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  1. Pelumi Daramola

    Brian is such a sweetheart ❤️❤️

  2. Maricar Muldong

    God be with u😇🙏🙏🙏

  3. Maricar Muldong

    Nice from Philippines😍😍😍

  4. Maricar Muldong

    Nice 😍😍😍

  5. m tsula

    If $$ is the issue than you dont have sex nor kids: simple. But when one is subraised, they dont know that or too stupid to avoid unnecessary situations.

  6. Arne Karlsen

    Question is: Did Kenny hook up?

  7. Vicky K

    By the time Ramsay is done there wont be anyone left in the prison 😂😂😂

  8. Josef Crash Mikulík

    What happened after: Yelp reviews after the show was filmed were very mixed with regards to the food in the hotel, some diners reported long waits and problems with food, whereas Trip Advisor reviews were more positive.. A loyalty programme was introduced for regular diners at the restaurant and a new menu was introduced. River Rock Inn closed in December 2014. The hotel reopened, reverting back to the Laurel Country Inn with the previous owners.

  9. Gayle Bateman

    This can't be the end of 6 months hard work. It would never have got off the ground without Gordon Ramsey but now needs the prison system to continue this fantastic program. It's going to give prisoners something useful to have when they are released. It's about helping prisoners not return to the system.

  10. Jodee D

    That Renee guy is a lost cause he’s up his own ass, his attitude stinks and i imagine his second time inside won’t be his last. He’s got an excuse for everything

  11. T智

    "we don't allow suicide here, because if someone dies here, for whatever reason, it is on us."

  12. Jimmy


  13. Gayle Bateman

    Well done guys, this is a fantastic achievement. Now keep working hard and get this first order out to the public. Gordon amazing effort on behalf of these boys, so much respect.

  14. TheNicest

    hahaha good 1..Ramsay king

  15. N16HTW1NG

    "Full Episodes from the Gordon Ramsay Back catalog" at Least use Proper Capitalization when profiting off Someone else'S work...

  16. Jan Pauline Belleza

    I'm crying at the end of this episode!! Ramsay made a great start for these people.

  17. Mrs. Spag

    Honestly Ramsay is such a humble man! Gos bless him

  18. AlexConstantinou

    You've gotta send in secret shoppers to buy up the 1100 treats and watch the big orders roll in after :)

  19. zer0sugar

    Ah yes dear, I have returned from prison. Do not fret, for I shall now prepare a beef wellington.

  20. Ivan Mijailovic

    16:43 :D

  21. Smelly

    "He spent penis on the things the hotel really needs." #1 sentence of all time.

  22. Hellblazer

    Imagine being a burglar with a crowbar going to break in that hotel and the door just opens, i stg i would turn around and leave, I'd think it's a set up lmao

  23. Jay

    that cuts on "im not gonna take gordons bullshit" nearly gave me a seizure whoever was the cutter, bloody hell hes an idiot sandwich

  24. CJ train

    Yo WTF, the owner looks like my old Econ Professor from Uni

  25. mcprinceska

    Is it me or this chef looks like Steve Jobs?

  26. hooman

    28:38 [reminder for me]

  27. Fenrir L.J

    Seeing these prisoners getting a job and determined for a new life after release is one of the most beautiful things ever. I know they can lie and they can hardly control themselves or whatever, I believe they mean it and truly support them for a change.

  28. hooman

    1:47 we stan nokias proudly

  29. Dispie Dark

    I been to a formula 1 hotel you know on the side of a freeway, cost about 85 euro a night, but the sheets were pressed, floor was clean and the pizza came in a box form the pizza joint around the corner within 15 min. was a good oversized pizza and for 10 euro i could not complain. To me Mercure hotels in germany are mostly on par to my standards, there not big rooms, but i found those to be comfortable, nice bed, nice lazy chairs, small desk, but the fact you get a water cooker and a coffee machine in the room excellent. And the really nice breakfast all you can eat. From english to fruit, to multiple muesli breakfast they had it all. But here the thing those are 250-500 euro a night and mostly weekend deals for 500 euro. If i paid 850 euro i expect a palace like you see in the movies, But this hotel looks more like the places were you get free champagne , caviar and a prostitute.

  30. sdentato27

    Brain is the best 😄😄😄😄❤❤

  31. Gabricuss

    I did a little reading after watching, and it looks like the Bad Boys Bakery is still going strong, but there was some word of the minister trying to get the operation shut down

  32. djbouse

    The amount of times I've seen Gordon's ass now.... I stopped counting!

  33. Dodex


  34. Idk

    i swear, gordon is the only person i can understand with his accect, the rest of them just speak so fast

  35. cereal with bleach

    Can we get Gordon Ramsey to go to and fix up Hazbin Hotel?

  36. PrinceVegeta728

    Finally a follow up to the last one ☺️

  37. xcy0n

    „It‘s all down to the British public. - Shit.“

  38. Russ Cattell

    locked in cells for 21 h a day does nothing for rehabilitation. Back when I was a lad in the 60's my local jail, Dartmoor used to have work parties. Cleaning drainage ditches & repairing drystone walls on the moor was clearly visible to the public .

  39. ゴースト

    35:53 BONK

  40. Blub

    I thought the chocolate pizza actually looked tasty

  41. zGiena Rozario

    Paul, Ramsey took a liking to u. Don't screw up!!!

  42. Jerecca Jazul

    Is it me, the camera, or UK is just so gloomy and sad?

  43. Pruh

    ayy nice :D

  44. A M

    ... and the day after that manager: "Hey guys, let's put a red carpet at the entrance."

  45. Maša Vrabl

    In 21 minutes i had to look at 6 ads?! worse than watching tv.... edit: 24 minutes- 7ads edit2: 29 minutes- 8 ads edit3: 36 minutes- 9 ads

    1. Stephen Landers

      I only had 4... Always think the amounts depends on what country you're in🤔

  46. Rosa M



    I felt so sad when the chef fainted 😔.Life is not fair sometimes,he is an experienced chef 👩‍🍳 he deserves better.

  48. Patrick Ugga-Booga

    There should be a shirt with "ITS DRY AND CHEWY!"

  49. Sascha

    6:30 "I´m not GONNA take CHEF RAMSEYS bullSHIT" editing at it´s finest xD

  50. Patrick Ugga-Booga

    "He once had a dream, and fucked up bad" - Me, 2021

  51. Corberus

    0:52 Gordon: talking about his concerns with the prison Me: focusing on the cute chef

  52. Monke

    Let’s goo we were all waiting for the next episode can’t wait for the new one

  53. Patrick Ugga-Booga

    John is like my kid neighbour that is scared of fireworks of chiwawas (srry if i spelled it wrong) He's always fucking talking to himself to the point where he talks out loud, and runs away when he hears smth bad on his side

  54. aye

    Aw, this was so nice and thank u for taking the risk and posting the episodes. Though I wish they mentioned the names at the end cause I wanted to know where Tesfa is now

  55. cIxpy

    1:37 he just sunk 😂

  56. The Toy Photo Guy

    Thank you for still posting the episodes I've been able to keep up because of you, your a legend 🙌

  57. Angel’s Life

    This was a great series Gordon Ramsey try change this prisoner life and make something good out of it . They have a lot potential and they work really hard in the kitchen . I can tell they are make efforts.

  58. Hellblazer

    3 things I've learned from hotel hell/kitchen nightmares: 1) if you see Gordon Ramsay enter a kitchen of a restaurant you are eating in, get up and go to the hospital (unless you haven't eaten yet, in that case enjoy the show and smile for the cameras 2) a lot of hotel/restaurant owners aren't what you would consider normal and lack common sense 3) i have a sweet spot for cute waitresses

  59. iLLeSt

    Heroin addicts don't belong in prison.

  60. Brittany Akins

    Sadly Paul Wyatt passed away April 23, 2012 at 50 y/o

    1. lucille bengua

      Not the same Paul

  61. Brittany Akins

    As of 2021 the Minister is trying to shut down Bad Boys Bakery

  62. thescaledraven

    I mean, this is brilliant on so many levels. Thank you Gordon for caring, you are a badass!

  63. Fsx-777-pilot

    You can see Paul, he’s really trying to stay clean. You can see he’s healthier. I’m happy someone is doing something to show prisoners and users that there is more to life than what they know.

  64. Hair Line

    Love this

  65. gemma copnell

    I love this but why isn't it on TV getting the recognition it deserves

    1. 1 1

      It was on channel 4 originally

    2. Miles Parker

      It's an old show from 2012.

    3. Smithzy

      It's on Prime Video.

  66. Brenda Holmes

    Great work guys great work Gordon thanks for giving them another chance.

  67. Couldn't mix A Pot Noodle

    He got 5 of them out of it. 2 work in restaurants and 3 are looking for work.

  68. mark martinez

    definatly would like a recap on how everything is going later on

  69. Carlos Medina

    Gordon" Anthony Kelly has left prison 34 times this time I hope is the last" Me:Dam Grodon must really want his workers lol (no but really I hope they prosper in life all of them)

    1. Mark Crorigan

      i think anthony went back to prison sadly :(

  70. P-royal

    Very good!

  71. Mason Canipe

    It's bad that prisoners can cook better than some people on hells kitchen and his other shows 😂

    1. Robert Rutter

      Maybe not hells kitchen but kitchen nightmares for sure.

    2. Clayton Puds

      They can’t though those guys on Hell’s Kitchen go mentally insane in the conditions their put into prisoners have a routine

  72. Mariam D

    The way Paul was reacting to the bars and the way he was eating it and smelling it kind of made me triggered not going to lie.

  73. sabahranks

    Yayyy been waiting for this , been following the series thanks for uploading

  74. Keeby!

    people SHOULD NOT be in prison for being addicted to drugs they need help

    1. Keeby!

      @Rebecca MA thats not even the point rly bc even if he wasnt in for his drug addiction alot of ppl are and just in general they should be in rehab not prison

    2. Rebecca MA

      Paul wasn't in prison because of his drug addiction but because he committed crime to fund his drug addiction. I think it's unfortunate that they released him early. There's no way that he could have kicked it in only four months. He should probably be released into a rehab instead of near certain relapse.

  75. Hellblazer

    The look on that cleaners face when he said "i hope you don't catch anything" lmao

  76. Daniel Skinner

    Anthony Kelly is a don

  77. Dilusss

    bad boys bakery is treacle-ing along

  78. Hellblazer

    "I can't believe amma miss the Simpsons" lmfao