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  1. TheStreetsWillNeverForgetPodcast

    Nwanko Kanu ❤️

  2. Akib Chowdhury Official

    But unfortunately today Chelsea beat city by 1-0 😁😁


    He can't help it!😭🥺

  4. qszac

    Bobby Firmino vs Man City?????

  5. Luke C

    No rio Ferdinand left foot goal vs liverpool?

  6. nemo201

    I don't know a single one of em.

  7. tom heaney

    No David batty v Wimbledon???

  8. Enock Chumba

    Whatever team you support, you have to agree that when arsenal was good they were GOOD.

  9. Ivan Uremovic

    0:38 just impossible not to laugh

  10. i am blue dody gaming a game

    How didn't he know

  11. Kein ImTvIstAllesWahrTheoretiker


  12. Kein ImTvIstAllesWahrTheoretiker

    Auf BiChute "britische Krankenschwester" eingeben.



  14. Conm Hgop

    A true legend

  15. Maddi W

    I don't really like football....

  16. Maddi W

    Very loud and a lot of shouting...I will never understand Football

  17. Andrew Lasekan

    Jay jay no doubt.

  18. Arinze Onyiah

    Kanu and Jay Jay Okocha. nuff said

  19. Jack Klein

    Look at his face before the ref runs into him So happy

  20. benny 2e

    Peter drury the goat

  21. Alopa Sev

    Who's he standing next y

  22. Flamin_Tube


  23. Ramei Ramei

    Where s Maradona goal?

  24. TopSoccer

    Who else thought he was gonna miss?

  25. Andrew Sharp

    I am a big fan of Manchester United also I hope ole keeps coaching for a long time at Manchester United

  26. UrMomGei

    why is it #football ? this post contains soccer players and a soccer kid nothing to do thing football

  27. Red Nad

    I miss these kind of players... strikers who can dribble finish & entertain

  28. apurv SHARMA

    Sterling looking kinda buff in the thumbnail

  29. Samuel O

    victor anichebe is a fraud

  30. Wilgeforz Wizard

    Clear foul on Alisson)

  31. Poopie Yeeter

    Man moment

  32. Samuel O

    all of these players were cult heroes at their respective clubs

  33. Muhammad Ahmad

    Nani: I touched the ball because I didn't want cristiano to be competiting me🙂

  34. King Messi

    Classic freggie time

  35. Fahrunissa Al-Hubshee

    Good ol days...

  36. King Messi

    No wonder he is a crystal palace flop. He is getting blight for thieving them😂😂

  37. CubingTubing

    And I don't even watch football.......

  38. No Eight

    Shearer give a red card to ref is so hilarious 😂😂😂


    Where is neymar with his diving

  40. Shashi

    oh my god...he is the man that i saw score screamers...

  41. Ravi dhage

    This video would be never be completed without lukaku 👌

  42. Joshua Igoche

    jay jay okocha by far

  43. A. Patriotic

    Of course KANU was the most complete player and the best ever Nigerian football player in EPL

  44. zakir

    17.41 Drogba and chillwell

  45. Pampa Datta

    Bruh...that goal by Bentley though

  46. Balboa Baggins


  47. Dishwasher

    Fabiański is so lucky he could stand next to the kid


    Se que no es su intencion pero beckam deja la mano levantada como si fuera el saludo n4z1 1:33

  49. Coolsurfer 08

    This is gonna explode lol

  50. Symptomgaming

    230661st view lol

  51. John Derick Sison

    Who else thought he was gonna miss? 😂

  52. girish murthy

    Probably 6 Months Later: Becomes A Global Meme

  53. Lord Klaus

    We need fans back to the stadium. Compare the last one with others.


    As a Nigerian,I appreciate this video.

  55. Scotty Bee

    We are back 🔰

  56. Joe Mama

    He really pogged

  57. Akshay Chourasiya

    Lukaku be like : *'Impossible"*

  58. 백재민

    6:25 동원참치형 대단해

  59. Antonyo Barrios

    Yep I thought he was gunna miss it

  60. Leon Taylor

    Nigel winterburn???

  61. Siddharth Nair

    Just fast forward to jack grealish bruh