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  1. Ruth Martinez Vega

    ❤️🇵🇪 Peru we love u

  2. Sachin Singla

    The only video where we saw Ramsay’s 32 teeth.

  3. THADZ

    My existence value lies inside that fish.

  4. Chrisp RNN

    Honey, vegan? Are you sure Gordon?

  5. ck growth

    Thank you for the useful video.

  6. A. M.

    Thumbnail: Fossilized dog bollocks.

  7. C1ay

    I love how they made a table of ice

  8. anonymous confessions

    the owner looks like someone who sleeps with socks on

  9. Mina Sicius

    why does she open her mouth like that

  10. Mina Sicius

    she is trying to steal him from his wife cause he got the 💸💸

  11. Michael O'Donnell

    In the 80's the 3 finger rule meant something else....... 🤔

  12. DroughtF

    God bless america.... Fuck off fly LMFAO

  13. Rito Plunder3r

    i was like, what inspired hot wings? more than usual smoke paparika?? then i see the last dab bottle.... hell yeah lol

  14. baka1234

    Demon on demon talk

  15. Prabhu Dasari

    Asians womens do not even need measurements they perfectly know how much rice is needed for the family just like my mom

  16. ꧁ Jennifer ꧂

    That is the weirdest lady I've ever seen on this show. Just the way she looks at him when he's talking to her shows she's not on the same planet. If I rented a room & the owners personal belongings were in it, I'd demand a refund & run out of there. What a weirdo!

  17. Poot Boot

    “God Bless America..... Fuck off, fly.”

  18. Mark Neilson

    One of the guests is wearing a red t shirt he should show some respect like seriously

  19. Vedant sisodia

    It would've been awesome if he bring donuts instead of cupcakes.

  20. Purple Pixie

    12 hours is a bit unfair, 24 hours to stock, furnish and prep would have been more realistic. Unwashed cutlery and crockery makes me gag. Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's clean.

  21. H&K

    The cheese did not melt at all?

  22. MaBOi66

    The owner is like a player play games but skip the tutorial and just play it with no clue lol

  23. WZ Raiyan

    He finally found it then

  24. mrbeast6000

    When he starts to jump when he wants to go in

  25. Nitin Chavan

    I want this DELICIOUS FOOD IN MY LIFE ATLEAST ONE F****** TIME......😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  26. nzira aysha

    He just an angel wearing devil disguise.

  27. Olivia P.

    Gordon really does care though, he cared for the vegetarian lady who was fed meat, he called an ambulance for the man who ate the lobster tail, hes always being nice to the servers and making them laugh while he stands up to a greedy owner who doesn't pay his employees the tips they deserve.

  28. max spencer nash

    I made 3 chocolate donuts (my recipe) Me:hmm taste good I made 4 donuts(gordan recipe) Me:telling myself where have been all my life this is amazing

  29. World Eater

    does he say urine?

  30. Mohit Jouhari

    Nobody: Gordon: good girl. I bet he sees his kids as puppies in his brain while sipping a glass full of olive oil.

  31. Ilove_ anime1287

    Nani i never see he in Cambodia i wish im meeting him because im Cambodia

  32. Stephanie Berry

    The yard of ale reminds me of the das boot

  33. James Bell


  34. Jor Sib


  35. Mrsauce Aimbot

    How do tribes do better than restaurants at cooking food

  36. karthika

    Me: I pour olive oil in the pan Gorden: beautiful!

  37. Sankalp Gupta

    Even his own kids call his recipes trash, chicken stalk with coconut milk?? And was that just a pinch of turmeric(teaspoonful). Someone with proper knowledge of spices would never make such an abomination.

  38. David Grey

    Satanic Freemason Androgyne ! Born a biological female!

  39. Alexander Osburn

    Nobody's saying it so I guess I will. What in the fuck are those all black hallways? What kind of creepy ass Twilight Zone shit is that?

  40. S B

    Chef Mike did not deserve this. RIP 9:05

  41. Jessie Zuniga

    The fact that he immediately removes his glove after shaking Gordon’s hand shows how much he cares about his outlet.

  42. Rizzy K

    “For obvious reasons”

  43. Anonymous Human

    Resist viral stealth marketing for bacon. Pigs are at least as smart and loveable as your dog.

  44. ChrisFire Nolan

    The ending is the best part🥳

  45. YM SP

    6:20 there was a fly on his roll

  46. sk ghost

    You really do like smelling things

  47. Memer

    Am i the only one who notice's Gordon Ramsay's muscle and veins

  48. thb202

    “I don’t know the name of the manufacturer”

  49. Alexander Weaver

    Gordon : Fucking pigeon

  50. Dood Ft

    Im pretty sure Ernie is Ramsays favorite child

  51. Curious Otaku

    You ever think Gordon makes a mistake since he appears to cook at such a rapid rate curious

  52. LeatherCladVegan

    Like that. Tomato. Right? On. Done. In. Right, on. Beautiful. Style. Aroma. Lovely zest. Right, done. In. On. Like that.

  53. Zachary Adler

    The steak looks amazing but this sandwich looks really difficult to eat because the bread is toasted to become hard and crunchy so you are going to crush everything inside the sandwich before you can get a bite to go through

  54. My Eyes

    Why would Gordon do this

  55. Amber Cotton

    Sharon about Ozzy “awww how cute is he” Got me going awwwww

  56. Minecraft tips and trick channel

    battlefield: bad company

  57. Aiden McGuinness

    The side by side omlets 😂

  58. A-a-ron Guo

    Food Wars has left the chat

  59. Yash Singh

    What's the season and episode number?

  60. black butler daisuki

    1st ever video that i've seen that he didn't swear a single word.. 😂

  61. Soleil Tounsi

    West not eat many spicy food. Gordon should make spicy food, it's the best ever!

  62. issá

    who else just searched up hotel hell karen?

  63. esther writer

    one thing i learnt working with indians,when it comes to business family relationships are left at the is business

  64. Omar Abouzara

    Honestly, as an italian person and food lover, this respects the italian tradition. It probably doesn't represent all of It because the lunch you did was pretty much sicilian cousine and the dinner was more of a Napoli style cooking. Some notes: The lemon zest on burrata makes the italian people very sad, burrata is already buried with flavor herself, a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper will be good enough, maybe origano is also good. Also, pasta on dinner is heavy af, all that carbs with crostini and pasta on dinner would make me wake up like I am in hangover haha

  65. christian caron

    Name of music in 7m36s, thanks you

  66. Waseem Sells

    Is it me or is this the only series that Gordon is happy and laughing in? The joy that family brings to ones life. Great content!

  67. Kevin Mullins

    There will never be another Steve-O or Gordon Ramsey. Both of them together make a wonderfully dangerous team 😂 Loved this video and MUCH respect to you both!!

  68. Mike Knutsen

    I wish I could get paid to fucking just eat

  69. Clarissa Ambrose

    Gordon Ramsey could stare COVID in the face, and willingly touch it, after all this.

  70. AMC TRUE

    Gordon un Perú, mucho better Gordon but Shumway

  71. ScapularBore

    I would have cooked it one or two minutes longer but ostrich eggs are the best good job cooking that.

  72. Javier Saravia

    All the abuelitas mexicanas are triggered, esa chingadera de aceite de oliva que

  73. PookieNumnums

    Its so nice that he talks about how italian food is about the ingredients and the family, and then you get to see him interact with his son and you can tell they have a great bond. a great chef and dad. wholesome food and video content lol.

  74. Diva Geneva

    Sweet chilis like Habanada, Aconcagua, Aji Dulce are where it's at. Put them in everything!

  75. yash chavhan

    At the end... I think gordan should ask both teams to dine each others food to know how great they cook food ...

  76. Alex Kesteris

    I've never eaten a pigeon before usally people up north make pie out of it I'm gonna have to try it

  77. Uni33corn

    what episode is this

  78. Clarissa Ambrose

    Gordon Ramsey could stare COVID in the face, and willingly touch it, after all this.

  79. Kermit Wants Death

    I would have walked out the moment I saw that the owner does drugs.

  80. Kid Jess

    I feel like these were filmed in the 2000s?