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  1. Bodie Died

    Why are they fighting again ? Tyson beat him twice

  2. curiousgeorgelopes

    Now thats a call out 👏

  3. Zach Ball

    Deontay still too messed up to speak. Might be ptsd

  4. Tefilini.Jones

    Cheatin ass Tyson .. Wilder gon kill that boy 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Irva

    Honestly disrespectful af to only physically show up to a press conference and not speak a word. I'm usually a big fan of Deontay but with this attitude he doesn't deserve anyones time or money. I stopped watching this video after 3 minutes and he certainly didn't get me hyped enough to buy their PPV..

  6. Dante Bowen

    lmao im on the floor lol

  7. Gary Antoni

    Wilder looks serious like he will bus tyson 4real lol brilliant stand off hope it makes a good fight wilder shape looks good


    tyson looks fit

  9. Malfashooooo

    Most of y’all think wilder is acting scared but i think he’s acting like Joshua did after his lost to Ruiz and is just focused and ready and doesn’t want to deal with media or press and just wants to fight simple

  10. Daryl Tavares

    Wilder is trying some kind of strange head trip focusing on that and not on the training and fight it makes me think he's scared and just in it for the money

  11. Joshua Solorzano

    Charles Bennett is reincarnation of Old Dirty Bastard doing MMA!!

  12. Barry Andrew

    Wilder gonna win this time

  13. nelsonthekinger

    I Like this guy


    Shape like a bag of milk

  15. GM Group 369

    😂🤣 wait champ 🥊💪

  16. Kie 28

    When Fury beats wilder he will then go on to have 2 defences of his belt against 2 stiffs. After that he will RETIRE UNDEFEATED, HE WILL NOT FIGHT AJ. THAT HAS NEVER BEEN IN HIS PLANS. WATCH HIS DAD INTERVIEWS HIS SAY'S IT AND TYSON SAID IT INDIRECTLY AFTER THE LAST PRESS INTERVIEW.

  17. Max B

    Max was here

  18. asiangigolo69

    Fury took Wilder's soul

  19. Cormac Daly

    Gastelum knocks Cannonier out.

  20. Khan

    If zombie fights holloway next, he has the potential to become the next kattar and ortega 😂😂😂😆

  21. Jake Dagger

    Wilder was playing Chinese whispers the whole time.

  22. blacky

    Max holloway dominated Brian ortega n this zombie challenging max

  23. BlackElmoFilms

    Its crazy yall think headphones an sunglasses means fury got in wilders head already . . . IT SOOOOO MUCH DEEPER THAN THAT . . . win or lose im with wilder .

  24. Hemi Bates

    Tyson smoke em all

  25. Milemarker33

    😂 Why did Wilder even show up? He should not have taken or asked for the fight. I thought he was gonna at-least costume up. Hopefully they stop the fight earlier this time, that’s why he is not his normal confidence self. They allowed him to get beat bad. His corner screwed him. Taking a lost is one thing, but that dude got broke and shits gotta get fixed. Watch out for the left hook, and do some squats homie.

  26. Pedro Aldo Rodriguez

    Max Holloway will transfer that Korean face in a round balloon.

  27. Watkins ✔️

    Didn't know if I should read the white dude or listen to him.

  28. Justin McClure

    Haha burst burst burst. That is quite the coincidence he busted both of their eardrums

  29. kakki batman

    Love from northeast part of india. Lets go Zombie

  30. 김김성훈

    The clammy spandex cellularly overflow because sponge renomegaly blush above a tawdry sack. brainy, like caution

  31. ChildofGod229

    Wilder bout to beat the breaks off his azz!

  32. Cemsid Bey

    Mark my words Deontay is going to kill Fury!

  33. Jake Dagger

    It's fucking hilarious watching wilder talking after he got smoked by fury🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. wofc sverige


  35. gaaazaguly

    Wilder will definitely inflict some damage to tyson this time round and knock his abdominal snowman looking ass out 😂

  36. Ziryab Jamal

    If Leon isn't a fighter, then put up the BMF belt and show the world how much more vicious you are 🤡🙃

  37. Hardy 1

    Fury will kick his ass again

  38. Sense Sense

    Why do fighters have to be STUPID?!

  39. Neighborhood Nip

    Jordan hat… adidas jump suit.. this man gamebred has no swag 😂😂😂

  40. Charles Blake II

    Max gonna take this personal and scream “IM THE HARDEST HITTER!” And blast Zombie 🤣

  41. pedro elias gonzalez vidal

    Se les reinicio el Windows

  42. Sack_Habits

    I absolutely HATE Wilder black a**. He WILL get beat up …AGAIN. My money on Fury…AGAIN!

  43. Vinny Milchak

    Max would do this man dirty

  44. Justin England

    Tyson beats many fighters outside the ring - and inside the ring! Mind games

  45. Creation

    I mean Wilder isn't even talking for himself, if he loses this it's gonna be embarassing

  46. Pusat Perhatian

    why u be here if u not talking any word?? After last fight deontay taken brain damage...lol

  47. Jara Botelho

    He has a point. Max is more of a volume striker than power hitter. That would be a good fight to watch.

  48. Mamta Kumari ojha


  49. Evananhel Correa

    Korean Zombie I love you man you're a legend but everybody has said that about Max until they get in there with him and he's just built different

  50. William Clark

    Two times loser 😂😂😂

  51. Kyle Haydock

    I’m sorry but Max will eat this guy for breakfast.

  52. William Clark

    Wearing sunglasses to hide his fear ear phones to stop him shaking 😂 He's Tyson Fury's bitch 😂😂😂

  53. ej vds

    Deontay Wilders behavior is very unprofessional. Next time he’s like this again, cancel the fight..

  54. Paolo

    Props to Fury for holding inside the belly for so long

  55. DJ NO PLAY


  56. Ryan Leeke

    holloway will send this clown the to gulag with no chance of return.

  57. Ben Jimmy

    Love zombie, but no challenge for max. Anybody that starts that slow will not be able to face max, period. Not to mention that his pace is awfully slow throughout all 5. And his power is not nearly enough to faze max.

  58. Justin Roberts

    😂😂 Ortega doesn’t have punching power an he made the zombie look easy

  59. F A

    Max knocks the crap out of this guy he is not a top guy in the division and will never ever win the belt, and I mean never.

  60. Martin Uzell

    Max would play with him allnite long🍀

  61. Demon CDL

    Max would kill him

  62. Sha Kur

    Two crazy dude

  63. Chris H

    Wow...lol...I mean wow 😆 Fury talked all that smack and Wilder didn't defend himself one little bit. Wilder is getting ran over just like the last two times 😂 🚂🚑🤕🥴

  64. juanito Alcachofa

    Que alguien me diga que se dijieron

  65. DUB TV

    That would be a great fight

  66. Puff puff Pass 240

    Let's stop talking about how much he never spoke consonant on what he dose in the ring Yes Tyson will win but Wilder is a good boxer not too many people have dropped The Gypsy King but Wilder done it twice. Tyson Furry to win on points.


    I'm English and Jamaican this is how we tear you apart big up Deonte

  68. Βελλερεφόντης

    Wilder is gonna [email protected]@@ him up

  69. Niamya Brown

    Actually, in all honesty, neither one of them can actually fight, Fury!!, Is the best of the worst, if you took them 30 yrs back, both of them would had been duck food, for those heavyweights in that era!!!

  70. William

    Dude is weak and traumatized from the loss 😂

  71. Андрей Юркин

    нормальный ЦАРЬ клоунам руку только для поцелуев подаёт. Или в крайнем случае разрешил бы Магрегору, Пескова поцеловать.

  72. Irfan Farid (Fruit Occasions TM)

    You have keep the ears protected from a person named TYSON. They might get tongue 👅 whipped or even bitten off.

  73. RX

    Wonderboy beat his ass though and he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body lol

  74. Mykhaylo Rozhkov

    This is the only non-title fight I want to see for Halloway in this division. Scrap the bs guy Yair. This is the fight to make.

    1. CCS

      They gotta be paid well for that fight because at least one of them, probably both, will take lots of damage.

  75. Wunn Sen

    Max would win imo but MANNN what a scrap that would be!

  76. Philip Anthony Genon

    Someone’s just to be a wall flower. Shhhhhhhhhshhshshshhs

  77. Kofi Babone

    "To this day!" 🤣🤣

  78. SoulYahCMA

    Reporter goes > Fury what about the allegations of fixing your gloves Fury responds..........nothing LOL jajajajajajaj his face priceless

  79. Wolf

    Wilder could use sign language