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  1. deathofsentury [nub]


  2. Hayden Pettit

    Since when was ricegum in faze clan 😂

  3. Andres O

    knockdown not knockout lol


    “You Wish” yes and it came true

  5. FrankNBeans

    2021 gang

  6. yuitr loing

    ngl i’ve been a mad jarvis hater since his mainstream fortnite days but his boxing journey made me gain so much respect for him

  7. michle reji

    Temperr? Rug🔥

  8. Allphonetips

    banks: i never really played video games. also banks: > **proceeds to create/help create the biggest and greatest gaming organization of all time**

  9. Allphonetips

    I’m really happy to realize the simple fact that everyone that watched this whole hour plus video has so much in common with each other and was inspired by this legendary era of gaming. Xbox 360 and PS2, the GOAT CONSOLES, a time that can never be relived.

  10. LawhEdits

    Watching this every year 1 time. Never Gets old

  11. Juicy Dragon

    This shit got me hype! FaZe up baby!

  12. Sooraj Nair

    Big Up dude !

  13. Carsonboygamer

    can i join i have good rank in fornite i not the best im userrated but i feel like ill be then new jarvis pls let me try out im a good creative warrior

  14. Unbeatable Gam3r

    What is rugs number

  15. Pratham Guwalani

    the support >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  16. EMMGamer2303YT

    Faze forever

    1. yuitr loing

      7:24 why does teeqo look like the blind mouse from shrek

  17. Sam Siamak


  18. G1FT3D

    Faze jarvis *trains for 3 months and was inspirational* The one that trained him *am i a joke to you?*

  19. Lewi Yonas

    Form looks good but reactions could use more work, Jarvis gonna be a beast for sure

  20. Bryson Brown

    Bro he got kissed

  21. Ingram

    Honestly gassed to see Jarvis moving forward, young boy is turning into a man. He ain't gonna be just turning heads. He's gonna be spinning jaws.

  22. Marcuz Walker

    17:44 Faze Kay yelling , His mum - What animals I’ve raised 🤣

  23. Fortheboys

    Rug calling it

  24. Voidz ✓


  25. pvoking123


  26. Banks Blair

    My name is banks

  27. Filip Dedejski

    I feel like Jarvis had a dream knocking him out and that came in to real life

  28. Manas

    5:51 it's in india bruh😭 love from india! <3

  29. JonesPlay

    A heart warming Story if u ask me. :)

  30. joao saraiva

    sometimes i think "if jarvis didn't win what would happen" i guess we will never know

  31. hype charil d

    you guys are cheating says aimbot 😂

  32. xcupe


  33. Alex Belmontes


  34. Alex Belmontes


  35. Alex Belmontes


  36. Yt Jaydie_Sweat

    Nice intro😜👍👍

  37. PC-swavxy-SB (Kid gamer)

    face to face must be the weirdest thing ever

  38. Kareem D

    19:00 why was she recording

  39. Ok.


  40. xXelguaje09Xx


  41. Jesse Mayorga

    7:24 why does teeqo look like the blind mouse from shrek

  42. IkediZzZ

    This actually shows a lot. Big inspiration

  43. Michael Garcia

    Can I join

  44. Rollerskates

    Still a liar!

  45. Zomba


  46. Jacob Aleshire

    They need a podcast

  47. Leo Carrillo

    Was Otis asked him how he felt , it was wrap 🤫

  48. rMxdz

    Apex looks fatter in the face or is it me?

  49. Leo Carrillo

    Jarvis is really the little brother 😂

  50. Dyer Curtisf

    The silent balinese gergely pine because bubble critically mess up above a ahead whale. placid, literate cabinet

  51. Angie Marie

    beast mode ! this is craZy progress love it

  52. Dystin

    Last comment was 2 years ago?! Hollyyyyyy.

  53. Ali Alex

    Ik wz d eqezszz👊🏼💪🏼💪🏼🙄so

  54. Yj2dop3

    He stole Faze



  56. Alex Belmontes


  57. Hndsm Regon

    Faze Clan, I'm in 🔫

  58. stopix

    Hey faze clan I would love u to even see my message i just want to get in faze

  59. Shahrokh

    Jarvis’s trainer was so confident he pulled up and say “your a$$ is getting beat” 💪🏼

  60. Jayyx819

    The bewildered wash karunagappally stuff because network ideally blind per a inquisitive flat. actually, clear fridge

  61. Chris Phillipps

    I love how he didn't even know he had won by knock out. Victory Royals don't feel like that do they? Good job kid ima for sure watch ur nxt one live. Now ima watch some of this faze clan stuff so I guess Jarvis is reeling in some new fans as well. Again good job kid, good commitment! Now don't start stealing hats forgetting who took time to train you.

  62. Rvve Duio

    Amazing video man

  63. Opinder Bhandohal

    Rice a real one lmaooo

  64. Mikevfx

    The memories

  65. Alex Belmontes


  66. Alex Belmontes



    The fact that this only had 131k likes is just sad

  68. Alex Belmontes


  69. Hunter Milota


  70. Alex Belmontes


  71. Alex Belmontes



    Is it just me or Otis voice is intimidating ?

  73. brayden mock

    That shit makes me wanna go train like a mf. Faze is the Future

  74. Alex Belmontes


  75. Alex Belmontes


    1. Rvve Duio

      There's something about being labeled "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" in a documentary that belittles your existence or purpose in someone's life. Lol!

  76. Nassourlaye Balde