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  1. Dan Camajani

    Road trip! Who’s in?

  2. Alex Sguazzin

    Idk maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I’d love 80% of these pizzas lol

  3. Marc Freeman

    So this guy is the italian version of a weeb who insists on being called Shiro or Kei or whatever

  4. AngelB

    I read the title as Chef eats porncorn

  5. Oliver Jackson

    I love how he scooped up that young lady & dropped her into a proper kitchen. She would've wasted her potential in Piccolo Teatro. This Rachel girl had a world-famous chef turn her business around & she still gave up on it. I wonder if Rachel is still friends with that Steph girl. Rachels father for all his money couldn't discipline his daughter well enough to keep her afloat.

  6. So̸ᴜʟ Lɪɢʜᴛ

    Okay but he went to his parents after that?! He is a grown man with children and he started complaining to his parents about someone that is trying to give constructive criticism and trying to help him. That’s not a man that is a child! GROW UP! And he lost all of those arguments and he’s bragging over there saying he won..? Watch a few of Gordon’s shows and maybe your restaurant would still be opened.

  7. Menacing

    24:23 25:20

  8. ZanMan & Co.

    I feel like I’m back at home yet I’ve never been there

  9. Lucas Braz 🇧🇷

    Stop complaing , and eat the food you pvssy

  10. Ty Sandifer

    Why the mess do asian people talk so fast... Dude said 2 sentences in half a second

  11. Corey Ray

    Gordon don't play with your it.

  12. Memes Is my shite

    This chef guy loves his pizza so better fucking like it too👊🏽😡😂

  13. Zion M.

    I'm glad Gordon Rasmay at least likes the crab cakes, but who is this Ramsay fellow?

  14. Mitchell Parker

    This looks just like the pizza in Goofy Movie but the pizza in Goofy Movie looked fire

  15. Shichijo RoseHeart

    bruh I would any pizzas if it's from a restaurant or frozen but not made HOME >:(

  16. Starlite the Cat

    Can you imagine if Gordon Ramsay was a therapist

  17. jim dandy


  18. Paulie Jay

    Danielle is a nurse these days.

  19. Ty Sandifer

    Funny how most people would just eat the food.. until Ramsey shows up, then everyone is a pro critic

  20. Ty Sandifer

    This is why people in the UK shouldn't do BBQ

  21. lick the tip

    gordon-don’t u think this looks drab owner-I don’t have another one Gordon(whisper)-how about nothing owner-😧

  22. Dr. Pepper

    Peter : *orders 3 drinks, goes to the kitchen to eat some baked clams, goes around the restaurant and sits down* Peter : "it's so hard"

  23. Grandma Gertrude

    he was kind of racist to the Japanese restaurant...

  24. allen paniagua

    How has this video not been taken down 😭

  25. Ben B

    This is hilarious.

  26. Defund Hollywood

    Can't keep the MAYOR waiting... 🙄🙄🙄

  27. Ricky Wxx

    Lesson in delusion 101: Repeat something enough times and it will make it true. Chef Ramsey: "No."

  28. Dr. Pepper

    The debt collector parts is like watching GTA gameplay but there's a gordon ramsay cameo


    You guys gotta watch one of the American episodes where Gordon 1000% had sex with the owners wife

  30. Kimberly Paige

    The helpful maria contrastingly match because island karyologically squeeze given a repulsive employee. healthy, intelligent street

  31. Dr. Pepper

    Chicken, lemons, and cutlery : *on the table right in front of Peter* Peter : "WHERE'S DA FOOKING CHICKEN, I NEED LEMONS, I CANT WORK WITHOUT CLEAN SPOONS, someone make me an espresso"

  32. Jeff Opeleña

    10:46 POGERS

  33. Zero Jack

    Poor waitress, she had to serve all that embarrassing stuff. But atleast she warned him sooooo HE LIVES

  34. ferdaws khoshal

    that is too much

  35. Dr. Pepper

    Peter : "we're losing money" Also Peter : *bleaches his teeth for 1000 bucks a visit*

  36. Big Red

    Mfer microwaves a lasagna lies that its fresh and then is surprised he doesn't like it??

  37. TheBrindleBoxer

    I never want to eat at a restaurant again.

  38. Gerald Fernandez

    Ritchie scared the shit out of gordon lmfao

  39. lpuig73

    Sam for the win.

  40. Neoquaker1

    Honestly Gordon's complaints about the calzone were BS. It looked delicious and who doesn't want a big portion you can take home.

  41. James Willie

    I think the restaurant looked really cool!!

  42. Justinee Howardd

    Guy in yellow: Say a prayer. Sweater dude: trust me I already said a prayer Me: say another one

  43. Jom Makan

    I noticed similar faces appeared in different episode as waiter/ waitress/ cook. Is this some sort of joke Gordon?

  44. Dr. Pepper

    When the teacher comes to take a look at the group project groups : 7:34

  45. JDSJ SleyDris

    Love Momma Cherri! Love how she and Brian can change it up in just a drop of a hat, i hope for much success to them and hopefully see in a year or two that theyre still staying true to Soul in the Bowl!❤💛💚🙏🏽💯

  46. Dingo Ate Baby

    They defend their food, while they are about to go bankrupt.

  47. Dr. Pepper

    6:18 This restaurant is like a mini mafia

  48. Drake Aeden Castro

    *Evanna lynch wants to know your location*

  49. Elizabeth

    He should do chocolate sauce with chips 😂

  50. Frangitus

    Alright, what Gordon did with the priests was rather rude, not gonna lie.

  51. Edward Lee Miller


  52. Kyelan

    Diabetes doesn't kill people....the lack of control kills people. It's the persons fault not diabetes 🙄

  53. Sierra Bunnell

    The waitress who served the grilled lettuce did have a really nice smile! :)

  54. Dr. Pepper

    This restaurant is like a mini mafia

  55. ATL News™️

    13:25 shawty could get it !😍

  56. Byrd E

    To be fair, alcohol withdrawal can KILL you. That would be terrible advice to quit cold turkey Edit: he's got the fucking shakes. Don't ever quit drinking like that if you're addicted EDIT AGAIN: FUCKING CALLED IT. I guarantee you he had a seizure and that's why the ambulance was called, not a liver problem. Ramsay seems to be completely oblivious but he almost killed that man from his terrible advice. He's a great chef, I like him and the show but that was completely reckless and stupid of him.

  57. Dr. Pepper

    "I hope chef ramsay tastes our food and just says we're not a lost cause" *Heats food in a microwave* Oh yeah it's all frozen

  58. Diamondchu

    Someone give her a fancy restaurant and a Million dollar check.

  59. Tayler Noise

    The genius lies in simplicity

  60. Andromeda Galaxy

    CeCe acts like the girl in toddlers and tiaras that gets upset when the cameraman asked if shes beautiful

  61. Dr. Pepper

    5:41 The end card is so funny

  62. Galileah 203

    Omg omg omg. I took culinary class and thats literally salmonella to the 8 that ate duck. Omg so lethal

  63. Joshua Timmins

    6:14 bad poggers

  64. Dihanna Espinoza

    3:58 omg this is so funny

  65. hudahelmy _

    what episode on 40:00

  66. ChibiSundae

    *Gordon puking* Chef: *Intense happy humming*

  67. Guik

    I’m amazed how Lauren’s eyebrows goes stonks

  68. Asto Andy

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  69. Steve Zobel

    3:08, When their co-worker looks over at them and smiles with pride.

  70. Phattyasmo

    20:09 maybe swallow before you say something; nasty

  71. Z-95SkyHunter

    They really did add squishing sound effects my god.

  72. Asto Andy

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  73. Robot Robot

    Love the end. That was very awesome of him to do that.

  74. Dragon Pundit.

    Hate these arrogant stupid owners...they deserve to go out of business.

  75. Christina Tijani

    Mitch Get Out....Hells Kitchen anyone?

  76. thefluff

    Sonia is so pretty!