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  1. L L

    Imagine making a living from slagging off others, cringe!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cadis Fewel

    The BTS-BIOT resistance got ur back

  3. M Bahe

    Cancel Ellen..

  4. awesome dogs

    Perfectly balanced like to dislike ratio

  5. Sukhdeep Singh

    I actually saw the second video first ..then came here.... Even if logan said what he said, he is your best friend who got a whole Billboard for MIke , including Lana... so Mike should not be saying shit... he is your best friend..and you do not back stab your friends.. its actually sad... this video made me realize that Mike is wrong... Thanks for the inside story Kavos..

  6. Kuku Nase

    ppl dont know PSY began K-pop movement

  7. Zhongli Is Broke

    'Jungle Book': *Kills Someone* Fans:'That's ok's Someone: *Says They Dont Like BTS* Fans:'I'm Sorry But You've Done Something Very Illegal And Your Going To Jail'


    36 k comments these BTS stan paragraphs r too much lmfao

  9. killer queen

    Sir you deserved this the medal of godlike power

  10. Nagito Komaeda (Izuru's Dandelion)

    He apologized because people thought he was mocking rap music (which Twitter has somehow associated with strictly black people, since most rappers are well, y'know (I hope to God this doesn't sound offensive)). Anyways, yeah, he apologized because people accused him of being racist towards the black community by saying "drugs" with the musical note emoji surrounding it, because people on Twitter manage to associate stupid things together to try and ruin someone's day. Dream himself did not associate the Tweet with the black community, the people who forced him to apologize did.

  11. Sam

    this is disgusting i’m not a dream stan. in fact i don’t like him but omg im freaking disgusted the one with all of his friends- i can’t even take it it’s disgusting.

  12. Edgar Hernandez Andres

    Me: *Goes on twitter* Me again: *Sees some dream stans fucked up drawing* Me again: *MOM CAN YOU RENT ME A GUN!*

  13. Xman

    I'm not a dream stan, never even heard of him till the cheating thing but I'm not calling him a racist or asking for a apology. I'm really highly confused with all these tweets is all lol

  14. Z3VO

    you see my reaction to kavos calling me a douchebag would be 'well hes lieing'

  15. Manny Heffley

    Rudolph diss track lmao

  16. anjali pendem

    firstly jungkook never told his fans to cover up for him . secondly the thumbnail is misleading . y should someone stop kpop ?? jungkook is just a small part of kpop ..and his personal life has nothing to do with kpop music . thirdly those fans who tried to cover up are toxic ones and are in their own fantasy world who have absolutely bullshit fantasies like marrying that artist . and conclusion . not all armys are worse .many of them calmly support bts by buying their albums and listening to bts's music . and your title - u cant say that the whole fandom is worst . just becuz few tried to cover up . i know our fandom has toxic fans as well but u cant blame all armys. thanks for reading till here and it was not my intention to offend anyone.

    1. Aayush Yadav

      @The Indian CHAD bruh that dumb was lying she was telling her age 23 but actually her age is 12 or 14 💀

    2. Wertyber

      I agree but in the video he mentioned that not all fans are toxic

    3. Zombie bich

      95% of them are toxic if not prove me wrong, and those toxic armies are still the part of your dumb fandom

    4. The Indian CHAD

      Lmfao 😹

    5. killer queen

      We found one right here take it out

  17. Aquady

    I noticed at the end that the dad said "his videos were fake and he's in danger for that." If I were to "stage" a murder or a shooting like he tried to do with child abuse, It wouldn't make a difference what happens with me or the people involved.

  18. Kritz Welbingron

    *6,8 k people dislike this video* You guys are *FUCKING TRASH*

  19. Aquady

    That SEprom channel is the definition of a disfunctional household.

  20. Ain't Your Type

    Idk but this Army fandom is hella toxic. The obsession with the idols that the Armys have knows no limits. I was an army for one year but I was just left with disgust at the end. Idk but it was affecting my mental health in a way. Tbh I distanced myself from the fandom else I would have started disliking Bts too, which would have been even worse. But bruh I don't connect with them the same way as I did when I joined the fandom in the starting hoping that things would be pretty cool. But idk I just didn't feel good at the end and all I was experiencing was emptiness tbh from them.

    1. Ain't Your Type

      @♡𝙡 𝙪 𝙫♡ yeah it'll be kinda hard for me to get over the boys bc I absolutely loved them for who they are but armies literally killed my love for anything. But chill I'm okay!:) Their music is dope tho and I love their music

    2. Aayush Yadav

      @Ain't Your Type welcome to the real world

    3. ♡𝙡 𝙪 𝙫♡

      I have to deal with hate bc I was a fan... But yeah,90% of our fandom is filled with toxic armys. I can see why you felt empty. Hope your feeling well now

    4. Jeon Jungkook

      @Ain't Your Type oh okay.

    5. Ain't Your Type

      @Jeon Jungkook i edited my comment again.

  21. Sparusau

    I mean like. This is the definition of "The Internet is a dangerous place and nobody can do something about it"

  22. Epu505

    Why people so mad over minecraft stans it's just a game and entertainment, the people got mad over minecraft stans are probably 8 year old kids

  23. opzz xsin

    When he said that was probably the biggest robbery in boxing I laughed so hard, there are bigger robberies in boxing and more important than gib vs holder

  24. maxime JOSKIN


  25. sakuya izayoi

    Remember when katy perry did a joke and they go reeeeeee lmao

    1. ♡𝙡 𝙪 𝙫♡

      Toxic armys: ✨✨✨katy you are racist✨✨💜💜

    2. The Indian CHAD

      Yeah lmfao

    3. Jeon Jungkook

      Lol I remember that one

  26. LudvigSky games

    I really like how you really want both sides of a story. That is awsome man!

  27. Tohgamerplayz

    5 years ago during the KPop boom, I predicted this would happen after a bunch of girl classmates in my class started screaming over BTS in lecture hall Didn't expect it to grow this large. Sheesh

  28. Aswin Krishna

    some army members are so crazy they are like god to them they even fight or die for em lmao

    1. ♡𝙡 𝙪 𝙫♡

      That just shows that they are not loving their idols,they are obsessed

    2. Jeon Jungkook


  29. bootube

    STOP this is fake

  30. Adnan Shahriar

    I am subscribing cuz i respect that he has the courage to post this hehe.

  31. hei 08

    Couple of days some toxic bts fans ganged me up on Twitter, just because I didn't agree something about their idol. 😂😂😂 guys, comment section is exclusive for them. 🤣🤣🤣

  32. 👁ShatteredScry👁

    People getting ‘cancelled’ is a joke, really.

  33. Muhammad Faza Fauzan Chamdany

    My friend on school is a simp

  34. onionplush

    *hates her cutely* god lose subs already you dumbass

  35. get oiled

    "it's scripted!!111!!1" it’s still abuse lol

  36. bluetooth watermelon

    Wait a fucking minute. I think i know the guy on the thumbnail

  37. yxng melty

    And ur Wahed up lad

  38. METAL

    Now that i think of furries there is always a fandom that is worse than furries.

  39. Code

    Jungle cock? 💀

    1. ♡𝙡 𝙪 𝙫♡

      Johnny Cook

    2. Jeon Jungkook


    3. YG Drake


  40. Jippy Bloo

    Ellen DeGeneres? More like Karen Degenerate

  41. a sock

    Someone: *draws a smiley face* Fcking dream stans: OMG DREAM!!1!!1!

  42. a sock

    Bts Mic Drop: oMg wE'rE sOoOo fAmoUs aNd wE hAve lOtS Of tRopHieS hAteRs gOnnA hAte!!! Also the song: 💜✨ *a u t o t u n e* ✨💜

    1. The Indian CHAD

      Dynamite and butter has more autotune in my opinion. They don't need that much autotune cause they can actually sing lol


      @a sock Well, I don't fully agree because they have good vocals when live but some of their songs have too much autotune :/

    3. a sock

      @BANGTAN_4EVER An army that FINALLY agrees that they use too much autotune 💀

    4. a sock

      @MoArmyGene Little kid is mad, that's fucking sad.


      Lol true 😭 I don't like the song that much

  43. I Md

    Who is jungkook i only remember is James Cook

    1. Brightace

      I only remember jingcock

    2. a sock

      @Wertyber Overused comeback, think better, kid

    3. Wertyber

      @a sock nah. you didnt make a joke but your parents did, you

    4. a sock

      @Wertyber Thinking that hating Dj cook is a joke, eh? Shitass 💀

    5. Wertyber

      @a sock lmao now I am a stan of dj cook? Lol ok

  44. Qimm

    the dream stans show that braincells are a privellage

  45. kelpjuice

    As an army I agree with this guy and if you don't you probably toxic yourself sexualizing bts and doxing people for thier opinion is immature and toxic and most of bts haters are because of toxic armys

  46. no u

    I love how ksi thinks he’s such a god but can’t even get along with his parents lmaoo

  47. squirrels in my pants

    I thought “sexualizing minors is bad” was common sense but apparently i was wrong

  48. Saucxxy

    Not beef or rivalry at all

  49. Jon Whick

    Its just a character brah

  50. RG TV

    Alright what does Dejis girlfriend have to do with this, I honestly don’t understand why you said what you said about dejis girlfriend, As I can see you are fanning the flames hoping for deji to reply or say something to you, Again it’s with deji so keep it about deji.

    1. RG TV

      @Diesels Patches yes and?

    2. Diesels Patches

      @RG TV Ok so when Deji dog was put down it was because it also did something wrong, I can make the same argument for that

    3. alias alias

      @RG TV No, he couldn't afford to fight the courts and pay for moths or years of legal bills, so he settled. Money defeated him, not the principle of law.

    4. RG TV

      People don’t get sued over nothing

    5. RG TV

      @Diesels Patches if he got a lawsuit against him that means that he did something wrong

  51. HuJAN

    Craig Beckett said it the best about you and Def "Should've gone for the double tap."

  52. Moop Is a pro

    Any one realize that dream 🔐 that wasn't dream that was hangout lol

  53. Amas 13

    Metallica its best world music history. BTS how shit and gay.. Blackpink no comments its holy veru shit..

    1. Brightace

      @kento bts is ass but its still no reason to be homophobic.

    2. Jiminnnnn

      @kento what's wrong with being gay,and I think you forgot it's Pride month. Kindly show some respect Thank you🏳️‍🌈

    3. kento

      @Jiminnnnn you cant avoid the truth. bts is gay

    4. Jiminnnnn

      I'm not trying to be mean but please stop calling BTS gay that's so homophobic yk

  54. Bruh斯特福

    Ksi fucking called it

  55. Shogunner

    This another fucked up SEpromr.. was here thew seconds carry on bruh

  56. Jeaic Paton

    Remember her from du hasha. She was problematic even then. Good player. Just a bit weird.

  57. Mcsissorface

    I like how he is talking about clout chasing but half the videos he makes is clout chasing

  58. Code

    He has no chill 😂

  59. Fishy Wishy

    Kavos is trying to scam you guys

  60. Fishy Wishy

    Lol he’d tried to scam you guys with his game don’t trust him or not.

  61. E Sanford16

    Lmao a whole 30 degrees.

  62. Arpan Rai

    bruh many artists/bands who actually are better get rejected even while being talented, coz they don't look "appealing". Meanwhile BTS is autotune autotune autotune. All people who know music theory can figure it out.

  63. Crad500

    4:45 Deji has never looked more like his dad than he does in that screenshot

  64. glen harper

    Love ksi’s honesty, deji literally thinks he can beat anyone without putting any work in, that’s how massive his ego is, he surrounds himself with yesmen his parents back him all the way and we all know his girlfriends only there for the money, deji isn’t attracting women like that unless they’re fleecing his wallet

  65. Claribel Refuerzo

    i think he will watch it again after the video

  66. Chriss


  67. lee ara

    Popular opinion : you could really roast them more than this I see the potential 😂😂


    The dislikes be going 📈


      And likes is also increasing

    2. ♡𝙡 𝙪 𝙫♡

      @Aayush Yadav they are just ✨✨💜💜toxic fAkE aRmYs✨✨💜💜

    3. Aayush Yadav

      @Wertyber idk why the army are offended so much from this vedio

    4. Jeon Jungkook


    5. Wertyber


  69. Leah Roberts

    M8 Stop swearing so much, there r 8yos and younger on here Yes I understand she swears as well, but she beeps it out! Grow up

    1. sans from State Farm

      @Leah Roberts And keep in mind, this site also include teens and adults.

    2. Leah Roberts

      @sans from State Farm I don’t wanna start a fight but just keep in mind that there a little kids on YT

    3. sans from State Farm

      This is a grown man who is legally an adult, and your telling him to stop swearing in his own video. Wow.

  70. Ibrahim Berwari

    No one can hate bts more than me! NO ONE CAN CHALLENGE ME!!!

    1. Brightace

      you sure about that?

    2. killer queen

      So your challenging me?

    3. MoArmyGene


    4. Jeon Jungkook


    5. YG Drake


  71. Samuel Borchardt-Cho

    She’s losing it mentally

  72. freddy hammond

    For the james charles thing the videos are fine you did the same but he does care about money

  73. why now

    lets all just agree that ksi full on stated in his new video that if ddeji gave it his all he would even ko ksi,kavos u wont stand a chance and im not no deji fanboy i like gib more then the two but u just wont stand a chance against deji mate seprom.infoUgx24HmHrmlFT7grj7d4AaABCQ

  74. MerMer

    Goddamn, couldn't these people put this kind of energy into something else? That doesn't revolve around making stuff about real life people?

  75. StraySway

    guys 60k likes if you want to see kavos fight deji

  76. bts hard stan😌

    Ninta endi!!! Eneech poda mathainga thalayanta mine👈🙂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Charlie Brown

    Here in Philippines a grab delivery driver was suspended because BTS fans got annoyed when he said BTS BIOT which means BTS Gay.

    1. Jeon Jungkook

      Getting suspended is too much-


      Well it's actually disrespectful saying that and for no reason at all. There's also nothing wrong with being gay but getting suspended is too much-

  78. Dorothy Barman

    It's not a big thing that every day, a new one joins the fandom. They like their music, mvs and everything. They become excited to learn more about why this fandom is so popular and reknown for. But it all takes into a different turn when they are exposed to this toxic or more obsessed side of the fan base. The new fans get influenced by their works from difference social medias or websites. So that's how it marks the rise of those fans, whom you call 'cringey toxic army'.

    1. Darth Sidious

      I agree

    2. Wertyber


    3. Dorothy Barman

      But they are not in a large number, they are just TOO LOUD, who overshadows the normal ones here✋.. who's just here for some music.

    4. Dorothy Barman

      Because of having such a huge fanbase, I don't blame you guys saying that those toxic ones are just sending me threats and taunts to not like the band.