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  1. 03 Sevi

    my school is next to the floating cinemas

  2. e

    Chinese are like we would love to eat babies lol

  3. Rehab

    Perfect...GasLighting at it's best....Who ever puts this stuff out? I just unsubscribed!

  4. George Gakere

    Who else heard that DMX song on the background while the ladies were at the Pool party?

  5. Bobby C

    13:23 Durrette is the US version of Qi Gong master in China

  6. Fresh Design

    The whole western world is excelling in technologies because alllll their materials are coming from CONGO! URANIUM, GOLD, COLTHAN(TABLETS, HANDIES ETC...) DIAMONDS AND MORE!!! They are not giving a break to congo because those foreign multinationals to can't do without CONGO!! SO, the prophecy is true. Africa will rise again and retake her place to her righfull 1st place to the WORLD!! CONGO IS THE JERUSALEM THE BIBLE WAS TALKING ABOUT, THE LAND OF SALOMON. AFRICA is blessed!!

  7. Alex Opinion Channel

    There are many reasons the right grows one is that the left doesn’t work and build support in local communities it relies on national media. If you don’t do the community work and be there for regular working class people they will rightfully feel forgotten

  8. Alexander Gao

    What a fascinating documentary about the winners of the lottery. We all dream about winning the big bucks but we don’t know the other side. Anyway I wish everyone to win the lottery still better than not winning it.

  9. Noah 120%

    I’ve got a ideas you build net zero community Solar power Building with hemp homes Re-use water

  10. George George

    funny video

  11. Jessica Steuer

    Canadian here 👐 and our farmers exploit Mexicans. It's horrible. If you drive around fruit farms in the spring/summer you see them.

  12. bracha dan

    What is the song at 03:00

  13. Zig Wil

    The Prophet and his Juice: I realize this is beyond atrocious. The toxicity... how do they not know what they are drinking is poison? THAT ASIDE, there are many religions that claim godly results from drinking and eating things. I think this highlights it. There are countless millions who look at this and say, " Look at the ridiculous claims by this so called prophet.... get in the car.... time for church/mass." Again, removing the health affects... speaking on the religious aspect, what's the difference?

  14. Christian Nsombo

    Very biased! North Korea's living standard is way above so many countries in Africa, Asia and even Europe. I have travelled around the world and i can tell you that North Korea is not that bad.

  15. sicily mungai

    But why did the girl do that to our boy Isaiah

  16. Nito Albano

    Our continent will move forward once we get rid of all idiot leaders pretending to take us into the future while we're actually being stalled...

  17. anis maghnawi

    Best doxumentary ever thanks DW

    1. DW Documentary

      Glad you liked it! Check out our channel for more content. :-)

  18. lalisa #saveuyghur


  19. mat weiss

    Thanks for sharing this Story!

    1. DW Documentary

      Thank you for watching!

  20. Nina Shalla

    take a shot every time the sisters say "um"

  21. BornAgainMinistry

    Coronavirus is the biggest terrorist attack this world has seen to this day. Love you all my brothers and sisters and pray you all come to the knowledge of the truth and acknowledgement/faith in Jesus Christ.

  22. Nils Braskén

    Pure propaganda. You describe this as Paradise.

  23. Sahne Prinz

    What a shame for the Thailand People creating , working , educating and suffer for generations in this country . <>Spit

  24. Totul Despre Dex

    Hei DW, which village in Romania are you talking about? You are not using the official Romanian name.

    1. deeqa

      Transylvania belongs to Hungrey


    It's sad.. Maybe India should adopt drc

  26. james perilli

    They are evil child abuse lords

  27. Möt Crüe

    30:30 , That man is a doer !

  28. Jinnatur rahman

    love and respect for the doctor.

  29. SH Grace

    looks like an invasion

  30. Beth Nicholas


  31. blackpassenger

    I wonder if that durek verrett guy understands that he's gay? hope he's not carrying on with any down low relationships

  32. ladame

    How does he charge his phone

  33. Candra Tan

    21:49 mbak di samping Balqis be like, "ngomong apa sih? kek lagi nonton channel NatGeo aje."

  34. johan ruiter

    Money like dollar and euro is printed when needed, useless paper

  35. Gray Franklin

    You've all seen the dictator movie except he's the real deal

  36. Alexander Gao

    I always joke with my friends that’s the best cure for insomnia is a full-time job. Most of my friends who half sleeping issues are not having jobs or have some issues with alcohol. Recently I lost my job but still my sleep is actually quite good.I really enjoy sleeping lots of hours every day. And I actually noticed that my skin has improved and I look younger.

  37. J MC

    In doesn't matter if your rich or poor and live in a sh*t hole, you still live in a sh*t hole!


    Well come get your gabor out of Houston texas faking like they mexican. Should be aahamed of themselves

  39. David

    Black lives don't matter to colonisers save for exploit of black lives. That's why there's no justice for descendants of enslavement from the continent of Africa commensurate with super spread culture of colonisation. The bare narrative of colonisation is firstly to pillage and next to subjugate and finally to remodel in the image of the oppressor.

  40. Mahlatji Phoshoko

    You guys make no mention of fractional reserve banking, monetary supply inflation, the loss of purchasing power of fiat currencies the unsustainability of fiat currencies, regulation alone won't produce a sound financial system. One of your experts fails to mention one other event that took place in 1971 that played the biggest role in what we see today, which was the decoupling of the worlds currencies from Gold by president Nixon.

  41. Tempe Gets

    God bless Marie! The prophet will suffer for eternity, terrible person.

  42. SVEN G.B.

    And another great documentary, very well executed, congratulations. On the other hand, sad to see how the gap is getting bigger between each class, even between middle and rich, and middle and poor. And its happening everywhere. Guess we all need to be ready to adapt and watch our for new opportunities (even during this pandemic).

    1. DW Documentary

      Thanks for the positive feedback and sharing your thoughts!

  43. Alice Bubblegum

    Those swimsuits... I feel like I am back in time LOL

  44. C Wallace

    The problem is exploitation. You're never gonna get people to stop taking advantage of others

  45. atefxf.

    23:51 look at the way his face changes when she talks about their boss.....

  46. Gary Smith

    Seems weird that Germany is deliberating war crimes, being not less than 75 years ago they were killing people by the masses.

  47. Joniel Joseph Montesa

    Plot twist: These luxury cars are just all pre-owned from the other countries 😅😅😅

  48. THA

    Rising intolerance against muslims.. she says.. of course when muslims move to other non religious parts of the world who will not let their culture go away due to mass immigration. Same thing applies when foreigners move to a muslim country. Integrate according to local customs or leave. Human nature!

  49. Lori Jones

    So sweet how his mother said they are in paradise. His wife has a look that says "I'm going along with it but I have no clue what any of this is or what is going on". Like she is unsure of what to trust. I personally do not think I could do it though. Uproot myself from my culture and people would be hard for me. Even if I was poor. The kids seemed to adjust right away though. It's good they have the whole family. I like that they still washed their hands in a basin before meal time. It's good to keep some of your tradition. 😊😊 I'm happy for them.

  50. philip mc donagh

    Scientists and doctors where kidnapped from all over Germany by the Americans after the war.

  51. Hobert Green

    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth,a greater career,purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

    1. Pham Le

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    4. Lucas Cisneros

      Trading without a professional like Expert Dave Javens is like gambling with your money

    5. Shelly Duvall

      I tried trading on my own but it only left chasing shadows

  52. Bonita Bonita

    How it feels to wake up and see people around you are struggling to survive and here u are driving your fancy car

  53. Christian Molongise Mulondi

    Fally Ipupa 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏



  55. Aman Jhariya

    well you should make a documentary on real textile industry of indian and its getting worse

  56. sarah butler

    all water should be owned by the people, and goverment to run it, like in scotland, pay a little tax to clean the water, thats it, dont let your goverment take it away

  57. ANDY LUMEH - Ten Gold Coins, Luke 19: 16

    Slavery, Why do you put up with it? Those tomatoes are sold in Tesco and sainsburys supermarkets in London. For white English consumers. London England. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  58. Ng Tong Sheng

    forced labor?

  59. ANDY LUMEH - Ten Gold Coins, Luke 19: 16

    Story of a shaved head Jamaican van driver, shackling a racist police chain on an African's hands, and told him...if you had stayed in your own country, this wouldn't happen to you. London England. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  60. Able 6

    He's got them drug dealer pinky nails lol

  61. You-In-Your FEELINGS

    I dont understand how ppl, so called leaders make billions and feel no sympathy for their fellow country men. The corruption goes on in every country, even in America, but never this far. There is no reason they don't have homes, paved roads, etc. They are so selfish, their country could be a thriving empire, more wealthy than what it is if they take care of their ppl. They could have a thriving economy for all. Instead they have the crabs in a barrel mentality. God bless the poor, may they rise in their lifetime.


    Fake testosterone is the danger and the combination of that with steroids make people very aggressive and bad+ cancer and tumors will come soon after 10 or 20 years after those injections.

  63. bob

    These populists are as much corrupted as anybody. A quick look at Poland and Hungary tells that as soon as they are in power they destroy the democratic system (independent justice, free press). Be no fool, they will do in every country, and every people that believe their BS will be held responsible. They don't want a better life for everyone. They want all of us to live in the swamp of their mediocrity.

  64. Panini Fans

    dude what a poor people :( , prophet deserve to be punished

  65. cindy burrows

    What a lot of people in Africa don't realize is that western shows like this one try to separate blacks all over the world from Africa. Blacks from the west; like me (the diaspora). They do it by only showing them the bad parts and making it look hopeless. While they do not care (most only want a story- they take your problems and publicize them. It's about image. They want to feel better than someone else. They use these bad images we've seen all our lives to mistreat blacks throughout the world.) and their governments are the very ones that steal from these countries and pay off these African leaders. I didn't know my whole life how beautiful and how much growth Kenya is experiencing. Your city is beautiful. The west is in a downfall. While you have new buildings, their's are empty. Over-industrialized. The government and the rich own everything. People are poor there too with NO chance of GROWTH, no LAND, no health care or FOOD security. You have everything fresh and natural, they can't even afford meat, which is tainted anyway.

  66. ANDY LUMEH - Ten Gold Coins, Luke 19: 16

    Slavery, Why do you put up with it? Those tomatoes are sold in Tesco and sainsburys supermarkets in London. For white English consumers. Someone told me about a Jamaican driver, shackling a racist police chain on an African's hands, and told him...if you had stayed in your own country, this wouldn't happen to you. London England.

  67. david oluoch

    I have one word for you,,take the juice

  68. Dean Lukman Majid

    Imagine feeling guilty for using cellphone.

  69. قناة الصلاة على رسول الله

    الحمدالله على نعمة الاسلام الهم اعز اسلام ومسلمين ولاحول ولاقوة الا بالله عليه العظيم

  70. Mr. Been there

    the story of the Dalit is so inspiring.

  71. Ezekiel Pereyra

    dont tell me ww3 will start germany invade russia,poland and france and japan will have a another attempt to invade pearl harbor

  72. Justin Mashburn

    Great way to steal everyone's credit card information 😭 jkik

  73. Anonymous Newfoundland

    The Human claiming to be god (PROPHET) is a lying snake skin oil crook, Stealing from the Poor does not make you a hero in gods eyes or righteous men and woman's eyes, you are a looser and racist to your own,, J.D ROCKIFELLA got rich the same way,

  74. Kuroro Luxifer

    Just goes to show that while africans blame their misery on white people, it's actually their own inability to manage their resources and society and the greed of their politicians that's to blame...

  75. LaMaD

    Finincial sector's behavior is like that of the scorpion in the fable of scorpion and the frog ultimately what they are doing is not in their best interests either.

  76. UhDuhBlackLivesDoMatterToo OfFuckinCourse

    No1$ wearing masks doe!!!!

  77. Claire Lu

    Leonardo da Vinci: WTF, why is people making this a so big deal, I'm just been asked to paint a person!!!

  78. Lil Jembut

    Looks like in india cities but lil bit cleaner and without honk

  79. thedon karlos

    I really loved the documentary; the graphics, the animations, the music, the stories, the follow-ups. It's very sad that the promises never materialised, the little they had was taken from them and replaced with rubbish. How greedy can the leaders be.

  80. darius smith

    People should b able to purchase this documentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!