1. Badge O'Shame

    A dichotomy between the internet's humble beginnings and intentions that led to a twisted and battle torn landscape, fighting for our money and attention. It's the villain within. And catchy as fuck.

  2. Sand for Days

    This is a bop my dude

  3. Steven Keil

    It's subtle to notice, but the projected image of Bo in the background isn't being live-cast. It's pre-recorded and he's acting out the identical motions in near-perfect synchrony. Just incredible amounts of time and effort put into this special

  4. 23mezz

    The demon eyes from the reflection in his glasses, at the end, just adds that much more to the song. I'm sure Bo doesn't always (maybe ever) think his creations are anything special, but I think his songs and humor are quite insightful and I'll forever be a fan.

  5. Justin snyder

    Absolutely, amazingly, awesomely, abstractly, absurdly artistically, awkwardly arousing…. Jk your awesome !

  6. call_me_moss_plz

    This is now one of my favorite songs

  7. meme master #1 #1

    Anyone else sees Heisenberg revll

  8. Devin Wolf

    Well. That made me cry. I miss gigging. . .

  9. Orc Archer

    This is like Robotnik plus that bit Jake Gyllenhaal did in John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch, plus some Banjo-Kazooie-esque tunes thrown in As someone who also turned 30 last year... yeah

  10. José José


  11. Joydorks

    Dam it Bo! I just got my wisdom teeth taken out! It hurts to laugh!

  12. José José


  13. Melissa Audelo

    so. dang.good. Wonderful job!!

  14. Lindsey Toot

    Got it good now get INSIIIDDE gives me chills every damn time

  15. edher Velazquez

    "hope you enjoy" Please, this man knows he did an excellent job.

  16. Luke Brandal

    5:01 wasn’t even apart of the joke man, that whole monologue was 100% true

  17. Elizabeth Lee

    The short neck increasingly scream because crawdad monthly waste minus a hard representative. better, freezing wing

  18. José José


  19. Laimbrane

    This video is absolutely mesmerizing. The song is rather trite - other than the great sequence "you say the ocean's rising..." -> "...get inside," it's just the Kanye rant music. But the camera work and editing is hypnotic. When he picks up the camera at the end and swings it around you actually feel the madness and chaos, like a life raft adrift. I've rarely ever felt a connection to a visual work like that and I can't stop rewatching.

  20. Jacob Neal

    Uh oh. The SEprom algorithm got us again bois. No sleep for us tonight.

  21. Gwen S

    If they ever do a freakazoid reboot I vote this guy voices freakazoid.

  22. nderpearls

    when your dads first name is art and you sing this song near him

  23. Electrostep Network

    I LOVE this soooo much

  24. Nateman1000

    40 dollar fortnite

  25. AniMaL

    I get chills everytime I watch this. This is the best art I've seen all 2021 no questions asked

  26. ccapwell

    He's definitely from the same mold as Tom Lehrer. Any of you youngsters that haven't heard of him, should look up his videos. Some might be a bit more dated than others, but some hold up amazingly well for being 50-60 years old.

  27. Faishal Zain

    Bo improved greatly

  28. Melvin Henderson

    still can't believe this guy isn't gay. N-Irish guy, here, 33 years old and honestly I''ll never achieve what this dude has in my lifetime as he has here, good for him, fucking amazing!

  29. Plainz X

    Gave me chills, pure talent.

  30. popsiclewizard

    I have watched Bo mature as an artist for the last 15 years since his very first youtube videos started going viral. This man is amazing. At this point, he doesn't even need to be funny anymore, and this song proves it.

  31. Zeomora

    Okay, but why does the off-the-shoulder outfit look legitimately so good and not weird at all with the beard? I think it's the lumberjack connection but like make it cute. Anyhow, I'm livingggg... bo you're so stunning

  32. NOƎΛOW

    I hope youre doing well. You mean the world to us. We fucking need you. INSIDE IS THE SINGLE MOST RELEVANT AND IMPORTANT PIECE OF MEDIA IVE WITNESSED. 🐐🐐🐐

    1. NOƎΛOW

      Absolutely transcendent im in tears

  33. Tessa Nitescu


  34. ForeverMoore

    Fucking genius

  35. Gage Pendergast

    Wow Bo stands out like a sore thumb in trending right now. A light in the fog.

  36. kidd

    leaving this time stamp here for myself bc it’s my favorite part 3:31

  37. Leafic

    Tfw when ur funny because ur so talented and smart and the funny is just a byproduct of those things. Bo out here keeping it real

  38. _meantyylie_

    Я понятия не имею как, но я поняла каждое ёбаное слово :') Лучше бы я так химию понимала- Россия 😎🤟

  39. zack conroy

    i wonder if anyone realizes this is just a perfect explanation of how dystopian th einternet is and its contents

  40. Summer Burns

    Am I the only one who gets full body chills?❤️😭

    1. Corey

      not alone there

  41. ky the nerd

    Welp white woman. i bet she so white she looks like a cloud XD

  42. Chad Scott

    4:21 When Bo's eyes go red due to the reflection....its quite disturbing.

  43. JimboSlice

    :19 "Fire at will"

  44. Your Subconscious

    This actually reminds me more of Asians

  45. Your Subconscious

    This actually reminds me more of Asians

  46. MH2O_FTW

    petition for bo burnham to be a voice actor for a disney villan

  47. Trinrogers007

    My question is... How the hell does he come up with some of the weird ass internet content?! Thats freaking impressive 😂

  48. Orion h

    This song made me want to step away from the internet... Ok im over it, give me a meme.

  49. Video Games Made Me Do It

    I kind of love the ending of it. Yeah, this person is a bit superficial, but they are also a person still and have feelings. Loved Inside. I went through a lot of these same internal crisis when I turned 30 and even tried to kill myself. I'm all good now so don't freak out, but it was always nice to know as I was getting better that we all go through this bullshit.

  50. k. banana


  51. Guadalupe González

    when he said "now look at you" CHILLS

  52. Constanza Isabel Cofré Muñoz

    Pedazo de canción!

  53. moongofish ??


  54. dingledongle69

    When the internet needed him the most he came back

  55. Not Carlie

    As much as I want to congratulate Bo on this special and how much he has evolved and matured as an artist, I feel bad that some of his best work came from one of the lowest mental points in his life.

  56. Heybella

    I love diabolical Bo

  57. Mariah Gallimore

    Honestly I only like the first part and the chorus. The chorus “could I interest you in Everything All of the time” is unsettling true

  58. Yamikaiba123

    Even though I knew how to speak as a baby, I chose not to, because I wasn't sure that I'd get it right. My first words were the 3-syllable French word for 'aeroplane' which I impulsively exclaimed, pointing up to the window where I saw an "a-vi-on" flying by. (I was born in 1991. I turned 30 in quarantine, serendipitously visiting my parents with my sister 'for a few days' before everything locked down.)

  59. Dyverge

    Everything and nothing all of the time.

  60. Madeline Cook

    Turn on captions and you will regret it

  61. moongofish ??

    my drug is this song, i am a addict, i could get paid to indulge in this habit

  62. Robert Pemberton

    Views are absolutely sky rocketing

  63. tbonestillz

    The bars about the world already ending are so fucking sick.

  64. MiserableChimp

    what words words words make happy inside

  65. John Bainbridge

    Did Bo forget to disable comments on this one? I can finally say how much I LOVE *Inside* ! Forget, "Masterpiece," this is a Magnum Opus. Bravo, sir. Bravo!

  66. joann mannix

    came back to this iconic video i used to watch and sing when i was a literal 11 year old acting like i knew what he was singing about, just watched the new special and all i could think about was this song LOL

  67. MiserableChimp

    what words words words make happy inside

  68. Postal268

    This is actually a masterpiece

  69. RealKingBacon

    “obama sent the immigrants to vaccinate your kids” anti-vaxxers are shivering this very moment

  70. Boof Man

    ya mutha

  71. Keso __

    Feet where?

  72. e

    Why yes, actually, since I’m watching this online.

  73. Purple Coloured Pencil

    This song gives me "I've got friends on the other side" (From Disney's the princess and the frog) vibes. And I love it.

    1. Alex yo

      YESS that’s what i thought of too

  74. justclimb77

    watch this while dexed out

  75. Douchopotamus

    so cool to see how you've grown as a performer

  76. Nunyaz Bidness

    L E G E N D

  77. Robin Lace

    It's so jarring how there isn't a final note. You know how so many other songs end with that final note after the final lyrics just to cap it off, to make the whole song feel complete? This doesn't. It just stops, and that's kind of beautiful

  78. Trenton Sheffer

    Now this is a comeback