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  1. gacha edits

    "ksi stands fir kiss simon immediately" illuminate confirmed

  2. richie2254

    That’s not a pork pie. There’s only one pork pie and that’s a Melton Mowbray

  3. yasio bolo

    Jade being like "dad? Dad is that you?" Sent me 😭😂😂

  4. frank vihmann

    Ksi laughing from the background is the best

  5. Kawsar

    Anyone else watching this whilst not being able to make a normal cake...

  6. The bloody Wolf

    0:34 lol

  7. Kieran

    What I think is crazy about this is that JJ and Jade are technically peers now? It's mad to think

  8. PRINZ

    Jade's comment about JJ's rapping is just regular banter, no hard feelings!

  9. Ronan Doherty

    "I put loadsa salt on it for a laugh!"

  10. Daniel Loungary

    KSI had some trouble with the first 2 dishes but the last one he did super with it^0^>"<

  11. Magma Fang

    Hoping baking is not my down fall

  12. Adham

    00:37 LOL 😂

  13. Chris Wyatt

    Kinda mad that ksimon has now gone uk mainstream lol

  14. Gymnastics aloud

    She's so gorgeousssss

  15. Gymnastics aloud


  16. Fahim Uddin

    Honestly, all of them looked sensational. Incredibly talented bunch of humans

  17. RetroLodge

    My days they got stacey dooley on there 🇬🇧💕

  18. jimtheudb

    Pru forgot to remove her ball gag.

  19. Salma

    Am a huge mixer and I like to watch ksi werid seeing them together but don't regret it lol

  20. Tobias Paterson

    I can’t even make a normal cake and these mad lads are purposefully making cakes that look like other things.

    1. Poggasus

      @JediAn Horrible advice sponges taste horrible too abrasive on my tongue

    2. JediAn

      😆 making cake is easier than it looks. You can start with cake mix, then go to a basic sponge. Once you get the basics, chocolate cake included, you are basically a cake baker.

  21. VDPEFi

    That's how you rescue a split ganache, said dizzee rascal??!!

  22. Adebayo Ishola

    Fantastic! Felt like having a bite of each.

  23. mill b


  24. The Mayor of Nowhere

    Suddenly, I feel like the worst baker on the planet

  25. Connie Fellows

    Flo is adorable... :D

  26. Connie Fellows

    What if they just made pancakes or something and just say it’s cake...... who would know

    1. The Mayor of Nowhere

      I imagine they all would. Just a hunch.

    2. Dennis De Hoon

      they taste it mate 😂

  27. Daniel Ogunleye

    Its been 2 weeks and this is the most viewed video of the channel, this is different gravy you know 😂

  28. PK Droid

    That Salmon Roe tho... YEH SCIENCE

  29. A J

    Flo is adorable 🥺🥺

  30. SF_ultimateLW


  31. joeman

    This is so wholesome

  32. bodoti qwiu


  33. Eter Puralis

    Is this a real life Pinkie Pie?

  34. Old KSI Videos


  35. Weird Mysteries

    2:05 xD

  36. Aarya Bora

    Jade's cookies made my day.

  37. Weird Mysteries

    0:35 LOLL!

  38. nicole meneses

    Their workstations are so small

  39. ElChapo The Taco

    I love JJ on this

  40. Antonia Sinfield

    I love watching John Lithgow aka Trinity AND Winston Churchill crack up

  41. Link error 404

    My man Humpty dumpty pushing ksi's buttons

  42. hen ko

    I love that Jade and JJ are in a room together.

    1. yasio bolo

      If Gordon was here, then there would be a "KSI vs Gordon Ramsay" Boxing Match, Hopefully it wouldn't be 'dry'.

  43. a.bee.

    I wish all men were this soft and wholesome <3

  44. Mô nica

    Story of his life ahaaahahahahahahahhhahhhaaaa

  45. F.B.I

    so no one gonna talk about how nobody is giving him the handshakes?

  46. Benny Boiii

    The ONLY man in the show that talks back at Hollywood and gets away with it.

  47. Laura Wiedebruch

    JJ’s laugh is so infectious! 😂

  48. Tommy Lennon

    Paul Hollywood is a great judge of character

  49. SAM

    Imagine if Jade is his girlfriend just a theory lol

  50. Y2KM

    Comment box is full of ksi... reddit matts

  51. Tang0Fox1

    "Bury our faces in Nadine's moist sponge"..am I the only one who snickered at that?

  52. Saint Michael T

    Bruh these judges are mad weird wtf

  53. ChimiDaddy

    Love ur vids and hey watch norsenyancats vids it’s incredibly humorous and has Minecraft smp series including pub g

  54. soinhu foitu

    1:36 jade went in for the handshake was the best part for me "I saw that" 🤣

  55. Duaa Nour

    JJ's laugh is Contagious Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Killerz :3

    i wish ksi was on it with anne-marie that would be so funny

  57. Jochi


    1. soinhu foitu

      Jade being like "dad? Dad is that you?" Sent me 😭😂😂

  58. Jess Marcroft

    ksi has the funniest laugh ever

  59. Ann Other

    Why not show them tasting the first two cakes?! We've got time to watch -- just 30 more seconds!

  60. Sell Out

    Pro JJ looks like a giant compared to Jade😂

  61. Nekrome


  62. Alonso

    this is the most watched video of the channel now 🔥 big up lord fatneek

  63. Brianna Dominguez

    Is this fake

  64. Emily An

    Jade being like "dad? Dad is that you?" Sent me 😭😂😂

  65. Lukas_Neher 20254054


  66. Zee Bernz

    Knowledge: godly kiss Strength: could carry Simon Integrity: obeys immediately

  67. Sarah.mccann Mc Cann

    I kinda ship

    1. Emily An

      Jade and JJ are the cutest man. They should go out

  68. Natalia Wilan

    I have never expected to see these two interact ever

  69. Number_1_Edward

    0:03 when you try coke for the first time

  70. starboost gamer


  71. Haribo Skillz

    Bro look at the views , KSI carried

  72. deyir padu

    My cutey Jeded

  73. Marjo Pls

    I love JJ. He is so funny

  74. Hidden in the Library

    Take it away - quickly! 🤣

  75. Charming nowhere to hide

    Jade being like "dad? Dad is that you?" Sent me 😭😂😂

  76. r u b i e

    Jade and KSI are the duo I never knew I needed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. Jaydogz 06

    My guy Matt Lucas bringing back KSIMON

  78. Swordflames FN

    The pauliwood handshake

    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      They really left my boy hangin💀 1:27

  79. S N

    KSI stands for ‘ kiss Simon immediately’ I knew it all along, Simon is his girlfriend.

  80. tyhb tbr

    JJ got violated SO MUCH in this video lmao