1. Alani Unga

    Your ao funny

  2. Silivia Pomee

    That Transformation was Incredible

  3. Afroza Hossain

    Pierson's intro is always iconic!! 💜💜

  4. noorjahan ali

    Omg yasss

  5. AmpWorld Fan

    This is how many people think Brierson will happen before 2022 👇

  6. Yoko Sekiya

    Lexi third wheeling Brent and Pierson ❤

  7. Yusuf Shahan Saeed

    Why does everybody hate Jeremy's hair? It actually looks sick lol

  8. Maria Nathingo

    It's Brent's screaming for me 😅😅🖤

  9. Rishikesh K

    Lexi feeling awkward for 2-5 min staright😂😂

  10. Viswanadh Penugonda

    Her hair is grown a lot

  11. Soha Khan

    And...beautiful content this time Pierson..!!🖤

  12. Izan Mohammed

    3:05 that acting was good...and imagine being a fan of the squad and walking past there and ur like....pierson???? Wait that's not brent???.. What's happening here


    Brierson well actually the name of the videois taking my CRUSH on a dream date

  14. Ameerah Ahmad Khan

    Yayyyyyy the video was longer today🥳🥳🥳🥳

  15. Soha Khan

    Pierson: "it wud hv been better if u came with Selena Gomez..?" Brent: "No !No" C'mon guys...u love each other! And...the vibes they had together while recording in the car..!!♥️

  16. G Livia Charles

    6:51 I like how he smiled

  17. tania imran

    i have never went to disney i wish i was in your group

  18. Immortal COINCIDENCE

    I like how Lexi played the third wheel in Disney land😂

  19. Faisal Sbeih


  20. Orla Henry

    I just subscribed 🤗🤗

  21. yamama

    I mean I was not surprised she brought Lexi

  22. Carlo King

    What what crush he yo boyfriend

  23. yorgo khalil

    Like he said your content is trash quit youtube and you get 160k likes and i even don't get 30😓

  24. SimplyTwinkl


  25. Bink

    aht aht aht

  26. Mbali Precious

    So So So cute ❤🥰😍

  27. C2B ChinoFN

    I have the same glass pierson used to drink the egg

  28. gandhali vartak

    What was Lexi H doing over there?? 😕 I mean ya she can join them as they are a good trio but why not only Brierson?!

  29. Siddhartha Banerjee 10 E 44


  30. arianator's_family

    Is it just me or did Brent cut and die his hair

  31. Harshita Goswami

    Brent and pierson are so cute

  32. Devyaani Mehra


  33. May P

    The fact that you called him your CRUSH is a step🤩❤️ Love ya Pierson😻✌🏻

  34. MoonTastic

    Person and Brent:*dancing* Lexi:hmmm I'm single 😌😌

  35. Haleigh Smith

    7:53 i puased it and im dead

  36. Pumpum Agarwal

    Haha peirson said taking CRUSH on a dream date which means to hat she considers Brent more than friends

  37. 285 Sadaf Shahid

    Brent scream is the funniest thing😂😂😂

  38. Iger Resulaj

    Ookk,Brent says Pierson is my crush Pierson says Brent is my crush DATE ALREADY

  39. Janaki Jyothi Pechetty

    Brierson forever!!!

  40. Roco Paulo Benitez

    I was smiling the whole time i am watching your vidoe!

  41. LeeLayacanGaming


  42. Roco Paulo Benitez

    Love you both. 💙💙💙❤❤

  43. Ana Conejo Pérez

    love your effort pierson

  44. Gabrysia Biernacka

    soooooooo cuteee🥰

  45. Cupcake Nothing

    One of the best videos

  46. Poke Trainee

    Someone said that I'm beautiful 🥺🥺

  47. dialas fairy tale

    this is how much people ship bierson and also where is caleb we haven’t seen him in years

  48. S vdl

    i love brents scream 😂🤣

  49. Kritika Raj

    BRIERSON- ENJOYING VLOGGING meanwhile- lexi and piersons dad👄

  50. Woody woodpecker

    Get an only fans’ this is lame

  51. abhimanyu nr

    Idk why but when pierson talks it's like an actual sunshine and rainbow vibe

  52. ehi. wenma

    Its not up for download pierson!

  53. Ronalie Balbin

    I love You Pierson ✨💛

  54. Sk Bhandari

    Why was I the one blushing and smiling throughout the Disney trip😂😂😂 The notification popped up. New video of Pierson. Me- 🙂🙂am I dreaming, how many days has it been since the last video 🤧? The first guy jumped Me-😂 The second one jumped Me- 🤦 Pierson ready to jump Me- 🤨what are you trying to do? She jumped Me- 🙂looks Pierson just lost her sanity while being with those guys. Jk 😂lol

  55. Vindhya Vaishya

    Hey... Are you guys vaccineted ❓❓ Hope you... 😊😊

  56. Adnan Abdurrahman

    Wricker 10 the gt player?

  57. Joshua Jean-Baptiste

    Believe in JESUS, we are all sinners deserving the wrath of GOD, because we sin against a holy and just and perfect GOD. Therefore we all deserve the punishment hell, but GOD in his rich grace and mercy by which he loved us sent JESUS to die for us on the cross to leave his throne and suffer for us. To be the perfect sacrifice for us because he himself was sinless and perfect. That if we would have a repentant heart and believe in JESUS and place our faith in Him, we will be saved from the eternal punishment which is hell, and be given eternal life.l

  58. love music

    Ship ship ship❤❤❤❤

  59. Tiktok Panda

    I feel like Brents hair got longer Is it just me that noticed?

  60. The Canny Rani

    pierson: i wish that was my dare...i dont have friends whole amp squad: what 😑

  61. Emma JANKE

    I l ove this video Pierson! :D

  62. Tej Maher

    Guys have u noticed that Ben does not come in anyone’s videos in amp world any idea what happened?

  63. Saurabh Girdhar

    are you really getting married

  64. srisphoorthi

    Is this really uploaded 8hrs ago

  65. KJ piano cover

    #BRIERSONFOREVER such cute couples

  66. ZLIX FN

    when you said you were good you were lying all jokes

  67. Callum

    Really funny Pierson! 🤩

  68. Camino Rodriguez

    Pierson never dissapoints

  69. Blue Salmon


  70. rashmi hemali Lewkebandara

    Aaaww Pierson knows how much Brent likes Selena but he obviously likes Pierson way more...

  71. Shama Sangoram

    lexi third wheeling be like - 😑😑😐

  72. Pranathi Raghavendra

    Desi people get ur attendence here 👍

  73. Littlest_Panda

    Brent: “you have the Mum hat even though your not a mum? Unless you have something to tell me?” BRENT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????

  74. Mimi Das

    Omg those questions were too awkward 😂

  75. Rhea Haldankar

    Omg y'll are so cute <3