in "Drake & Josh" where Drake impersonates a doctor, where Drake becomes sick because he didn't eat candy, and when the doctor comes to their house. There are also scenes in "Zoey101", "ICarly", and "Victorious" like when Zoey and her friends are quarantined, when Dustin was sick, when Freddie ran infront of a taco truck to save Carly & ended up in casts, when Carly had jungleworms & gave it to HARRY STYLES, when Rex was in the hospital, and when Tori had to get her blood took 3 times.

  46. grl_RN37 ICU

    Y'all aren't paying attention, he went home fine and cane back to the hospital 2 weeks later with the fever

  47. Lena_ Plays

    You should react to night watch

  48. Floppa Gaming

    "Sometimes I do that with my teeth before eating the grape" Why don't we perform surgery with our teeth?

  49. Anissa Marie Rutledge

    You should react to The Act on Hulu

  50. Kim Holtby

    Really do not like that answer to 'Why are my hands wet after I dry them?' question. I have this problem. For whatever reason it always seems extra hard to properly dry my hands for some reason. Edit: Why shame the question? And on the drinking while eating question, why assume water?

  51. Denyse Brooks

    My nurse teacher in high school told me that the metal circle used to reflect light into an area before pen lights were invented. A classmate wore one to a Halloween school dance and we asked.

  52. Arbet Benjamin Kwashi

    we actually used those mirrors during our ENT cycle

  53. Rasmus Nielsen

    The headmirror was mostly used to examine ear, nose and throat. You would have the patients head next to a light source, and then slide the hole in the mirror over your eye of choice. The mirror would reflect the outside lightsource back onto the patient, so you would have a shadow-free illumination! The device is almost never used anymore, as it was replaced with pen lights that are much easier to use, give better lighting, and you can be much more precise with it...

  54. EXOL _EXO

    One of my favourite episode of GREY'S ANATOMY

  55. Carb Nebula

    2:06 it's official: cocaine is a medication

  56. meruga811

    „What‘s your experience with diabetes?“ „They cut off your toes…“

  57. rnrbunt

    I was told labor would feel like a lot of pressure. 😳

  58. Torsten Kristoffersen

    today the teacher would be fired and arested for child abuse

  59. Sebastian Kürthy

    Can you diagnose hataraku saibo black/cell at work code black?

  60. Sera

    lmao so apparently the doctor head thing is a mirror to reflect light when inspecting don't ask I googled

  61. Samantha the Great

    That cow thing probably has more to do with the belief that cows are sacred.

  62. Yolo Bro

    I actually just had the stomach flu and I have a question so my name is Jordayn and 7 year old sister Haylee passed away last year form the disease pulmonary hypertension she had it her whole life but was diagnosed with it when she was 3 and she had purple lips purple fingernails trouble breathing so obviously it’s a zebra disease and I was wondering how well known it is to you and other doctors you know because of my sister paramedics here now know what it is

  63. GhostRights

    Doctor Mike AND Legal Eagle? My ovaries just exploded...and I’m a guy.

  64. Napoléon I Bonaparte

    "Sea-nut Butter" Remember, Egyptian Pharaohs "do the up and down motion on their sticks" into the Nile as it was mythologised that the Gods did that to create the Nile.


    Here's the list 1. ER 2. Good Doctor 3. House MD 4. Code Black 5. Chicago Med 6. Scrubs 7. Greys Anatomy 8. New Amsterdam 9. The Resident 10. Nurse Jackie 11. The Night Shift 12. Royal Pains 13. Transplant 14. Nurses 15. Doogie Howser 16. Attaway General You're welcome 😊

  66. Vanessa Broeckx

    Do Magic School Bus next! Ralphy and Arnold!

  67. Jordan Wiley

    I'm 6'1" and 260lbs Im a big boi And Tbh Sounds like a buncha angry fatties callomg everyone fatphobic because they feel it's a personal attack on them.

  68. Luai Ali

    i used to love adam ruins everything then i watched knowing better Christopher Columbus and i was disgusted at adam manipulating the facts

  69. heartears angel

    When Jimmy said that they need to extract the mitochondria from the virus, i suddenly wanna sit up and shout "Viruses do not have a mitochondria."

  70. Bradley Maynard

    The Facebook myth that annoys me the most and had to explain to my grandparents (because they believed it) was "Chough CPR".

  71. Capt. Bellamy

    I get getting a vaccine. I get mines but, when did it become neccessary, and what caused it, since orginally we as humans wouldn't need these things. But since humans messed up the earth and iur oen environments but physically and internally.

  72. Caroline Andrews

    I love how Dr. Mike is so silly in these videos. I’d love to see how silly he is in person.

  73. Vipul Gupta

    Why are we stuck with our stupid racist uncles and they get Doctor Mike.

  74. Andini Wirawan

    When i was in elementary school, all my friends got surgery to remove their tonsils and they always brag that they get to eat ice cream for the entire recovery.. Me being a kid, I want to get my tonsils surgically removed because the thought of eating ice cream is a dream. Then again, even with my tonsils i can eat ice cream as much as my friends does

  75. Bobby Sliko

    I had multiple brain surgeries for a brain tumor. My fifth and last operation was a craniotomy. After the surgery I had 29 staples in my head.


    This is very good movie this is my favorite movie

  77. rahul chirania

    when you realize he is in sage mode

  78. YannaS

    Dr. Mike, are you telling me that everything my boy, Jimmy Neutron, EVER told me is a LIE?! Not like this 😱🙅‍♀️

    1. Ashley The Blind Visionary

      I know, right? 💔

  79. Aldo Roemer van Opdorp

    Doesn't the pool thing create a vacuum or something

  80. Scarlet Augi

    Is it appropriate to start joking now that... the mitochondria is the vaccine of the cell based on the nonsense Jimmy said?