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  1. Commit Kitty

    "We're here we're queer and the rest of it " 😂

  2. Petra Ramos

    Phil: "if I had a quiff" *laughs in 2021*

  3. larhonda41

    You guys are hilarious. The world definitely needs your content.

  4. MacNeil 11

    This is the man we've all chosen to idolise

  5. Free Hugs

    we were robbed from the plane video 💔💔

  6. liten fråga

    Okay you compLETELY got me when you were counting in German haha lovvve the video btw

  7. Niamh Scott

    Did anyone else realise that their phone cases match the text bubbles

  8. JustNate

    The Phanfics are writing themselves at this point

  9. AudreyInTheUniverse

    I first started watching Dan and Phil when my social anxiety was worst and now I’ve grown so much as a person and it was so nice to have grown alongside you guys.

  10. just another capricorn

    the way my soul left my body when phil pulled the "hamster in a hat" card

  11. Lovely Tanya

    This is my comfort, thank you

  12. Lucy Thomas

    i came back just for the yuri on ice reference

  13. AudreyInTheUniverse

    I love pears. I got cherries as my fruit and I was not a fan

  14. Grace Walker

    how did the word "babuse" become a phandom term on multiple totally unrelated occasions

  15. Little Loser

    i've never clicked a video so fast

  16. marin carey

    so much................ c r e a t i v i t y

  17. confused_hobbit

    so i feel like i need to ask the question we’re all thinking, but nobody actually wants to say. is this where the skin fic came from because... like.... i mean the face mask.....

  18. Azra Aydın

    pizza fiesta

  19. Frr

    My brain literally everytime they're about to say stereo: s t e r o i d s

  20. Niamh Scott

    Names for the outfits 3:16- to me he looks like a Ryan 10:10- he looks like a Harold and without the jacket he looks like a David 11:59- he looks like a Patrick FYI these are my opinions

  21. JL B

    3:20 how about: Cardbuds

  22. Robyn Dwyer

    they have the same face shape that's what makes you look similar

  23. Nicole Bookish

    Ahhhhhh Dan! So happy to see you both 🤗

  24. Anastacia Pedersen

    is this 2014? i'm literally screaming. My sense of reality is gone.

  25. Niko Ahl

    Tyler becomes more and more like Dan the more Phil talks to him

  26. Niamh Scott

    I actually punched the screen

  27. ella curtis

    4:34 this is hilarious

  28. themonsterfrombird box

    any other lesbians try and convince themselves that they had a crush on dan or phil so they seemed straight mlm and wlw solidarity

  29. Minnie internationalpopksensationsunshinerainbow

    Not to be shallow or anything but Dan still hot in 2021

  30. Laugh Out Loud Jar Of Jam

    no pressure _nose pressure_ *insert goose sounds*

  31. Laugh Out Loud Jar Of Jam

    the pinof 79 bit actually made me cry i cANT LIVE WITHOUT PINOF IT HURTS

  32. KashmirKreations :P

    “This is for you sugar freak” gonna start saying that unironically

  33. TheCandyLover14

    My CHILDHOOD??? In 2021?? I'm so glad I'm alive

  34. Int4 wizard

    The nostalgia is through the roof

  35. underscorellie

    they saw when the world needed them and gave us life

  36. Nivi Chhiber

    13:15 They’re weapons It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a death wish

  37. Crytal Lynn

    yes this is the content we want

  38. Tigrezz Artz

    "Sorry I've got a lot of stress to get out" .... same

  39. Breeane Lee

    this video brought me an Incredible Amount of Joy

  40. Tessisnotablueberry

    this is such a wholesome video. the vibe is perfectly encapsulated by the seal with wheels, and now I'm thinking to myself that I want merch of it :')

  41. Ben Carpenter

    Ahhh I missed Dans laugh 😊♥️

  42. Varada Agarwal

    My name is Noah. One night I was sleeping on my sofa when I heard a bang. It was coming from my Kitchen I opened the door and saw Ryan Higa was dead on the floor and covered in venom! I felt anger. I tried to escape but then I saw the ghost of Ryan Higa blocking the door and making the sound of a Platypus. I threw a book at it but it bounced off the wall and hit me in the Penis and I died. In my new life as a ghost I possess a shoe and haunt Freddie Mercury!

  43. Javier Navarrete

    Fucky duzz

  44. Radka Bérová

    I want the grass flip-flops

    1. Radka Bérová

      Those look so cool 😂

  45. Emmett Kasey

    i’m sorry but you crafted something without filming a dan and phil crafts? disgraceful

  46. Javier Navarrete


  47. attem

    Imagine Dan and Phil at 70 still living together in a posh apartment in London..

  48. bubble tea

    phil i love u so much omfg this made my night

  49. Mozie Jinx


  50. rene dawn

    I missed this so muchhh

  51. Alli

    “Would my son be ok”

  52. alext-rex

    Phil: I like MEN Me: *cries in girl*

  53. KatherineDunn

    "This is for you, sugar freak" <3

  54. Beth Forde

    my goodnesss i’m getting such a throwback to rushing to see Dan’s streams on YouNow on Tuesdays and reserving my Sundays for the radio show. it’s been too long since i’ve watched these two 🥺 nostalgia is assaulting me

  55. Lauren Thomas

    i forgot how much i loved these videos

  56. Kayleigh Farragut

    dan clearly hasn’t seen the “will it sodastream” people on tiktok

  57. tims_adventures

    9:35 - 9:42 9:56

  58. Amanda Bargeman

    I haven't watched a recent video of y'all in so long but hearing dan's laugh again made my soul warm

  59. a.

    this video made my day

  60. Vaishnavi Gandikota

    The 'oi' at 13:08 is what im living for

  61. tims_adventures

    4:06 - 4:12 4:12 - 4:18

  62. just me

    I was so obsessed w these guys when I was 12 that I cried at their tour. Two days ago I turned 18 and for some reason today I felt the urge to look them up and now I’m watching this and this is a weird feeling

  63. Kaley Rosa

    Cat. Get a cat

  64. Little Bunny lover

    I laughed so hard

  65. AudreyInTheUniverse

    I can’t. This is reminding me of my middle school years when I wrote fanfics about them 😭😭 of course I was like 12 so the only thing I wrote about was pastel Dan and punk phil

  66. Courtney Ramirez

    hey guys i’m currently procrastinating from doing my english work by watching dan and phil videos

  67. jessica warble

    this gave me so much COMFORT and a sense of home 🥺🥺🥺 missed you guys

  68. kiara wentzloff

    The back of dan head made me think of Matty Healy 💀

  69. Gay Frog

    My (sort of) outing myself story: I'm on my computer, browsing through lesbian shirts, I close my chromebook, _still on the tab_, and the next day my mum's standing over my shoulder because I'm showing her that yes, I've completed yesterday's work, AND IT OPENS ON THE TAB OF LESBIAN SHIRTS I KID YOU NOT

  70. Gay Frog

    Literally nobody's talking about Phil's _american accent with the car insurance am I the only shocked one_

  71. Elizabeth L

    the bassline sound effect is so funky omg

  72. MultiLogan


  73. Pine Tree

    That tree looks like pot leaves 😭

  74. Marthe Tanghe

    To think that I was a fan in high school and now I'm getting my master's degree... damn time goes fast lol

  75. Olivia Schiebler

    Those black heel boots look fire on him

  76. Olivia Schiebler

    Okay but honestly.... that brown outfit looked AMAZING on him

  77. Bellasumney

    God have I missed you guys.....I literally grew up watching you and boy did I miss it. I hope you guys are living your best lives!!! Much love:) insta: @bellasumney

  78. Gay Frog

    Dan: Depression, bullying, suicide attempts Phil: oH a SiDe BoOb

  79. Dayn Williams

    I miss this so fucking much

  80. Hannah Turton

    I’m guessing in part 2 Dan gives birth to Liam Payne 🙄