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  1. Mattyxscott

    This has got Queen One Vision vibes, and I’m loving it.

  2. kindawishbilliewasgay :D

    1:00 maybe i’m not lesbian after all

  3. Isa Soberanis

    I’m straight....but this video gave me bi panic.

  4. Giuseppe De Paola

    Some moves of Damiano are the same of the young Gino Vannelli. Italians... Do It Better! 😎

  5. Sylwia Wrześniewska

    Zajebisci są

  6. Nugg Etu

    Put it in slow its sounds so good

  7. Вилена Олишевская

    МинЯ завут Алиса

  8. Fee PlayzGaming

    i love your misic

  9. Toby Lo Billy


  10. Вилена Олишевская

    Вы классные

  11. This is a family show

    I keep watching this on repeat AHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH 🤩

  12. Jelena Nozinic

    M jjž BB ž

  13. Ким Тэхен

    Ага мммм ага

  14. Aysha Bhavsar

    Nobody's gonna talk about Ethan ?

  15. mohammed alsaeedi

    Phsycologist 👩‍⚕️: what do you want to be Me 🥴 :

  16. DR DANIX

    Grande Damiano

  17. Dina Bachiri

    1:02 uhmm

  18. anastasia douka

    Ωραία μουσική!!!!!

  19. Leon Žgela

    Alexander Rybak is better than Damion-a

  20. zeynep akpınar

    Oh god the guitar break in I WANNA BE YOUR BREAK Lets get married

  21. Полина Беляцкая

    Он гей?

  22. Hannibal Disa

    Italy bring different styles of music and always good quality. This year Måneskin over the top. 🇮🇹🎤🇪🇺 Bravissimi

  23. Brick bros Bros

    This is amazing. The first band I’ve been blown away by in over 20 years. And oh my my my the lead singer is sooooo good looking 🤩

  24. Giovanna Elefante


  25. Aysun Aksoy

    Günlük dozumuzu alalım kdmdldmdkdkd

  26. Manuel Gravante

    1:03 😂

  27. adelmo cioni


  28. Christian Boyarin

    Best music to run and / or train with

  29. різдвяний подарунок

    He knows he’s hot and he mocks us🔥🥵

  30. mllop aeet

    Русскоговорящие,вы где?...мне страшно...

  31. Maristella nicita

    BRAVI ❤️🥺

  32. Mary Kingsford

    Is no one really gonna talk about the moan in the end??

    1. mllop aeet

      Can't stop watching this......

  33. Anithegirl


  34. claudia wallie

    At first, Europe was in shock. After a while this song landed in everyone's head, we realize this is a masterpiece and an incredible voice too!

  35. Naglis Vaitulevicius

    Čia bomba

  36. Sara Pisani

    Io ci amoooooo so tutto di voi e o solo 9 anni

    1. Sara Pisani


  37. _millie_s .

    Мммммм ага

  38. selda duran yelken

    I just can't stop watching..

  39. martina


  40. Sofija Diadul


  41. Sophia Olmedo


  42. Ghrsse

    mmmmmmmmmmmyaha aaaaaaaaaa

  43. такаяки ли

    Какая песня ❣️

  44. E Ga

    2006 vibes in here

  45. Elaph Nebras

    The modern version of QUEEN.

  46. Lorena Faccion

    Zitti e Buoni é fantástica! 🇧🇷

  47. Alvis, Feigh Cyrelle B.

    I'm just here for Vic

  48. Tracy Holm

    Can't stop watching this......

  49. Elisabeth idek

    I've watched this too many times

  50. Jurry's vlog

    The way he moves like Freddie Mercury

  51. Fergie Wheatley

    excelente dia para ser bisexual

  52. Sophia Hackett

    I’m a lesbian but WOW he is so androgynously beautiful. I kind of want to look like him, ngl

  53. laineann_the_ weirdo dacaldacal

    New crush? Maybe…

  54. Jen Arvedas


  55. juju

    just one more time today 😭😭

    1. juju

      no yeah im back again

    2. juju

      yeah no im back

  56. Rudi m

    omg slecht nummer, en flo rida moest braken

  57. lindsay east

    damiano is hot affff but like 👀 so is victoria omfg

    1. gayyce _

      ikr, ikr, I KNOW RIGHT

  58. tom may

    Just curious: is this video monetised? And if so do @wiwiblogs keep the income or is it shared with the group?

    1. Less Crement

      I'm guessing it's monetized but I dunno if the group gets any share. Anyway, I don't think they care. What they always looked for and are still looking for is visibility. Revenue will follow soon.

  59. Nariman Elhayatmy

    unpopular opinion: måneskin and louis tomlinson MUST collab on a rock song. periodt. (also harry styles.. just sayin'..)

  60. Rino De Antonellis

    Ma vi rendete conto che nelle generazioni dai ventenni in poi uno su 2000 piace il rock il resto ascolta porcherie ......invece nelle generazioni dai dodicenni in poi sono pazzi del rock ? COSA HANNO FATTO I MANESKIN !!!! Incredibile

  61. Sad Guy

    Это самое крутое открытие этого года я восхищён браво 🙌🏻

  62. Kristina Nikolcevic Jablanovic

    Omg, i cant get out of my head this song, ill gooo craaaaazyyyyy 😬😱🤩🥰

  63. dilua sou

    He eat the cd

  64. Amber Smeulders

    I think that Fyr og Flamme deserved so much better. They have a great dynamic and humour. Even though it was only them on the main stage they filled it. They definitely deserved to qualify over Albania. The song is just more radio friendly and they had a better stage presence (especially Jasper) compared to Anxhela Peristeri. Personally I don’t think it deserved such a low result with the juries as it was feel good and happy and radio friendly in certain countries that have a high Danish population (aside from Denmark). But the only things that were not the best was their vocals as in some parts Jasper Groth sounded really off pitch and the backing vocals were not the best compared to other countries and again Danish is not really a widely spoken language and the jurors probably would have been slightly embarrassed if they had voted for it. It’s message would have also been something the juries would have adored and voted for.

  65. Maria Papagianni

    love ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚🐚☺️💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  66. Maria Papagianni


  67. Rozálie Drábková

    1:02 is best, not gonna lie

  68. Jetpackandres

    We all know if the first song was the one at this year’s Eurosong, they wouldn’t of have won. I mean the one the second one they played won even though they committed plagiarism

    1. Jetpackandres

      @Less Crement it doesn’t matter if that made them relevant or not. Their song got plagiarized and they want to stand up for themselves Plus The Vendettas were actually pretty well known

    2. Less Crement

      @Jetpackandres I know the whole "story" already and makes no sense. The Vendettas were completely unknown to anyone before their plagiarism claims made them relevant.

    3. Jetpackandres

      @Less Crement Do a little research and you’ll find enough articles about it

    4. Less Crement

      Lmao plagiarism

  69. Ololoshavich

    Nice drive

  70. Rachel Mul

    I think im a little bit in love lol

  71. noor noor

    1:01 wtf😂😂😂

  72. Tahani Nsouli

    my hEarT

  73. Tahani Nsouli


  74. Stupid Weeb

    Nobody gonna talk about this 1:01

  75. Pegaze Air

    I m replaying on my Spotify list song 🎶 i voted for her

  76. M1rfortune

    Love his voice tho

  77. confused lesbian

    I think I just died✨✨😂

    1. Edmund Tory


  78. sorena

    i need your concert 😭😭😭

  79. Roo Hamm

    The Cats are Brilliant!!