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ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. skeche

    meanwhile im still wiping in SM GY.

  2. Paeton1000

    Have you ever noticed in hollywood movies that all the villains are played by britz?

  3. 8 Bit Chiptune

    That thumbnail tho 😂

  4. Lev Khaykin

    Verrückte Dämonin

  5. Fenharell

    Hi Blizzard! Where is water that you promised us from 1:26? Wow has RTX now but no cool water still

  6. Gabriel Martin

    The Horde is nothing! - .......wut - Wut?

  7. M Ro

    Praying Blizz blesses my vault tomorrow morning. Don’t do me dirty like the last 4 weeks! :<

  8. Dez Nuces

    Frickin' Blizzard, yes, yes, take my money, alright!!

  9. Arjyadeb Sengupta

    Ultra Necrozma

  10. Querencia.tv

    Amazing Work ✌️

  11. Keepaseecret


  12. Alex Atlas

    Who come back here after New Trailer ?

  13. Onyong Vegeance97

    Po should look like this

  14. rookere

    Is this the worst major patch of all time?

  15. Thatcher T


  16. Preme Jon

    Praying Blizz blesses my vault tomorrow morning. Don’t do me dirty like the last 3 weeks!

  17. urdnju

    oh my, this is so boring for Esports.....

  18. BazzbeTV


  19. Trevor Holmes

    So really who ever dies first loses? Not all that exciting really. Like the level of skill required is exciting, but the format itself isnt really

  20. Kathy Mullins

    Her voice annoys me.

  21. Sup Bonez

    Did the last boss of SOA change?

    1. NKGamers13

      What should've changed?

    2. Aleexx


  22. TCPatten

    The first word they always say is "Yeah"

  23. Mas bro 99 channel

    Permission to save the vidio

  24. Keyur

    18:30 Real Sylvanaas vs current one sigh

  25. Joshua Woodard

    "snapping to them" lingo for bugs in the game.

    1. Jonathan Moy


  26. André Almeida

    Aint this from yesterday ?

  27. Legs


    1. Nicholas


  28. Douglas Botelho

    ECHO Brasil ♥️

  29. Evanm1136


    1. DomXM

      Grow up

    2. Earthium

      First to comment on first comment.

  30. Kriegschneider Máté

    that's unfortunate, but wp echo

  31. Giovanni Ford


  32. Noah Nelson

    First one here

    1. Movie Clips

      How old are you seriously 😒

    2. Movie Clips


  33. Fs96 jfj


  34. Mas bro 99 channel

    Permission to save the vidio

  35. Dragonfredy The immortal

    Who else is still watching this cinematic Masterpiece in 2021

  36. Serinna358 S.

    Please put these series on the playlist with the rest of them.

  37. Hadzu Kyon

    8:56 thats mount hyjal?

  38. Metalgenocide1

    Sylvanas : "For Teldrassil, Tyranda?" Tyranda : "No.. For Me."

  39. Q7B

    Wake up, it's 2010

  40. Tea-sus

    That better not be arthas possessing him

  41. Marvolio

    Arthas: “You let that little girl disarm you?”

  42. Kasper

    Xyronic said it: "Ranged is sooo much easier to play in dungeons than melee".... Why do you have melee so much Blizzard? Both in raiding and M+.

  43. Marko25Polo

    annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd then you log into the main hub and remember this games looks every bit its age. Seriously...upgrade the visuals for the older areas. It looks _awfull_

  44. Vik Mendes

    Cheers! ;)

  45. cooheartt Kim Hyun

    Mamamoo queens

  46. Henry Safee


  47. kala

    Cata wasn't the best expansion, but the cinematic was top notch

  48. Satan's Pet Worm

    All this is happening while Bwonsamdi is just eating popcorn and torturing Mueh'Zala for all eternity.

  49. Bungo Box

    Nice casting.

  50. The Nwb

    Well, guess illidan combat is still under maintenance

  51. Timothy J comins

    I'd prefer MoP than this .....

  52. Dmitry Lavro


  53. mosomo17

    Excellent job by Scott <3

  54. Дмитрий Нефедов

    Uther ... Sadge

  55. Jimbo Holo

    duuuude that first run was intense!

  56. Mario Marques

    I'm super excited. Rock hard exited.

  57. Maycee Meade

    This is just the best movie iv ever seen!

  58. Kathy Mullins

    Echo, come thru with the one-two

  59. Deborah Santos

    From start in Lilidan

  60. irethcoisss

    Love them all!

  61. Lasha Xoperia

    The best patch for sure.

  62. DarkOkami

    Goldshire xD

  63. B. V.


  64. StaySic4Ever

    It's getting more and more interesting!

  65. Opo

    Legends say that PI ME is still in De Other Side, fighting the Manastorms to this very day.

  66. captnJakk

    Why has the trailer so much dislikes? Please, can someone explain?

  67. captnJakk

    Why has the trailer so much dislikes? Can someone please explain?

  68. Mike Beets

    9.2: Wrath of the Boy King

  69. Freestyle

    Jdotshit rofl

  70. bcvbb hyui

    Meanwhile in Stormwind: SYLVANAAAS

  71. Marvin Kornblum

    Here we go again 😂

  72. Alex Miguel Castuera


  73. Aidan McLaren

    Why do any of you care to give these sociopaths money...? What is wrong with you all?!

  74. Alejanbot

    Le-Leeroy? ///_///

  75. ralf tammiste

    probably the last good cinematic they still made. Even the music was there.

  76. Serinna358 S.

    Where are the Championship Sunday matches for this playlist?

  77. Aryana Namvar

    Wow what an amazing looking expansion, can't wait

  78. Yami Sukehiro

    how does he maintain his hair? his hair dont get frizzy with all that heat.

  79. Filip Oravec