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  1. Dumb Luck

    I think you’re getting too into this

  2. Mr. Geo

    I like how scrappy took the blame for the writting team who used him as a scapegoat and the masses fell for it.. shame

  3. Thiccc Waffle

    lol lol lol guuu uyuyyugly Gud g guy guyg yuy t get t

  4. Chill beats

    I’ve watched the bee movie 58 times

  5. Mr. Geo

    I never saw that new scooby doo show but I heard they made Scooby an Annunaki, has a bunch of occupt references and the Illuminati is in it and everything cartoons aimed at kids should definitely have lol 😳... As someone who has studied that topic for close to 18 years I just think it's adorable how comfortable they are now... Kinda scary.

  6. Stark Gamer

    His gloves

  7. Grey Man

    The one slur is wilbersoot change my mind

  8. Elliot McWhirter


  9. Rey Gonzalez

    Dummy one part of the water is less salty and the lagoon is very salty

  10. valerie Cortez

    can you do a theory about coraline pleaseeeeee

  11. Geo Stigma

    so....this video explained why I have way more alcohol tolerance than any of the men in my family. It's because I'm a female. LOL

  12. Diego Duarte

    Video idea: In Shrek 2, Shrek and Donkey drink a point that makes them handsome. Fiona turns into a human but shouldn’t have Dragon(Donkey’s wife) turned into something else?

  13. Mr. Geo

    The funny thing is I liked scrappy doo as a kid and saw no issue with him. As an adult I do see the issue but it is no where as bad as ppl make it seem. There is alot worse characters out there in cartoons.

  14. Mr. Geo

    I loved a pup named scooby doo as a kid... Maybe because that was a stay home from school show ( which why does tv do that lol atleast back in the day ) but this show was great. I liked most scooby shows tho.


    Let me break down how many times a day your kid would be watching that movie again and again. You said "300 times before the next month", and months have 30 days. He would be watching, that movie 10 times a day, with breaks for the toilet and food (and sleep). That's 10+ hours per day that movie would be watched. I'm sorry, I'll go.

  16. El Pollo Loco

    11:33 you just explained beastars season 1

  17. NashTony

    u have ruined 5 year old me lol

  18. Phantombit

    Hey Matt, I know this theory is old but I would say that those who smoke pipes or siggars, especially those associated with the higher echelon, know that you do not take the smoke into your lungs and even the CDC have had to recognize in recent years that Smoking Tabaco in these ways does not lead to increased risk of lung cancer, and that their previous data collection and analysis was flawed.

  19. Alano Vasquez

    I thought everyone knew they were clones

  20. Feed Your Brain

    Good thing is a theory.

  21. Chris Coreas

    the allegory of the cave

  22. Ight ima head out -PG3D

    14:27 dear matpat, I fixed your script *the screen said childen

  23. Maxwell Porter

    but the nitroglyceryn sweat only comes of his hands it says that a few times in the show

  24. David Peterson

    Who else is watching during covid and is now starting to thing that the government got their idea from this movie?

  25. freediboy73


  26. Rath


  27. its a bully

    6:16 I can relate

  28. Dry Icecream

    Bill was secretly in greif because he did not want to destroy his home dimension. There's a show with a pet dragon idk what it's called but it has VERY SIMILAR Bill qualities. I think that's the "different place and different time" Because this pet is always reffering to he had power but now reduced to this.

  29. Marissa

    Rip Pillsbury Doughboy

  30. Cory Adkins

    This is a aweful lot of chatter when using deadly gas would do the trick

  31. Johntae Grove

    Heel running is so bad for your knees. Try this jump and land on your heals. You will feel shack waves in your knees. Go to any running SEprom channel

  32. johnathon stewart

    am I the only one who saw cashews. Not pecans lol

  33. Lochlan McKee

    Sorry, there’s a little thing called the great peace where the republic and Jedi order kept the galaxy free of large scale conflict for 1000 years. Only when your “peaceful palps” came along and master minded a galactic civil war, in order to enslave half the galaxy and indoctrinate the others did the wars in Star Wars start.

  34. Holy T Sticker


  35. Dav

    while your 'theory' has validity, the real truth is that they both 'lost' because of back channeling.


    When the impostor is sus

  37. Aidan Arblaster

    a couple of days ago i was like, "Mat Pat should make a video on minions" no joke

  38. omars content

    while I watch this I have one headphone on and one off

  39. Natasha Husocki


  40. Damian Mateo

    Hey matpatt can you do a film theory about the angry birds movie how terrance is more fast than chuck

  41. Hector Navarro


  42. Why I woke Up

    God, I hate these things.

  43. TidyBowl Man65

    The tough truth is, they were never out of the matrix. Neo having powers, effecting anything in the real world isn’t possible. They are still hard drives for the machines...

  44. Sudeep Dhakal

    Rick will come on final episode and take everyone to where he was taken on helicopter.

  45. Crazy Taxi

    Just because the original 230 are immortal does not mean that the clones are as well

  46. egg sicles world

    Both of the people was felling down by a log but it was funny

  47. Alex Maurice

    The only thing I see is Hawkeye not loving her if it wasn’t really her

  48. LRmizz

    The intro was 🔥

  49. Abdullah Al-Hugbani

    Idc what y’all think but thanos has to be the best written character in the mcu

  50. BullFree Gaming

    That's a lot of research for something that is usually a given. The villain is usually the hero. Hero movies are written with the written hero on the side of societal norm not of humanity or morality. It doesn't take a genius to see Thanos as the true hero and savior or all life. If I had to bet on it, I would bet that writers do this on purpose because the villains also have the best character arcs and backstories.

  51. Tammy Dagan

    in mulan one of the pepole are wearing SCAR!

  52. Douglas the Quilava

    I have a question: if this covers something FOOD related even if it's in a cartoon, why is it still on Film Theory and not moved to Food Theory? I really think this makes more sense to be there instead

  53. Sanji Vinsmoke

    gt opening is fire

  54. Kitchen Briks

    He should have wished to be the only price

  55. Natasha Husocki


  56. Komi Dzokpe

    Am i the only one that wants to see a hulk movie where marvel shows banner and hulk have a long chat somewhere in banners subconscious and hear each of their side of this weird team and how they each feel? please give me your opinions

  57. Manic _

    Your TV is Studying You

  58. HudeyfeW

    after catching up with the manga i’m here to see how close he is to getting it right

  59. Chase Rivera


  60. Blackcopycat

    15:28 .....why did i think that was my phone falling. i was about to catch it but my phone is broken and in my room ToT

  61. Blaise Thacker

    You should redo the transformers film episode since new movies have come out

  62. The Ring Master

    read the sighn at 8:16 trust me...

  63. Natasha Husocki


    1. Natasha Husocki


  64. Lilodyssey Gaming

    Matpat: You See This Cute Thing? Also Matpat: Yeah, That’s Satan

  65. temmie phlake

    hes not teliporting he just has a better gameing chair

  66. Queen

    I remember when I watched this for the first time 😬 This was like my first video of GT and I was amazed that videos like this exists. But more importantly, I had no idea who Steph and CatPat were so I was confused after the intro 😭

  67. Caiman D. Shepard

    This is ful of crap

  68. Brick to brick Gaming

    Add a public comment...

  69. MrSirDylan

    Well... this theory didnt age too well 😅

  70. Bugout speckle-_-

    I'm ready for DreamWork movies now

  71. Azra Khan

    i will never cut my hair ! becuase unlike that person you kept menshoning i have acualy be growing my hair since i was born and onlt trin it unless you count my bangs

  72. Brick to brick Gaming

    Hello internet welcome to game th... I mean welcome to FILM THEORY

  73. Ķøßçå

    I wish to have unlimited wish

  74. Cash Jackson

    Later on movies release date: Random person: huh guess he was right

  75. Get raped Noob

    I don’t think he killed the goon but he was definitely very brutal

  76. JD Gans

    They do mention these types of drugs in Freddy vs Jason

  77. Moonwake534

    Minions in 1939...

  78. carson ables

    Also notice that a toy of a minion appears in Ted's drawer in The Lorax movie

  79. Art_Kage

    Ngl matpat, the first video I ever watched from u was who’s the most incredible