Official SEprom channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

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  1. Awok3

    Yeah no

  2. Ericyemi 444akinyemi

    I swear Charlieeeee ahhhhhh Charlieeeee.

  3. Views Podcast

    Justice for SETH ❤❤

  4. Views Podcast

    Justice for SETH ❤❤

  5. Tasneem Aljibouri

    Why did you you and Jason take part in a non-conventional activity with seth

  6. N Cole

    Seth ? Ki ssing Jason ? Ring a bell 🔔?

  7. LookAtMyHands

    Hey David just wondering what your thoughts were on nonconsensual kissing?

  8. Marianna K

    Justice for Seth. David is disgusting for not being mature enough to right his wrongs. Ignoring the issue will only make it bigger at hand. This could have been avoided.

  9. Stefanus Emmanuel

    lmao the jenners more famous

  10. Pxxx Xpsnck

    Dixie is so fucking irritating

  11. OnexYT


  12. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  13. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  14. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  15. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  16. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  17. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  18. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  19. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  20. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  21. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  22. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  23. 4bsTOXIC

    Really want a podcast with corinna

  24. 4bsTOXIC

    Really want a podcast with corinna

  25. 4bsTOXIC

    We Really want a podcast with corinna

  26. apple sauce

    Madison: what is your favor-- David: Boobs


    Jackass 2 unrated. Isn't that right.

  28. Jocelyn Muzquiz

    Liza 👁👄👁

  29. LadyCydonia


  30. Junior Rios

    Date Madison beer

  31. Manasi Sawant

    Who else here googled liza kissing some guy on camera after watching this video

  32. Manasi Sawant

    When David started talking about his ex kissing someone. My heart just went WHATTTTTT!!!

  33. Phantom Scope

    I love how this video has the most dislikes

  34. Cheezy Dreach

    We want more

  35. M

    Every two second there's an add

  36. Rachael21


  37. Jarkevos

    08:14 “GO TO”

  38. Colin Biset

    What about Seth

  39. Mairead S

    my names jeff? This kid Tristan that I used to go to high school with used to say the same thing all the time, and we ended up just calling him Jeff (he sold fake jerseys too). what is this "my names jeff" shenanigans once and for all

  40. Kayla Perry

    You should definitely have Spencewuah come on here😅

  41. Subho Chakraborty

    Wow tiktoker getting security. What kind of a world are we living in?

  42. Jai Joshii Too

    The moment charlie goes - "the presentation is beautiful"

  43. Berry

    Why’s no one in the comments talking abt how seth scamed David about 40k$? And posted revengeporn on Carly and Erin? That guy deserves zero sympathy yall need to grow up

  44. Fern Stone

    used to be such a David Stan .... USED to be .... loving the comments I'm seeing .. he can't delete all of them , clearly

  45. MsStarlet21

    Y’all are disgusting. And now Charlie and Dixie are done for supporting him over his victims.

  46. •iisoftblueii •

    Get Addison rae here

  47. Rogier Van spronsen

    Invite sommerray

  48. Ralph Dams

    3:50 Madison: Yea we "bonded" real hard

  49. nadia rivas

    Nice, 4 of the worst influencers all in one video

  50. Kubra Kuubs


  51. Ert Hiles

    this comment section is full of people who have been following with the accusations made on h3 I hope in this case david folds under the pressure and atleast acknowledge this stuff man its gross and irresponsible

  52. Driveformer

    Ju5tice 4 5eth

  53. Kimya Samerifard

    Nobody : litteraly nobody : No soul : Charli : Im failing every test Me : Lmfao so badly like omg😂

  54. emma mack


  55. emma mack

    Romans 10:9

  56. Alex Osborne

    Are you still love your videos when you purchase even the littlest clips in but now that you got a new house graduations on that by the way and God and stop doing those this is boring. Yeah graduations on the new house

  57. emma mack

    i stand with Seth !!

  58. emma mack

    watch the h3 podcast videos about seth

  59. emma mack

    spread awareness about what david and jason did to seth

  60. Papi Chulo

    David Looking Older

  61. emma mack

    talk about what you and jason did to seth

  62. Joey Tovar

    Dixie can get it

  63. Britney Hemmings

    The sweet handsaw contradictorily confess because rub oddly dam mid a probable marble. unadvised, deeply tire

  64. Casey Drew

    Make a statement David

  65. SilenceIsScary

    Being famous looks fun... I wanna be famous

  66. Rugby 365

    I feel like the people who say justice for seth never even watched David’s vlogs their hopping on the bandwagon giving their opinions nobody really gives a fuck about

  67. MariaBridgeman

    y'all are absolutely vile. disgusting. you literally traumatize people for your own pleasure and clout. talk about what you did to your "friend" seth.

  68. ChrisTv

    Zero personality zero talent That big and famous yet not interesting

  69. Edisin Medicine

    Just here to contribute about the old guy wearing a mask to kissing Seth without his consent

  70. yuitr loing

    Something is about to burst!

  71. Kiddo

    Ironman is where you first swim 1,5km then you cycle 190km and the you run 60km or 80km I forgot. But Triathlon is smaller course and very fun, the course for my age is - swimming 400m, cycling 20km, running 5km, the feeling After you finish its amazing. But remember to practice. Run, cycle almost every day and go swimming Time to Time or 6 days a week. I cant wait for summer to participate again, but idk about covid so... Its cool tho thats what Im saying.

  72. Enrique Reyes

    Charlie demilio: compared to me everyone is a bad ass. David: right

    1. yuitr loing

      i love jason so much hes so funny

  73. V V

    Ur so gross bro

  74. V V

    David’s a diddler lol just nasty

  75. Astrid x

    As someone that was S. A'd at 13 you disgust me.

  76. Mark Morales

    Poor Natalie missed out on a genius.

  77. Marina Science


  78. Julitte Senekal

    There were some very uncomfy moments here

  79. Kunzer Wangsa

    All the ppl attacking David do y'all know Seth has duped David for 40,000 dollars. Somebody ask Seth about that

  80. Fritzchen xD

    Damn just listend to the whole poadcast💪🏽 sick dude! Ngl do sth with steve-o