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  1. Delshon Harris

    Raheem brave while wilder not there lol

  2. Martin Bolver

    Wilders new yes man !

  3. The Price is Right

    If sky are now getting US top rank events is there any chance Fury/Wilder 3 could be on sky?

  4. Gooniessss

    If Wilder wins, watch the ldbc community say Wilder shouldn't rematch him because Fury wasn't going to fight Wilder for the 3rd fight. When was the last time a fighter fought someone twice and still had to fight in the losers backyard.

  5. Dwayne’s Duffle

    Definitely bias. Pressing him like he said it. He’s just the new corner man.

  6. Kingsley sarfo

    thought he was doing it to possibly fund his new uh.. pantyhose and drag leggings clothing line

  7. The House of Kings

    Raheem is a clown.. Dude takes every word way to literal.. 40% of these interviews are damn near acting.. Its like when they interview a wrestler.. They are going to say shit that get the fans into the fight.. This clown just took the whole interview somewhere else.. I'm not even pumped after watching this shit!

  8. Brent Marsh

    Wilder act like a little kid. Tyson KO him the 3 round

  9. Eric Young

    What you all fail to understand talk is cheap do the talking in the ring. As aan he have no duty to answer questions or acknowledge Tyson is really bothered Wilder said nothing to him. Silence is golden remember the quiet kid in the class pushed that kid at the end had the last word.

  10. liam halford

    Wilder being a bully as usual! !

  11. Jay Parmar

    Excellent interview - balanced, objective and hard hitting without the bs

  12. test cch

    love this! I wish more of these press guys had the balls to call these guys out on their BS. I just wish they had the balls to do the same to Fury because he talks absolute crap as well

  13. Augustus Patrone

    RR was brilliant in this interview and the Fury interview.

  14. Luke Roberts

    What a pigeon Deontay wilder is and also appears that his camp are just as dilusional

  15. Mike Derby

    That's how you do a interview guys,u question the questions,wilder is the one that didnt say it was a bad day in office.

  16. Abimbola Adedotun

    Malik Scott is intelligent...His responses to questions is top notch

  17. mahad ibrahim

    Lol these guys always play the race card on anything

  18. BB42

    Radio Rahim is a great boxing journo.

  19. Jim El Chapo

    Joe Joyce is going to be another Nigerian to beat Carlos Takam. Unfortunately the two countries share common boundary(Nigeria east/Cameroon west). Let's go Joe!!!

  20. Thomas Guadagno

    I love my white brother,, Raheem lol

  21. iNeckle

    Got to love dibellas digest 👍

  22. ukulele69ify

    We might remember these excuses 🤣🤣

  23. Stuart Gould

    This is the most cringe presser ever what the fenkkkk is actually going on , I like Joyce but what has he got around him in his team 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. AIR305

    Ignoring questions and wearing headphones in 2021 🤡🤡🤡

  25. Carlos Hafner The Sailing Ninja

    Tyson Fury, a Gentleman all around, a straight up killer when he has to ☝️🙏❤️👌

  26. Faheem Nasir

    That’s why radio Raheem barely gets any interviews, no fighters mess with him. He only targets black fighters and try to make them look bad.....Why didn’t he question fury about the allegations?

  27. Michael Higgs

    I can't understand why the EBU keep sanctioning 2nd level European boxer's for there title.

  28. Tanjila Palmer


  29. E P

    He is going to lose his lucrative and very generous dazn deal in a short period of time. The idiots at dazn decided to give loads of money to Eddie instead of leaving boxing altogether. Soo he has to go on triller and make money to fuck dazn.

  30. Caesar Augustos

    Dibella, last Night good Fights. Munguia- charlo- inoe- any comments

  31. otis holiday

    Dibella is part of the machine!

  32. JB CBBA

    This guy lives in a GTA world, thinking he can respawn and do anything he wants. 😂.

  33. Umbrella Man

    just plain and simple, Does Malik Scott believe Breland drugged Wilder before the fight? if he cannot answer this question then he fears Wilder firing him - or he doesn't believe Wilder. These guys make claims that stain a person's character but don't provide facts. Unless they have the blood or pee tests to prove it.

  34. Michael Fernandez

    Joe Rogan would fuck you up lol

  35. Baz Arsenal

    Unedited version . ' radio Rahim with deontay wilder.. i need new underpants'

  36. Fish Grease

    Rahim u can't be soft interviewer

  37. James Harris

    Malik is rattled , he’s out of his depth here

  38. TrueSkeptic

    Eeeeeeevyone can be a racist when ever.

  39. shiron radiation

    I wasn't ready for this in 2019 people recognize Shannon Briggs 3 times heavyweight champion 🏆 as logan paul,s trainer

  40. miky binns

    Fun fact the "vaccine " does not reduce the spread of the "virus" , thats the official position of all the "vaccine " manufacturers, mutations are created and spread by the vaccinated. Natural immunity is the way.

  41. robert de niro

    The best in the game right there, draws blood from a stone

  42. Lex C.

    Just give dela hoya an oscar

  43. TrueSkeptic

    Humble guy, I can like people who are not humble if they can back it up. But I also find my self liking this a humble guy who can fight at the absolute top.

  44. Andrew

    I wonder why? 🧐🤔… Oh yes, silly me 🤑

  45. wagsbass

    Do we really need to investigate why Oscar is making a comeback?

  46. Ddd Kkk

    This guy is a real idiot, pushing that poison, it is not a vaccine. It is gene therapy, never been tried on humans, ever. On animal studies, ALL the animals died.

  47. Walter Aragonese

    He is multitasking really well

  48. Gensis Chronicles

    I'm sorry but his accent is soo frustrating

  49. John Riley

    what a bunch of hand-waving nonsense by MS. does he have any experience as a trainer ? not looking good for the ex-champ.

  50. Paul Morales


  51. Mo TMT


  52. Neonrond

    The mic is even shaking

  53. Ronnie Burgess

    All that money and he’s still wearing his mums glasses

  54. Kevin Logan

    I dont know who is the dumbest between Wilder and his trainer

  55. Angel MartineZ

    How can you hate on fury. Dude is solid


    Love him but ? Am I the only one that heard him say he thought Chisora beat Usyk ? Wtf Is he on about ?

  57. franco Cosentino

    Didn't think you could find a bigger twatt then Wilder

  58. Joeslyn Dibansa

    In terms of mentality , mindset , meaning of live conversation, Tyson fury is by far the most inspirational athlete of all time . He’s a true living legend , living his best life

  59. Matthew369

    Wilder having his trainer run interference for him is the most pussy move ever.

  60. Matthew369

    Radio Raheem asks the best questions 🙏

  61. tomabban

    Very well spoken interview from Fury

  62. Jay Cee

    Deontay's going to shit on Malik Scott if and when he lose this fight

  63. Fay Ahmad

    Eddie if you get Prince nas on dazn it will be the best decision you’ve ever made

  64. No Limits Travel

    We all know Joyce beats takam up let's be honest easy work

  65. m k


  66. Mohammad ali

    Malik “getting knocked out by getting hit in the gloves” Scott

  67. King David

    Rahim is the Brian gumbel of boxing

  68. RenegadeRJ9

    Is this a joke?

  69. A Guy Somebody

    Dammmmmmn....literally not one comment about Easter candy ass. AB don't talk around boxers no more...he always looking for Marcos to pop out and own that ass

  70. Gray Louch

    Great interview 👍👏👌🙌

  71. GODS Will

    These ??s Dont matter anymore

  72. Seth Marie

    Tbh, there is a lot of black clouds from that second fight. Was it a legit win? So this 3rd fight is needed. Some believe Tyson Fury got a generous count from the ref in the first fight. This fight is anticipated.

  73. Jason Miller

    It sucks every time I go to get behind Wilder he says something dumb about the American ppl. He’s one of the only fighters that will have an American audience rooting for the foreigner

  74. Jason Miller

    Lmao yeah everyone’s racist that’s the problem. Says the multi millionaire

  75. David Stanley

    Proper boxing people, proper men

  76. MsH80

    He said everybody knows he is mentally tough, 😂🤣😂🤡