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  1. English Jona

    No love I’m think about me and my family first 👌🏾

  2. Hiraeth

    The queen is a nonce

  3. Antony Berry

    But your not protected doh!

  4. Curious Uranus

    So considering you're one of the richest women in the world, considering you own huge tracts of land and massive country houses, remembering your murderous relatives have had their fingers on the scales of power for a thousand years.... what's your plan to help, Lizzy?

  5. Dan Bruce De

    Team effort paid off

  6. Dan b

    haha you muppets that's not even the Queen


    They should have given him a part in a Sci-Fi movie before the fleece cut

  8. Josephine Brewer

    politicians are only bothered about money. money makes their OWN worlds go around.. but unfortunately nature cannot be bribed with money, nor will it respond with a few hundred pounds to shut up.

  9. zippyzee


  10. H H

    Courageous person!

  11. Freddie Piras

    Oh well, now I'm convinced

  12. Ron Hak

    She was not forced to support the military against Rohingya but she did.

  13. Kritanya Dominique

    Give me a break ... like anyone should listen to a elite 🤔

    1. Shaun Parkinson

      Yes we do.

  14. Rhea Summer

    They never leave the comment sections open when it comes to issues like this. Thank you Guardian News for leaving it open so we can rebutt trumptards here.

  15. Salman Tariq

    Opposite of what Scotts Tots felt

  16. Red Pill Nibbler

    People have gone insane deciding to be injected with this poison,they’ve lost all reason.

  17. Positive change

    The global pandemic is drug's and child Traciffing and the evil satanic elite's

  18. Jorge Sanjuan

    Oh wow, I just googled the guy and turns out he literally committed suicide today. It is my honour and privilege to share this information with you all.

  19. Edward Ridge

    When can year 11 leave

  20. Alex Burt

    The Scottish Parliament was established 22 years ago. This is my first time watching First Minister's Questions 😊

  21. Positive change

    Nothink to see here I would rather inject holy water you don't mess with God's DNA.

  22. Oscar Mic

    Think about others? The vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting or spreading covid. Fact


    I bet she and the rest of the Royals are not being made to wait 12 weeks for their second jab like the rest of us.

    1. Tomas Richards

      Oh no she’s waiting

  24. El Mp

    Junk science and pond life

  25. SirTibzy

    The video was cut and skipped ahead after she said "It is obvs difficult for people who have never had the vaccine..." and immediately it was skipped to her saying they should think about others. What are they hiding...🤔

    1. Jack Harris

      It was most likely part of a conversation with the other people in the call and not as interesting as just getting her opinion. If there really was something to hide the media wouldn’t be given/allowed to show this footage in the first place. It would also be leaked if she said something ridiculous, there are 4 other people there at least.

  26. Think Jfk

    Is that even the queen 🤔🧐⏰⏰⏰

  27. Think Jfk

    (Science being used as a weapon against us)😱Breaking breaking the most amazing medical news you’ve ever heard 🧐it’s so amazing are. Any of you gona be leave it .🤔ok folks here it is .🤫influenzas flu has vanished🤔.disappeared🤭 gone 🤫.gone on holiday 🥺the aliens took it away 😱.google the flu has disappeared.🤥or are u chick chick chicken 🤭

  28. Sheila Yates

    There will be nowhere to hide for these monsters they have sold their souls and when all is revealed will pay the price ,.

  29. Jamie C

    Harmless ? Your gov website says different ya old cow

  30. SkuStyle

    Yes that's correct Queen, don't think about yourself or the consequence of being injected with an experimental mRNA rushed non vaccine jab that may cause massive trauma or death to one self.

  31. Virtualy frf


  32. Stephanie Wilson

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    1. christian Paul

      I invest with Mrs. Meredith grace too, she charges a 20% commission on profit made after every trading session which is fair compare to the effort she put in to make huge profit

    2. Justin Monk

      This is not the first time i am hearing of Mrs Meredith grace her exploits in the trading world but i have no idea how to reach her

    3. Wolf Werner

      wow, amazing to see others who trade with Mrs Meredith grace, i am currently on my 5th trade with her and my portfolio has increased tremendously

  33. Ryan D

    He was doing his job. He tried to pick him up......................and drop him off.

  34. bruce dickinson 12


  35. DESIRE 1

    Wahabs a lady

  36. propositionjohnston

    This exemplifies the 'radical right' pitched against an level headed and rational journalist.

  37. james g

    It’s bad for the elite

  38. Rob old dog new tricks

    Give your noncey favourite boy up to the Americans please

  39. gustavo calvo

    I didn't see Andrew Neil destroying Ben Shapiro, really.

  40. Mr.Belles D

    Wow the guy who recorded this is in for a $500 fine and up to 180 prison days :(

  41. Mark Leigh

    Von der leyen and her backroom cowboys 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  42. Zoe Paterson

    Its 3 hours long.. anyone know the outcome of this?

  43. Czech & Zane Sheppards

    Anything they try to sell you,,,,,,should be a Red 🚩 flag.. can have my 7 vaccines queen trash😅🤣😅

  44. Zoe Paterson

    No to vacc|ne! No to vacc|ne passport! Its completely unethical!

  45. Antarpreet Singh

    How do these people not understand the first amendment?

  46. Scorpius

    Animals aren't way! They are super intelligent!

  47. Ivan Diaz

    Right after BREXIT your people do not need to Speak English Language anymore..Just because British aren't members anymore.. Every one in Europe can understand your message easily speaking; German, Spanish or French.. It will help to communicate among the members anyway..

  48. car audio solutionz

    They think we was born yesterday.

  49. Hatt Mancock

    ''They ought to think about other people instead of themselves'' bit rich when her nonce of a son is protected from his crimes because of who he is, how about you think of his victims queeny

  50. Rik Vartigyan


  51. Jose' 20

    Maybe Salmond should have kept his trousers zipped and went home to his wife , angry wee man just wanted nicola sturgeon to make it go away for him. Stinks of a vendetta.

    1. Crevice Nozzle

      he was found not guilty and those charges were suspicious to begin with

  52. Burko

    Say NO to vaccine passports

  53. Julian Brock

    New variants will build up vaccine resistance over time whilst vaccines make people more vulnerable to other infections so this is a slow method for genocide, utter maddness

  54. EskiLdn

    Pandas are just something else

  55. Potr64

    what about the woman, how did she get out?

  56. Stephen O'Neill

    Well if that's the case then the damage is done as there are around 18.6 million Bitcoin circulating (out of 21 million that will EVER be mined). So lets not waste all of that energy!

  57. D Momcilovic

    No one talking about the lab animals that recently died after the vaccine...?? Guess not

    1. Carol Hall

      I really didn't know about the animal experiments

    2. Carol Hall

      @Zoe Paterson so what's all the evidence of the "safe" vaccine no one died I'm interested because I didn't want it but because of my job was railroaded into it but I dont want the second x

    3. Zoe Paterson

      Yup!! All animals died in previous mrna vaccine attempts!

    4. Carol Hall

      WHAT 😟😟😟😟😟

  58. Adam Uppsala

    They also found a old wild boar and named it Donald.

  59. Andrew Daley

    She's an alien look closer and past the disguise. Andy England 👍

  60. D Momcilovic

    Sign the protest again vaccine passport on tov website on,y 200,000 signatures as yet

  61. Adam Krum

    This is CGI. NOT The Queen!!

    1. Tomas Richards

      She’s on a zoom call. It is the queen

  62. D Momcilovic

    Ivectermin in anyone ?

    1. CDH2020 1

      Side effects galore including death. I don’t know why anyone is taking it

  63. AM H

    Useless pointless failure of an institution. So glad we left.

  64. Winchester Disk

    I’d have second go

  65. Gary S

    Well done ER!

  66. Jay C

    'Think about other people rather than themselves' ... What so she agrees there is a risk to one's self? Also the vaccine does not guarentee you will not still carry the virus.. So its a false sense of security they are preaching here.

    1. DizzyJ 43

      Its shocking how dumb people are. U would expect more intelligence when we have all the information u ever want on the internet. Oh well. Kim Kardashian is worth my energy.

  67. Zaharoon Akhaar

    Please close the school in england

  68. Janet Murray

    Nice try

  69. fiona craig

    Why are the most vulnerable (untested) demographic pushed first? The final phase of the 'trials'? (which don't officially finish until at least 2022) .... Looks like the majority (on here at least) actually are thinking!!! 🎉

  70. Rhys

    Don't listen to a thing these evil people say

  71. Graham

    Tanker Driver and Co Driver

  72. you are a joke k


    1. Tomas Richards

      You mean the United Kingdom? And no it doesn’t look like we’re going to become a republic any time soon

    2. Paul Kersey

      We're well on our way to being a republic. A banana republic.

    3. you are a joke k

      @Pogchamp69 420 no

    4. Pogchamp69 420

      Ok ur a troll

  73. kevin dunne

    All reading from a script!

    1. Julian Brock

      These puppets don't need a script, they know how to manipulate people

  74. Schlittel Billet

    All that money to big pharma, none to isolate and purify the virus and prove it exists. Croney Capitalism at major scale.

  75. nw10 natz

    Does the queen think about others rather than herself?..lead by example

    1. nw10 natz

      @Pogchamp69 420 charities hey 😂..when you look closer and deeper you get a clear insight..I’ll leave it at that

    2. Pogchamp69 420

      I believe she does given the fact she is at that conference, and a patron to so many charities.

  76. Jesus is God

    Why doesn’t the queen give some of her billions away if she actually thinks about other people first? hypocrisy of highest. Royal family could solve poverty for many with their tax free riches. Guess what, hunger has killed more people than covid. How is someone not taking an experimental vaccine protect someone else when you can still catch, die and spread the disease after being vaccinated? If other people are scared of covid more than vaccine death and consequences why don’t they just take the vaccine and they’ll be fine and won’t need to worry others.

  77. Chris Dean

    You are all liers! Agenda 21 genocide is in full swing.

  78. C C

    Mind body and spirit. First class

  79. Luna Rising

    Give us our taxes back!

    1. Tomas Richards

      She gives us more money in return than we give her. So it’s logical that we have a monarchy

    2. Mike B

      @Wakey how about the Crown Estate? Net income £340 million in 2018? Isn't it too much from rents?

    3. Wakey

      The Queen costs 74p a year per person. I'll reimburse you aslong as you leave the country and never come back.

    4. Mike B

      @Pogchamp69 420 troll???

    5. Pogchamp69 420

      What for, because you don’t see her as anything special doesn’t mean the public doesn’t, she is not only a patron to many charities supporting many people but she is a beacon of hope to so many. Although not the most powerful, she is probably the most influential and important woman in the world.