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  1. Ray C

    Wait a minute... Every day, someone expends XYZ kilowatts from the grid to pump water to higher potential energy then, every night the water is released and XYZ - efficiency loss kilowatts of energy are returned to the grid. Does anyone see a possible problem here?

  2. Alan Herrera

    Just searching how much solar energy is Mexico capable of, and just watching how laws are threatening this energy now...

  3. Robert Bruce

    Simply ............Brilliant!

  4. Nick Jones

    Sure, that's cool, but that's a lot of time, and therefore cost someone had to spend designing that, when they could have just used a simple colour. A bit of a waste of time/money/resources tbh.

  5. Garritt DuBois

    Excellent. “Green Energy” is nothing but a marketing campaign that is selling good feelz and no energy. The best climate change movie I've seen. One that finally looks at climate change and the movement through a lens of logic and not emotion. “We are better off burning the fossil fuels than playing pretend” 32:50 exactly wat I was thinking


    Bill Gates?? Oh my God! A one world order stooge!🤣🤣🤣


    Mass in motion is energy. The greater the mass, and the greater the speed the more energy there is. At the rate all that water mass leaves the generator, anyone want to guess how much energy rushes away from a water turbine uncollected? How many 100 watt light bulbs would that be peer hour?

  8. Bartoszb

    "Created in partnership with Bill Gates" yeah, somehow I knew this was coming.

  9. Chad b.

    13:40 aliens confirmed! Ahhhhh

  10. cusco-viajes guitar


  11. welch roberts

    Do renewable's pay the same taxes from leasing, drilling, pumping, refining and distribution? I doubt it but am willing to listen.


    when it takes over an hour to watch a video because you keep looking up amazingly surprising facts you dont believe are real.

  13. SCP-250 But not actually

    funny thing Perseverance landed on my birthday

  14. Swiss Made

    And again ... everything in space is fake and cgi ... as so often ... liars with more lies !!

  15. Tony Pinker

    the American air force has admitted the f35 is a failure, but we all know that, apart from those that have bought it

  16. Manchester Is Blue

    humanity keeps amazing me

  17. Dane Pickens

    we can fly a drone from here to Mars so we can fly a drone on Mars not to mention telescopes show us wtf is happening

  18. Tes Tos

    So FOK Mars where is the covid-19 vaccine and or how many more will die because the technology here on Earth socks big Winnie? Where are the foking stimulus checks how come there was no problem funding the defense budget and throw away trillions in POSs airplanes that can't fly?

  19. Sealdrop

    germany fought on two fronts, russia didn't fight japan

  20. Dane Pickens

    Can we re-magnetize Mars?

  21. Dane Pickens

    If its cold on Mars can you run hot mechanisms and utilize air cooling for efficiency

  22. John Rey Montuya


  23. Andrew Slabon

    SPACE. literally means nothing. trillions will be spent on a nothing force while everybody quenches their thrust with lead and fluoride contaminated water. at least we all have health care!!!!!!!

  24. Dane Pickens

    So if we can use plutonium vehicles or engines on a planet we want to colonize? Why can not we use them here?

  25. dj osearth

    Not junk code just there to help make those sections more unique and non-repeating to aid in deployment and unfurling analysis at 1%earth air pressure filmed by high-speed camera/s. Perseverance EDL lead Al Chen, of NASA's JPL says "The colors on the parachute are particularly important. The red and white pattern will help the rover's operators determine the orientation of the parachute and whether certain areas had trouble inflating. Future parachute teams will study this footage for years to come".

  26. Mauri B

    The Wright brothers would be proud🥲 !!

  27. Andrew Slabon

    the last pharaoh of Egypt was a women and the rhetoric at that time was, "we need to build more pyramids" . all for naught

  28. John Smith

    Couldn't waste time and effort to put something a little bit more interesting...

  29. Mr.Canadian 69

    Me watching this in 2021 go sn10

  30. wassollderscheiss33

    This is as nerdy as it is arrogant

  31. hagestad

    6:30 afro american ladies have that over 30.

  32. Armchair warrior

    Texas and Germany has something to say about their wind power failing.

  33. H

    Since it's not immediately obvious from the conversion done in the video: a joule is equivalent to a watt-second.

  34. bob smith

    Was the fossil fuel subsidies in the form of tax breaks and the renewable energies subsidies in the form of grants? Thats important information...

  35. nope!

    insane engineering, advanced? not really!

  36. gungdeoka putih

    Congratulations. I like also perseverance for this earth and people. Invent technology for weather modification. Make and limit rain and snow fall, prevent floods. Extinguish wild fire and all other fire fast. Modified storm, tornado, hurricanes. Invent nuclear bomb neutralizer.

  37. Janne Wolterbeek

    This title is NOT clickbait, WOW!

  38. james mooney

    Global Warming is a myth. Coal & Gas has been keeping me warm for 70 years. If it ain't broke then don't fix it. I don't want to hear anything about Computer model. Please quit showing out dated pictures of Steel mills from the 60's.

  39. Angus Menzies

    This seems like a monopoly forming on hyper speed internet.


    I hate the sound of your voice!

  41. obimk1

    Time to introduce the cost of CO2 emissions using fossil fuels.

  42. Stone White


  43. John Clarke

    Anyone know why they didnt go for the shape memory alloy wheels in the end?

  44. Redbellyblack Production & Media

    Unfortunately this explanation fails to address the limitation of harmonics in music and the sample rate affect on said harmonics. The vinyl or analogue sound produces a much better representation of the odd harmonics than digital sampling at 44100hz obviously as the sample rate increases the hormonic representation is better such as 48000hz up to 192000hz. The 3rd, 5th , 7th and 11th harmonics requires a much higher sample rate to be reproduced correctly.

  45. Nater1113

    “Falling Apert on the hersh mertian serface” 2:42

  46. Demitri Hidalgo

    SEABEES iykyk

  47. Aaron Franke

    1:50 Americans refusing to use metric be like "it's as big as the empire state building and has 20 foot containers which can fit 6000 shoe boxes and you can fit every single person in Japan in them".

  48. Papi1960R


  49. Boulevard Service

    what a view...i love aircraft and especially fast combat jets

  50. K.G.B

    Dammm b2 look like alien tech.

  51. Will Jackson

    Distance to Titan from Earth varies, of course, but right now, it's 1,007,197,587 miles away. Unthinkable perhaps.

  52. Anto Alwin

    its stuff like this that get people off their chairs and toward the stars Makes me want to quit medicine and join them, where the fun's at

  53. Aaron

    Very well done! I'd love to see a second one, you can even use the same animations so you don't have to do that again lol

  54. Fahad Nadeem

    Let's go to "MERS"

  55. Jarynn

    I am curious if there are any situations in these tests where males fair worse off or if it would be best to just approximate female bodies in all the tests to make it as hard as possible

  56. Ralph Davis

    Human ingenuity.

  57. Ruteger100

    What is this? It's when an englishman takes a good long look at something. Propa-ganda

  58. Tigh K Freestone

    Two words Solar minimus

  59. dragons

    Nasa opening the door wide for every alien out there. Imagine if your house had wide open door and everybody could come and go whenever they want. Nasa and USA are not the whole world and they can't decide on such worldly matters. As humans we are at a disvantage and the under-developed species compared to the aliens. In the possible presence of superior being, you don't shout and scream, else you might get stomped real fast... forever.

  60. navand

    Bunch of paid hours at NASA spent making something pointless.

  61. Killroy WasHere

    I am quite sure that the Alien space ships that we have acquired will have a oxygen producing equipment. Reverse engineer their Oxygen producing machine.

  62. Rιllα Cяσωlєу

    Whos recording these videos on mars Though ?

  63. Brian Kepner

    Slowing down ocean currents will cause severe problems with weather and global warming They knew that back in the '60s

  64. N M

    Excuse me?! 9:44 only a treu avgeek would understand...

  65. David Tuer

    Remember when GM was the biggest company in the world and Toyota was making engines under license to BMC (British Motor Corporation)?

  66. Sinister One

    What an absolute marvel of human ingenuity IMAGINE in the near future being able to send powerful ATLAS Robots to Mars

  67. Orchard Field Aviation

    I think mining on the moon is a bad idea because if we mine all the resources on the moon, then it won't have all of its mass. its mass is important because the tides rely on the moon. and if we take all the mass on the moon, then the water levels will just stay the same and just sit with no currents or anything else like that. it will also affect marine wildlife. what do you think on this @Real Engineering

  68. eioshen boboi

    Can "an ungodly rush" be made an official unit for water? Also, that is a beautiful machine.

  69. Daniel DiBello

    Can it be possible to build steam powered robots?

  70. 3rdeye47

    The earth is flat and stationary mars and the mars missions are a hoax all government space programs are lying to us Mars and all the other planets are not actual terra firmas you can actually land on they are deceiving us

  71. desmondjr johnston


  72. Djo1e -.-

    Why use metric when we can make a system for ourselfs.. the guy nicely said, america is already using metric, their imperial is based on metric system, wtf have i said..

  73. evil first

    It looks the same

  74. Alex Kang


  75. Cory Chalk

    I’m sure it was already mentioned but that facility, as stated, used the grid to pump and refill the upper reservoir(I’m sure during off peak hours or with use of renewable’s during their peak outputs) so without a consistent and reliable source of grid power you can’t use one of these facilities to “wind up” the other. Or youd need such a number of these that the logistics of it would be untenable.... in short... it’s so impractical you might as well just go nuclear.....

  76. Cory Chalk

    I’m sure it was already mentioned but that facility, as stated, used the grid to pump and refill the upper reservoir(I’m sure during off peak hours or with use of renewable’s during their peak outputs) so without a consistent and reliable source of grid power you can’t use one of these facilities to “wind up” the other. Or youd need such a number of these that the logistics of it would be untenable.... in short... it’s so impractical you might as well just go nuclear.....

    1. eioshen boboi

      enough. Loch Ness holds more water than all the lakes in England added together! It seems unlikely to get planning permission.

  77. Lord LJ

    Solar and Wind renewables are not entirely clean, really no energy source is. Solar requires mining of rare earth metals. Wind turbines are vulnerable to some damages and effect natural migration of birds. Coal, well you know already. Natural Gas, there are two versions to this and that is there are net neutral carbon emission gases and not. Fossil/Oil, not even a question. Biomass generators, literally it’s coal just worst. Dams, pretty good actually, only a few problems that are about downstream effects. Nuclear plants, I hate how people forget that these are actually very clean, the nuclear waste is also usually safely disposed (like very far underground), the only problem is usually the system critical scenario that’s leads to radiation leaks from damage to the reactor from bad design to natural disasters. Nuclear fusion, not yet possible, and really high output of energy, we are talking about trying control the reaction that happens in our star’s heart. Hydrogen, not bad actually, just really hard to trap it and sometimes to costly (I’m not as well versed with it). I can’t think much more really. But don’t think your solar and wind are the saviors, they are not. If we want to fix global warming we do it in one way, plant more damn trees (like millions, it’s the best way to reduce the stupid CO2 already) and stop the process of releasing other Greenhouse gases. Those the major problem, not CO2, it’s those that are harder to fix when they are already out there. Anyway enjoy, sometimes I wish the marvel universe was real. Then Tony’s reactor would do major things for us. But I don’t want Thanos tho. The idea of getting rid of nuclear tho is stupid, it’s one of the best ways to get energy and the curiosity and perseverance rovers use a form nuclear decay (alpha) to power themselves because the solar panels didn’t work too well for the previous ones.

  78. The Tin Foil Hat Channel

    lol what use are blades in an atmoshere that is 99% less dense than earths'?

  79. Sim Williams

    Big enough to freeze

  80. Sivert Grov Hanssen

    July 30. is my birthday heyhey