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  1. Twin Pipe

    Got to give it to Gordon. When you know your trade, and you know how to work it, it's business, and you make money.

  2. GTA IV

    ouf gordans wrong on this one

  3. Oracle624

    Bro the white house crumbs are worth more than the dishes at this place.

  4. PLY- animations

    Came from an ig post to confirm the title really exists. I wasn't disappointed

  5. Papi Small Legs

    You know a restaurant has bad food when they also have dancers and entertainment to distract the customers

  6. K

    I want to taste that food Gordon swept his plate SOUL FOOD!

  7. Opticula

    3:17 Saving this so I can keep coming back to it. Beautiful.

  8. ZaRz Robie

    RIP Alan

  9. mark s

    But is it bussin' bussin'?

  10. Christian Perry

    Only thing I ever hate is when you know the restaurant owner knows his business is in jeopardy but then will dismiss a very known chefs criticism

  11. Jeremy Signorelli

    I love Momma Cherri!

  12. Pixel Girl Gamer

    Is Tilly running the channel now or something? Cuz sheeeesh

  13. nice lady

    😂😂😂 yall. These comments, lol. So damn funny! Love you all!

  14. Carl Wheezer

    Imagine gordon manages this channel and he just titles the vid When the food straight up bussin

  15. TypE1_ m0rtage

    I feel like this channel got hacked

  16. Aman Pooni

    Title is at 22:21

  17. Kayakazi Loqo

    This guy is a physcophath /narcissist/crazy...... I would take everything of mine if i was Gordon and leave..

  18. Passive Agressive

    OMG WTF happened. Did Eric get canned? Fucking hope so😂😂😂😂

  19. KaiU

    “don’t interrupt him” she says while interrupting gordon less than a minute later

  20. A.N.E AMV


  21. JT

    Damn her name is Candace too

  22. Gruddy

    Its not hero , its zero 💀

  23. Paul Benedict Alberca

    This episode is way better than Amy's. This episode has contains straight to the point, less arguments, accepting the criticism, and grateful moments.

  24. 1snow

    i wish the girl who cried over her burger came back. id love to her reaction.

  25. MohidPvE


  26. Bundana Ezio

    13:50 😂😂

  27. Kit Kat Cit Cat

    give the man who made the title of the video a promotion because i clicked instantly

  28. HauntedDragonGaming



    Why the hell would you fry a sandwich?

  30. Helix_Shadow

    Bussin bussin

  31. TopTierPlays

    I didn’t know the risotto was a DQ BLIZZARD!!!!

  32. Aidence

    These titles are more fresh then the food in those kitchens

  33. guptus guptus

    The thumbnail looks like Gordon is friends with the burger and cake and enjoying a meal with them

  34. Heavy Weather

    Who tf is running this acc

  35. The Co-Efficient guy

    Video title: "when the food is straight up bussin" The video: *gordon hating on most of the dishes in said video

  36. Vincent Tnecniv

    I love how in the second to last clip the wife of the owner tried acting like the chef's burger was the worst thing she'd ever tasted like that would change the fact that her husband is a crappy cook

  37. Ron Baevsky

    13:20 This marks the end of Gordon Ramsay's career

  38. Chocolate Perfume

    Lmao at the editor/camera man zooming in on ppl eating the food, while Gordon's showing us all the disgusting finds

  39. Syed Shah

    4:20 When Nino attack 😂😂

  40. IVIR Fever

    Bro the tittle 😂👀😂

  41. TopTierPlays

    I’m actually glad none of these are staged and wish they showed more often on tv channels and I wish he still did these

  42. Unnecessary _.

    Wait what?

  43. Jan Ho

    Ah, yes, Chef Mike, the eternal enemy

  44. GuFu AMV


  45. Jockkerz

    I’m 3 days late because I was looking for the lamb sauce

  46. Unhinged Chef

    Take it from me, that is definitely not enough olive oil. MORE! I NEED MORE!

  47. Garet Crader

    Gen z has officially statted running this channel

  48. Meche Ochoa

    What episode is this?

  49. 50IQ


  50. Karla Cervantes

    You rich people out here eating SALMON, humble yourselfs to the mexican mojarra (foreal tho, is salmon good? Never tried it)

  51. Pre

    And the server's name is Candace 😳

  52. Merxy


  53. Mates Ptacek


  54. Ground Control


  55. Patsy Bailey

    jesus christ...if gordon ramsay offered me a plate of exotic insects or some shit I still wouldn't hesitate for a second and EAT IT

  56. TopTierPlays

    Fun fact : PJ’s grill is closed now

  57. Pre

    What in the Kentucky fried fuck

  58. Muiz S

    Seems like a bunch of tiktok fortnite kids took over this channel

  59. Wild Camping 101 Scholars

    I'm looking for the Italian mother comments. "Why I otta" "You're breaking my heart" "I'm sorry ma" I'm actually disappointed.

  60. Goldy Fish

    They all saved the best for last.

  61. sksksksjsksj


  62. Bob Oso

    I like how the cow just chilled as they showed all the different cuts of meat on its body.

  63. Henry’s Challenges

    Meeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Thefunnynerd 21

    Why is this video not available in the us? I guess I technically live in “Paris” now.

  65. u

    “finally some good fucking food”

  66. Frost

    Bruh 😎😂😂😂😂

  67. Nakar

    “How do you fellow kids?”

  68. koopaGG

    28:13 has got to be one of the best Ramsay quotes of all

  69. Tosei

    1:09 was that a wet_fart.mp3?

  70. KryptoKurh _••

    Just imagine Gordon Ramsey walking in saying sheeeeshhh and also him tasting good food and just shouting “THIS SHIT BUSSIN BUSSIN”

  71. Dez Kerr

    Common sense is now a rare delicacy.

  72. crom1701

    Surprised it took do long

  73. ave 23

    Ew... do food safety inspection ever walked in that place? or do they get bribed to look away?

  74. Timinator007

    I'm loving the channel management. Top tier meming

  75. Kimi

    Does anyone know the name of this restaurant or what episode this is?

  76. PrezTjus Woman

    RIP Chef Mike. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.