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  1. Roran109

    I love these two together in the same video! More of this please!

  2. Max M.

    Nico died from blows to the chest not decapitation pause at 4:15 u see the shield going into his chest.

  3. Ponce Francia

    the enemy of my enemy is my enemy, and after my enemy defeats my past enemy my enemy is no longer my enemy

  4. thewinterizzy

    I’m gunna be so enraged when Walker gets away free. Ofc he would, but STILL. 💀

  5. Mason Bonner

    John Walker has a different shield when he’s walking down the street

  6. Hayder Abdulridha

    I was watching 22 Jump Street and I realized he was in it too. He was the football player that Channing Tatum was the partner to.

  7. Quintin ireland

    The blip took half of all living thing. That probably included Bactria and all micro organisms right. So a sudden restoration of all micro organisms would lead to sicknesses eradicated 5 years before coming back perhaps . (probably over thinking it)

  8. Tino Rivas

    I didn't like John Walker at first. Now I like him.

  9. Kyan Perry

    Well I'm sure if you are going to disregard every advantage Godzilla has to give Kong the victory then sure he could win. But that defeats the fact that Kong submitted in the end. He knew he couldn't win, even his heart was failing. Logically Godzilla would have fried him at the start but plot armour is real.

  10. Kin Prewitt

    I don't know why the continuity of that scene gets to me. The straps placement would lead you to believe he was hitting him with the bottom of the shield, but when he straps it on the blood splatter is to the side.

  11. Logan Cole

    I interpret Walker as having decapitated him or caved his head in, and I stand by that despite the parallels to Civil War, because I always interpreted the Civil War scene as Tony thinking Steve was going to hit him in the head/neck with the shield, only for Steve to instead end up aiming for his arc reactor.

  12. Isaiah The Potato

    Wyatt is such a good actor

  13. Dk Chris

    The most sponsered channel of all time😂

  14. Jim Gibbon

    Steve Rogers is who America thinks it is. John Walker is who America is. That’s the painful part.

  15. Jacob Drum

    5:30 and i'm sick of saying this but the 1968 Democratic National Convention protests

  16. Dominic Mendoza

    Maybe the light is from Earths core? Its hot maybe it looks like the sun? Why not?? Lol

  17. Wi Fi

    I genuinely love Eric’s origin story

  18. Michael Mondesir

    Maybe it’s grout

  19. Preeti Dahiya

    Obviously comparing civil war with this scene is inept. If Niko had fought an entire alien army(like Tony did) alongside Walker, then obviously he wouldn't kill him.

  20. Castor's Essential Oils.

    Seems pretty woke. Tv shows getting old.

  21. martin prieto

    I just want to see Bucky's and falcons reaction knowing that Wanda took an entire city hostage for a 50s sitcom I bet it would be hilarious 😂

  22. キラーK1rā

    When John walker was walking in the street why did the shield look different?

  23. Dan Mace

    The way Steve always introduced himself as Steve Rogers or just Steve. Walker always says he is Captain American

  24. I LOVE DOGS 3000

    King Kong should have snapped that Clifford lizards jaw just like the v-rex

  25. jomar mallari


  26. Curiously Curious

    I usually skip pass promos but you always bring the laughs

  27. Mr. Calderøn

    Black lives matter.

  28. TheRealCSD

    Realistically a soldier would not have a trial for assassinating a terrorist during a mission.

  29. Anshuman nigam

    I think that walker was so much angry on the flag smashers that he only wanted to get hold of any one and kill him

  30. The Crispy Chip

    He is fighting bucky with the bloody shield u can clearly see i think bucky breaks or hurts his arm hence the arm sling.

  31. fhml

    2 episodes left oh my thats too short

  32. Corben Martin

    The black super soldier is who he’s thinking of

  33. Devin Trusdell

    GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤

  34. The Crispy Chip

    Before Bucky says yeah we do he is so srongly staring at that shield im guessing in that moment deciding weather its worth it and he deicides so.

  35. CB L

    I would move to Wakanda is a second if it were real.

  36. AHMAD Husain

    It was about a spreading decease to reduce the population (originated from a bio weapon) by power broker himself. And he also had it's cure (vaccine) but to gain traction he was going to use later. But as FlagSmashers knew his plan as they were close to him when he injected them the SS serum. They overpowered him took serum and then vaccine to cure doniya and others and to become heroes and save the day and to rule the world accordingly.

  37. Just Aguy

    I thought it was clear that Godzilla did win. He beat kong twice, and forced him to submit and accept him as the king. Kong did. The end. If the humans didn't revive kong, he would be dead.

  38. Six Paths Naruto

    Yeah of course he will when he killed a bunch of people he walked

  39. x66black carnage

    I don’t know why but I absolutely fell in love with this channel once I found them during wandavision. You guys are great 💕 ❤️

  40. Jose Melendez

    I think the big cameo they’re going to have is General Ross coming to defend or testify for Walker 😲

  41. Christian Andrie Asne

    Kong be like the enemy of my enemy is my enemy

  42. DikaWolf

    Thor should speak with your Scandinavian accent.

  43. The Gifted Gold

    I think John kinda looks like bob from incredibles when he puts his head in his hands

  44. 123abc

    Imagine the Marvel timeline coincide with the real timeline. 2018 - half of population gone. 2020 Covid pandemic. 2021 vaccines developed and deployed to all population. Then when the other half came back in 2023, they are pretty much vulnerable to covid, since no one is vaccinated yet...

  45. dr1kram

    I like John Walker he lost a close friend that was all way there for him he got pay back .... i wish i did

  46. Brennan Abadie

    I think its cool

  47. processor 7

    Yes there has, there has been a black captain America

  48. Chrollo Lucilfer

    Government be like they caught your ass in 4k

  49. Will Shields

    I believe that he hit him in the chest.

  50. Jonny Quezt

    I think Walker’s roid rage was intensified by PTSD

  51. Ismael G

    If Ironman would have killed the winter soldier, Steve would have killed Ironman.

  52. Timothy Alvarado

    i love wyatt russell's character

  53. TheOtakuX

    I mean, in the sense of it being a shocking scene in a work of fiction, hell yeah it was cool. Within the world of the MCU, though, no, it was pretty messed up.

  54. FatTimmy

    I believe Grandpa Steve should come back and kick Walker's ass.

  55. Chris Saylor

    GMOs are not bad, dont feed into that nonsense.

  56. Yang Ke

    So it's OK to kill Lamar then? You are a joke.

  57. Fraser Lyness

    I think the rumoured cameo to be in the next episode will be old Steve testifying against walker

  58. Tommybasedgod3

    The reason John walker killed that flag smasher was because that was the first one he saw

  59. NASA Boi!

    Why did Godzilla keep aiming at the axe he should have been able to kill Kong so fast

  60. ohboy_cheese lmao

    What if they were going to introduce mutants,!and the shows got bogged down and put in different order because of COVID. Even Peter Evans roll in WandaVision could have been different.

  61. iAlex

    At the end of the trailer we see Bucky looking down to the left (his right) which would actually be where John walker would be holding the shield and maybe it’s possible they mug John and run with the shield???

  62. Thyr Lindberg

    Who plays Mera in this?

  63. Vanilla Sky

    Whedon needs to be banished from ever making a movie again

  64. Peter Skorec

    Loki falling in to the sand: Boom you looking for this

  65. Legend of Acrius With Ornament

    Nico death was very scary

  66. The villain Mr.Ortiz

    What are y'all talking about Godzilla WON they to had put the damn the ship on Kong and to restart his heart

  67. Zachary Dunn

    I’m pretty sure the fight with the three of them is right after the killing since there’s still blood on the shield and I think they take that shield back cause the one in the other footage from the trailer is different when you look closely.

  68. AMB Studios

    Sentry is coming😂

  69. Sean Stewart

    This movie was great for the special effects and fights. Just wish they could have written a better story.

  70. _ Abdu

    7:17 its a different shield..right?

  71. Sean Stewart

    I wonder why it is that Godzilla has no urge to kill Kong? Maybe he knows how important Titans are and as long a Kong submits, he is fine. I think Kong takes 2/10 probably.


    They can't have changed too much if it's THIS DOPE!!! This level of writing takes time...👀

  73. kyle deschamps

    i think this "virus" may have been people who started having mutations when they blipped back. There have been a few signs around that look alot like the x-men logo. They may be keeping these people there thinking there is a viral outbreak. As they are not yet aware they are mutants. fingers crossed??

  74. Matt Smith

    Yup, reacting to deadly force with deadly force is definitely a disproportionate reaction! Makes sense.

  75. MasicBemester

    "a camera shy soldier with impostor syndrome" *later commits murder and gets caught in 4k* wait no stop get out of my head IMPOSTOR impostor that kills dead body reported amogus

  76. Ravi Sajeev

    This movie is Batman v superman

  77. Gavin Vale-Smith

    Most powerful scene , looking up showing the Shield covered in blood, a symbol 100% opposite of what Captain American stand for.

  78. Gengesi Mabusela

    Y'all can love Wyatt Russell's portrayal of Walker. It's great. But making excuses for Walker is like people making excuses for Rose in "Get Out." They are not good people!

  79. Michael Kaszynski

    Turkish delight can be wonderful, Voss. It comes in a lot of different flavors but many of the traditional ones are flavored with rose water which I can't stand because it tastes like soap to me. Maybe that's the one you had. The pistachio version is awesome.

  80. T. Vue

    Wow you've lost weight. Great job with that workout!