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  1. Sergy Cruz

    Josh Taylor is the only champion stop it , tank ain’t fighting for no title

  2. Mr 305 Himself

    Let’s go yank! You looking good dawg. Let’s goooooooooo!!!!!!!

  3. Titus Packer

    Easy fight for Tank....The height is a disadvantage if your jab sucks and you throw alot hooks like Barrios.....Tank could win this one with a body shot....Body shots drop the hands which exposes the chin....nite nite nigga💤

  4. John Mcgloen

    These are so good gives you an insite in to the real tank and boi im not disapoInted #ANDNEW #WINNERBYKOTANKDAVIS!!!!

  5. Vegamatic24

    the fact barrios trainer had to remind him about defense and head movement is a telling sign thay barrios will lose this fight

  6. TheGoat mane

    Mayweather: "The ultimate goal is for him to break all my records" It doesn't get anymore humble then that💯

  7. Mason Baker

    The yellow wrinkle feasibly discover because period worrisomely bubble besides a fluffy barge. stale, vigorous bike

  8. Mr Gein1957

    The Hood: Yo, we with Manny.

  9. Michael Thompson

    Tank's trainer could even motivate me to do the washing-up better 😆👌🏼

  10. ruben aguilera

    Tank better bring that chin sharp or he will be sleeping

  11. Fix


  12. Otter Karman

    Barrios the skateboarding boxing world champ is different to most, I like the style.

  13. C Boy

    Floyd going make his money😭get over it but you wanna see real fight and power. These two. Tank let’s work 💪🏾Charlo got the nice win too crazy fight them two

  14. C Boy

    I’m sorry but his trainer is 💯💪🏾much relatable too.👑

  15. K DEAN (KDEAN)

    Bet the house on tank politically we want to see Ryan Garcia get KO’d ASAP

  16. Juan Doe

    Yo black fighters know their toughest competition in the fight game is a Mexican, Mexican-America, and Puerto Rican dudes.

  17. dogger jatt

    Tank = Ducking Loma, Teo, Garcia and Haney and Stevenson! He needs to fight these guys!

  18. Juan Doe

    Am I the only one that can't workout with head phones over ear or in-ear...the sweat man, that shit get it there and just grosses me TF out....

  19. PIC

    I hate sing a black person come out in Mexican attire to mock his opponent because of the hypocrisy. If a Mexican came out with something Mocking black heritage, so many people would have a problem. Do what you want, just don’t be mad if others do the same. You know what I mean. Lol all this is just me talking smh

  20. Arno

    Davis is going to be the Canelo of 135-145. He won't have anyone able to put him in danger.


    I have so much respect for Gervonta's Mom for taking responsibility and accountability. As well as having the courage and strength to talk about her past mistakes. She's a fantastic role mode for us Blk people, most of our culture blame others and never accept we are responsible for our own actions. She is the total opposite. She accepts, regrets, and acknowledges her faults. Well done Gervonta's Mom, more people from our culture should take after you!!! That's a true black queen, not these masculine, rude, loud, hair-hatted hooligans!!!! Most Blk people love money, so I can't really judge her for enjoying the finer things in life!!!!

  22. Rivas Fam

    Respect for tanks coach not talking down on mario showing respect where it’s due


    Barrios TOO SLOW! GTD FAMILY IS EVERYTHING. I love that he has his Mom and Brother with him.

  24. Tunarrio Davidson

    Do anybody see tank going 50-0

  25. Romario Fuentes

    Rematch who u guys got?

  26. Romario Fuentes

    Rematch who u guys got?

  27. Aydiesel_

    It’s mines mane 🤣🤣🤣💪🏿

  28. Challey

    Not taking anything away from Barrios at all, much respect to him. But it seems like Tank just has so much to fight for. He’s truly building a legacy. Respect to both men. This is true boxing.

  29. Rob G

    Took the word right out my mouth the is the happiest I've seen tank he's definitely in a good space

  30. Frank EL

    Brown love Black pride. Sucks one of these warriors has to be the loser, two very good fighters, they seem like better men. Salute can't wait.

  31. 007seducer

    Song name 7.37-8.45 please anyone?

  32. Christian Rodrigues

    Tank and his mom are trash

  33. G Storage

    Ok we know Floyd is the best of his era but I feel like people don't talk about Maidana enough

  34. PIC

    Off topic: anyone know what Red Nikes Barrios is wearing?

  35. B Pitts

    That was a good performance. Everybody is not gonna get knocked out. He won every round clear. Tested his chin. He’s only getting better as a boxer

  36. Danny Salinas

    Cant wait!

  37. Mathias Bariss

    There’s a lot of warriors in the grave😭😭

  38. Steve Volicas

    Yo where i get that WB as fuck shirt?

  39. Boom Crift

    Tatto de barrios 😍😍😍😍😍👏

  40. David Pineda

    pictures don't fight back.! lol

  41. Maddcapper

    Barrios needs some rap music in his

  42. Two Jay

    Nothing but yes men there in his camp lol

  43. Isai Bravo

    That’s not El azteka, that’s Paco Aguilar, El Gallo Negro- 13 kos till he broke his wrist

  44. Kevin Nguyen

    This shit might as well be a motivational movie cause I'm ready to hit the gym after watching this.

  45. Sean McGuire

    Tank is going to knock this guy out


    Both fighters seem more alike than not


    “Ayy there’s a lot of warriors in the grave”

  48. X M

    Normally not a fan of black fighters and their boring styles but I’m liking tank. I think teo beats him though.

  49. Tony Swann

    THE MISFITS !! 💀

  50. I really don't get why Bermaine didn't move his damn feet he just literally stood there letting Wilder load up cock back those bombs and send em but the way he fell 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭

  51. soso pinoy

    Do u guys hear davis ?!? Need to get a brain scan he is slurring more than the year before

  52. jerry jones

    At tge end of tge day they are young men pursuing dreams and taking care families..Got to respect it

  53. luis vazquez

    He never said he was a warior dummy he said tank is gona find out why they call him El Azteca interpret it how you will

  54. Chris V

    Easy dub for tank

  55. marvin warren

    East coast for Tank

  56. J Al

    Rooting for Barrios in Houston. Let’s go baby!!!!

  57. carlos Ridd

    This is a fight

  58. Yannick Lokondo

    Lets go TANK!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Mr bot

    Ohh yeah,... This fight is gonna be interesting, both undefeated.

  60. Melli Mel

    Tank where your father

  61. D Mas

    This will be a good fight. Fight party

  62. Nate Underground

    20k on shoes .. I’m upset I ain’t got my turn yet

  63. LaCosa x

    Wow I had no idea cutty was his trainer? That’s what he did in the wire with the boxing gym that’s crazy

  64. Aaron The Artist

    Yeah money is not everything WHEN YOU GOT IT. 🤦🏾‍♂️ damn tank

  65. Robert Jones


  66. Fa Tee

    0:30 who's the best that tank beat? Lmao.

  67. DOLO

    Barrios is spooky cause he a lil nutty

  68. Dj illy

    I feel like barrios and that Mexican blood will be his downfall. He’s definitely going to want to engage sooner or later and get popped. Regardless a good fight coming.

  69. FBG Swazee

    This was so hard .! 🔥🤝 , got me READY to see what they both bringing

  70. Delusional Thomas

    At this point Is it about money or legacy ?

  71. Kevin Rodriguez

    Before I really looked into barrios, I thought tank was just gonna smoke him. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fight on our hands. Barrios is going in willing to die.

    1. marvin warren

      So is tank what else is new

  72. Jay Rock

    I hope they scrap it out like the beast both these fighters are. May the better fighter win 💯💪🏽

  73. Super Bean

    I like the respect between these fighters.

  74. craig sandison

    Fake belt

  75. Lesa Atuatasi

    Only reason Floyd was later was because of Garbage ass Bob Arum nursing his baby Oscar