Double, double toil and trouble!

Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Nez Covington
Carly Dawson
Allie Bennett
Dayana Espinoza

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  1. Sierra Galloway

    On their way to Knoxville, the moon looks like a skull. Was I the only one who saw that?

  2. Harper Hennings

    the re-watchability of safiya’s videos is literally insane. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched this in the last month alone. it’s so soothing

  3. Surbhi Pagar

    Nobody: Me: what were the wearing at 21:09 me iNsTaNTly thinking about indian dress

  4. 19lashby

    If u do an 18th century clothing reach out to Abby Cox 👌🏼

  5. Aadhya Gupta


  6. Prina Patel


  7. StabletoCity

    Gosh this video takes me back to a good time in life

  8. StabletoCity

    Chris Klemens, take notes✨

  9. Liam Lowenthal

    Your kitty is so good. Ours would be trying to jump out the window. D:

  10. William J. Dove, Jr.

    These type of vending machine cafes need to come to the states. Seriously.

  11. Perpetually Awkward

    I’m going on a Safiya binge now, rewatching quite a few of her older videos. There’s so much rewatch ability to her vids that it’s practically insane! Lol

  12. Secret Stitches


  13. eugene who?

    i feel like the third outfit worked well too! it looked very pastel-y and cute

  14. Pepper Spikes

    reading safiya's blog post made me so sad. i don't think she sounds pretentious at all; in fact i think she's pretty humble. her vocabulary and diction definitely show that she's intelligent though, and god forbid a female youtuber speak intelligently right? 🙄 i also love that she enunciates well. i can't believe people have had the nerve to criticize her and were so incredibly hateful (i mean i know the internet is full of hate and the world is full of jaded and/or insecure people in addition to the love and the kind-hearted people but still). like you try filming yourself and producing videos and drawing in millions of subscribers. if you have problems with her content, go out and make your own in the way you want. christ. i know this comment will not reach those kinds of people or really do anything but i just wanted to express my disgust at the hateful comments (with a slight implication of my disgust at the often subtle, yet pervasive and arguably intensifying anti-intellectual movement in pop culture) and to say that i have nothing but respect for safiya. also wow, crusty is (approximately) as old as i am

  15. Ethel

    I'm from Knoxville! You all should've stopped in Gatlinburg!

  16. TMStickslover


  17. Kayla Morton

    It was so cool to see y’all go through Oklahoma. My boyfriend and I joke that the “monument” in OKC is the state bird, the mosquito. His family lives in the city, we see it every time we go. He was watching with me and told me that most of the gas stations we have around here aren’t in different states. I’ve only been as far as Kansas, as an adult. Ask my Momma and she’ll say I’ve been everywhere, that I was too young to remember. He’s been all over cause he traveled for work for five years. I’m just glad y’all made it through here safe. The weather was definitely crazy around that time of the year. We made a trip to OKC after the ice and we were fine until we got into the city. Truck slid a few times but made it in and out safely enough.

  18. Crow Crittenden

    aye doods dont detox theres no point because your body already detoxes its self its call pee pee and poo poo (yeah thats right i heart you talking about piles of lettuce and detoxing im watching youuuuu) alsooo WHOOP WHOOP IM NEAR OKLAHOMA CITY and we had a shitty ice storm and the city took forever to pick up the limbs also the light up thing is called the scissortail bridge i see it quite often also YOU NEED TO SEE THE MYRIAD GARDENS SOMETIME its in oklahoma city so get your asses back here

  19. Danielle Delaney

    I’m more concerned why it burns

  20. mimi

    Definitely ratchet red for the red shade !!

  21. Master of Puppets

    Japanese girl has great legs

  22. Sophie Theatre

    pov: your watching this in 2021

  23. Malloryyy

    You aren’t supposed to put cinnamon in soap

  24. Zyann Dayao

    I wish safiya would post videos again 😔

  25. ThatChaoticRavenclaw

    The app's voice reminds me of the self checkout saying "place item in the bagging area."

  26. Arianna Silva

    It's April 2021. So does anybody think any of these styles came back because besides high waisted pants I don't think so?

  27. abigail c

    "it's the f*cking lizard king" i'm not sure why but that always SENDS me lmao

  28. The Reflective Collective

    Hey there from an Oklahoma native. The large structure you passed in okc was supposed to be a statue of our state bird, the mosquito.

  29. Aine McNamara

    I also drove across country from Petaluma CA to NH

  30. Olivia DePrato

    i cant even begin to describe to the sound i made when you said you’re moving to pa. literally so excited

  31. video star

    i get tampon and pad ads on male youtubers. ah yes, it describes them so well

  32. Lisa Schaffer

    Is ave one of the candle was

  33. Aloha x Sunny

    I like pool iyts

  34. Aesthetixx

    4:13 go there, no questions..

  35. Aloha x Sunny

    I like pop its

  36. Arienne


  37. Robert BARNES

    Hornet larvae is delicious the crap in a can you have doesn't look good at all what to eat at Fresh it's so good it's like eating a melon mixed with a slight grass flavor it's very interesting mildly sweet and quite delicious and subtle in flavor is soy sauce and sugar is not needed and would ruin the very mildly delicious flavor of fresh Hornet larvae. I get them every year during breeding season. And I've never gotten stung knock on wood

  38. anonymous person

    Is it just me who felt like I was watching a crusty thirst trap, like 30% of the vidio...?

  39. Julie Schubert

    This was the start of a strange, but iconic, series

  40. Pam Perez

    Oh my I did NOT realize Crusty was that old wow exceeded average life expectancy for cats good on him and on u guys for taking such good care of him!

  41. FNAF_RAT

    I live in philly

  42. char0310 char0310

    I have the exact same, like, backpack massager is it called? And let me tell you, ITS A MIRACLE

  43. Arianna Young


  44. Virgils _Red_Boots

    Oh my gosh, I love that guitar necklace!

  45. Ridge Walker

    You could have stopped at my house in the Valley in Virginia just a bit north of Roanoke. You even showed the sign for my exit!

  46. Ana Louisa Mateo

    She looked like an actual teenager in the 3rd outfit

  47. GetPacking

    Orange juice has sooo much added sugar in it 😂 its like a feast for acne bacteria

  48. beetlefruitjuice

    New Mexico!!! Yess!!!

  49. lorraine simon

    Hey I'm from Trinidad lol

  50. Michelle Mercil

    My cat makes the most unholy sound when she has to be in the car. I’m amazed how good Crusty was!

  51. ThatChaoticRavenclaw

    Soo..we are just gonna ignore the Holosexual shirt at the beginning?

  52. Megan Du toit


  53. Megan Du toit


  54. Sierra Davis

    this is at LEAST $3,000 of candles

  55. Amore

    Demon pants. DeMoN pAnTs!

  56. Milena C.

    That was awesome! I absolutely adore learning about other countries. Good luck on your new city!

  57. Rêd Ally

    I mixed all the flavors ice flavors together and froze it the outcome was quite delicious

  58. Roll the Clips

    Omg I hate your videos why am I even watching you

    1. Hobi's Sunray

      i used to hate her voice smmm but now i love her videos they’re soo interesting

  59. Gwen MJ Rose Beauvais

    You made me feel so old!! I started University when you two were in middle school!!!

  60. danigirii

    1:12 is so darn cute xD

  61. Kezia

    I'm just confused that Wengie is 7 years older that Safiya

  62. Elsha Ankit Merchant


  63. GG_Vortex2411


  64. Debra Blouin

    I want the jacuzzi Seriously It looks amazing

  65. Rose & Belle

    Stranger: Hey I’m looking for a good lipstick! Where did ur lipstick and what color is it? Saf: Oh every lipstick from the CVS Stranger:👁👄👁

  66. Digital art 101

    4:08 that random girl photobombing

  67. Debra Blouin

    All jacuzzis are loud. But an aromatherapy pod in your sauna. Use waterproof wireless headphones

  68. Lila Becker

    Who is going to tell them that they did not drive through "western PA". I am from the area near Harrisburg/Lancaster and that is just not West.

  69. jason Schemmerling


  70. Delilah Delilah

    i love how she annunciates words so good

  71. ѧṿєяʏ ƿʟѧʏṡ

    The recites be like -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  72. lila lua

    wow you look like wednesday from addamsfamily if she got merried

  73. Gilbert Brown

    When it come to hacking he is the best preferred person because is excellent in that field *avelhack* on Instagram

  74. Yolande Burrell

    I love this decoration that you guys have chosen to have at your wedding so pretty !

  75. why am I still here?

    Wow ok, it's probably too late but can you do coffee?

  76. Linda Padron

    Too much chatter!! I couldn't get to the end of the video!!

  77. lila lua

    nononono crying oreles imma cry mmmmeeee : _D