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  1. Аквариумный рай.

    Вы ребята скоро гнезда на деревьях будите строить. Пора вам решать вопросы с луной.

  2. Syed Hashim Syed Moksin

    Water does go through rocks

  3. Cty Âm Thanh Sân Khấu Điện Máy RUBY

    Tuyệt vời 🥳🥳🥳

  4. 제리노다봄별

    자 이제 다 치워야지? 혼자 개고생하네ㅋㅋ

  5. Jorge Santos

    Very impressive

  6. Oliver Lebt

    If he used chipboard for his bed he should throw them away, because they are very toxic the longer you stay in a room with them. Please take this warning serious, because I know this by very bad experience on my own health.--- That material should have been forbidden to be produced for inroom use, but it is not, which is a real crime.---- Great achievement. Gongratulations .👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. عمرو ناصر

    صلوا على الحبيب المصطفى سيدنا محمد صل الله عليه وسلم تسليما كثيرا

  8. damiion666

    So after all the effort into the project, he still has to pay rent 🙄

  9. عمرو ناصر

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين اللهم امين

  10. عمرو ناصر

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  11. عمرو ناصر

    قال تعالي فقلت استغفروا ربكم إنه كان غفارا صدق الله العظيم

  12. Johnny B

    Can i send you a better mask?

  13. cmeier 75

    The ultimate man-cave. Literally....

  14. KMC

    진짜 시멘트 좋아하네요.

  15. nicholas komporozos

    Imagine what these guys can do with a measuring tape and machinery... Now that's real talent!!!

  16. si gabut gaming

    :v anjay

  17. shyter igrok

    да с...ка чувствуется работа сначала полки зашиваем а потом стены утеплим гениально рукажопы

  18. Павел Журавель

    Super Mao

  19. М. П.

    В граните бы попробовал☝🏻🤭😆🤣😆🤣

  20. 조인성

    부식이 중국판이 여기있었네 울 코리아칭구들 어디없나?

  21. M

    we can't do that in the netherlands. We got rules over here.

  22. Francisco Arroyo

    Awesome work

  23. Giga

    What a low quality bullshit lol

  24. shyter igrok

    это гениально хоронить асфальт под брусчаткой размером 3 на 3 там наверно парковка мини белаза гружоного.А сендвич панели по уровню ставить это тоже работа не с лазера из космоса по лягушкам стрелять высокотехнологичный процес

  25. debbi ramsey

    Wow. Fantastic

  26. Lucky Jasper

    Men dig mountain

  27. Kathey Hickey Van Otten

    Wow! Amazing job!

  28. Udho Aksa

    Wow paten kakak 🥰🥰👍👍👍

  29. VHS - Video History Shows

    I wonder where he gets his internet from and if he can watch his own video on SEprom!

  30. AGT0M

    Now, that's a man's cave! And here is your caveman...

  31. si gabut gaming

    :v anjay

  32. michael kidanu

    am really like you brother

  33. michael kidanu


  34. عبدالعزيز ابوصالح

    ابدع ماشاء الله تبارك الله

  35. Travis Lechner

    " debris can be removed easily" as he is muscling around a 200lb bolder.

  36. Thuần Vũ

    Oh my god!! That's amazing

  37. Владимир Лушков

    Нет слов-это просто титанический труд. Ролик снять и то работа адская. Мастер ....

  38. ภูผา


  39. Agung Prayogi

    Minecraft irl


    Bengkulu hadir

  41. Faizal Yusuf

    Kamu cantik aku cinta kamu. Sedikit seperti kamu selamat

  42. Kuning Ng

    Is this even legal?

  43. mark markoni

    очень круто а не рухнет

  44. Bismarck Andrei Fernandez Surculento

    Me sorprende que no se le haya caido la cueva encima.

  45. Prometheus

    I can’t believe no-one has said it This is real life minecraft.

  46. Z zz

    That very soft rock seems to me, where I live there is granite as I do not put dynamite the same as I did, I do not in two centuries


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  48. David Bov

    I can’t even build my little one a Wendy house

  49. Adithya Raman

    Very nice thanks

  50. Kidawesome55

    6:47 I would not trust that latter

  51. KaBa DaLuk

    If they have thousand person like him, the nature will cry and earth will really soon exhausted

  52. Henrique Negrisoli

    Out standing. Amazing job. Congratulations!

  53. Fesh

    100% some one is going to find this 1000 years from now and have no idea who built this and there is going to be tallk of some unknow tools for precise cutting and shit xD

  54. For His Glory

    THIS IS AMAZING!! WHAT!? One must REALLY know how to do this from beginning to end, because of a chance of the mountain collapsing O.o Little does he know though, in a 100+ years, one this could be a safe haven for someone during the apocalypse <(O.o)>

  55. 24 Bellers

    Sandstone. How did he calculate the stresses passing through the walls holding the hill up.🤔🥴

  56. Youtuber Lad

    And there are empty apartment building in China being built for the "people of China". Truly land of free and prosperity.

  57. Poykeh Music

    8:42 The sound of the *electric plane* fits _perfectly_ with the *background music* 😄🎶

  58. 117 john

    这样糟蹋自然 违法

  59. QueVerguenza Que LOCO

    Good to know how long took to made it months ? Year Really impressed That’s is a real engineer OEM not university need it is just creativity and love to do it .... perfect model to planet MARS

  60. 청소왕배팀장


  61. 이대주의원

    Very very interesting

  62. musiclover forever

    The very talented Mr Tiger

  63. Hoa Gạo

    Đá gì mà mềm như bùn . Đá thối à

  64. 단군의땅

    헐 내가찾고있는 진흑덩이 산이다..

  65. شخبيط المشخبطة ali LA POINTE

    Vraiment chapeau

  66. Islom Abdurahmoni


  67. Eric Miller

    You call this DIY 😒

  68. Camilo Amorim

    Gostaria de saber como projeta uma casa com rampa por favor se chegar até você essa minha dúvida me responda. Camilo Amorim sou do cidade de patos (PB)

  69. musiclover forever

    I always wanted to live in a cave with a pool and glow worms. What an incredible job you did, I pray you have many happy years there

  70. Rajshekar

    Love the work, except 1. Installs the door then starts pushing out big rocks 2. Installs tiles , then starts sighing for extra window space

  71. totien2608

    5:08 handsome 🤗

  72. Jerold Aulph

    What inspiring video.... We should all live in caves... Forget about that sunset view over the hundred acres out the back door... WE ALL NEED TO MOVE INTO A HOLE... STUPID.

  73. Rich (Dick)

    I am more amazed at the ease at which these CCP propaganda clips amazed and duped the viewers and commenters here and the dogged FORCED loyalist labor toiling for dirt under a communist regime there... and you know, the Chinese communist party that welded it's people inside of their "apartments" or whatever the citizens of China have been lulled to accept as living conditions during a "pandemic" that China created causing millions of deaths, untold strife and trillions in economic failure worldwide...the same Chinese communist party that imprisons Muslims by the tens of thousands and operates forced labor camps. You know, the same Chinese communist party that reeducates it's people that defy the party ? Simply amazing.

  74. ADN

    Quando chover vai pingar tanto dentro dessa casa. 😂 Além de pingar, leva o risco de desabar por conta da chuva. Era pra ele, pelo menos, colocar uma coluna de ferro e concreto no meio da casa, da mesma coluna, assim que ela tivesse encostando no teto, fazia tipo um X, de coluna, para cada canto da casa. Pra não desabar.

  75. 파시벌

    아름답지는 않넹 이태리성처럼

  76. i Tum


  77. Silent Majority

    All that energy and time, he could have built a normal house.. the crazy things people will do to get noticed ..

  78. Деда Жора

    В рашке парашке уже бы очередь стояла из чиновников, требующих платить налог за землю, за строение, за комуналку и даже за вывоз мусора и за капитальный ремонт! А также штрафы за незаконное строительство, захват земли и в конце концов его бы посадили! Вот так путин построил концлагерь для простого народа!

  79. Александр Артюх

    who this fucking lame put a dislike??? That was tough work and great result

  80. Arie' bLeNk

    Andaikan ini di indonesia. Sudah jadi berapa ipesode ne videonya ... 😂