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  1. Louis N

    Death is scary ☠️

  2. Diego Villalobos

    my bisexuality with this video just 📈📈📈📈📈

  3. Maybesomeday

    ugh curtis is my fave person on the Cut channel

  4. Macon Odom

    I’ve got the fattest crush on Winston

  5. Jenique. T

    CUUUTEE yyaayy officially my favorite category of videos

  6. Miro Pareik

    Omg she is awesome

  7. Matthew

    Why do i get this vibe from the mother in law that she is extremely wealthy?

  8. MepZ


  9. Louis N

    He's Annoying

  10. danavila04

    They are sooo cute together. Wow she’s is gorgeous!!! 😍

  11. United 100

    I’m sorry did he say 9?

  12. chewycat12

    “Why does she seem so fine” probably because he almost cheated on her, and since then she’s been mentally preparing to leave. If you can get that close to cheating - for a lot of people that’s too far for them. I don’t think you can fault someone for how they deal with stress and the stages of grief.

  13. Emily Deichert

    “I am going to disrespect his privacy 😫😍🤬🤯😤👹😒😌🥵😠” same energy as, “I don’t care you broke your elbow”

  14. Sara Carrera

    They are sooo cute!! 🥺

  15. This evolved Into a big f——king problem

    How tf is the woman’s face a circle and the mans is a rectangle

  16. Emily Deichert

    by the amount of times she said their, she not picky 😳

  17. ryah m.


  18. Aziz Mouaffak

    She's lovely. She has a great spirit.

  19. CrackberryMe

    Ohhh I hope they work out 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾this was great !!!!!!

  20. Luna

    Waiting for some creole !

  21. Jas

    She looks so much like Evan Rachel Wood but her voice is like Britney Spears if Britney was a Kardashian

  22. Jas

    THEY ARE SO CUTE! I wanna see more of them! Follow up video please !

  23. Emily Maddox

    Raise Hell Praise Dale North Carolina was my first thought cause Dale is from NC.

  24. Jess Chrz

    They gave them way too many options to choose from. They should've only put enough for each person. Like they usually do.

  25. michelle

    as a med student, it is quite obvious that he knew most of these, but i am really glad he respected them by not saying too much

  26. Greenxie

    I called my Granny. She picked up of course and we talked for more than 7 minutes and I cried. Alot.

  27. Miss Yetty

    Her nails tho, they're beautiful

  28. Razzy

    2:52 we all know this aint the first time for the priest

  29. It’s Lady Dee

    They both look like anime characters lol

  30. mugiwaramedur

    Balkan gang where u at ?

  31. ilovemakeup

    what about the tree tattoo?

  32. Malenga


  33. PrimaVodka


  34. geezluis99

    “Yea look he aint shit”😂😂😂

  35. Chloe Tang

    lol that's my cousin!!!

  36. Liz Solahr

    This was so cute.

  37. ryah m.


  38. Brian CSANCHEZ

    This was fun

  39. 1heartlesschild

    Ok honestly I feel like ari was being manipulative cuz she was tryna make everyone feel bad for her she like all my life I felt like an outcast, then she like idk how to play y u didn't say dat at da beginning then she said she'll buy the wig as a gift maybe she wants more then 1 wig

  40. Kenopsic Explorer

    Tarot card reading definitely isn't scientific unless you take the stance of it being self reflective.


    she said 11 years ago she doesnt look like she is 40

  42. solia

    Aww the picnic pic.

  43. solia

    This is the best one so far.

  44. solia


  45. Shawdi R

    Soooo cute

  46. Rendog

    LMAO 55 minutes in the munchies 😂😂😂 they all seem very cool 👍👍👍

  47. Ttsfa1

    Dude in the suite has Seth rogan vibes lol

  48. princekawaii8998

    Anyone think of 'Us Again' watching these two??!

  49. Beata Oliv

    That girl with the pigtails and scarf was so cute like marry meeeee

  50. Viviana Camacho

    this is my favorite one they are so cuteeee!!!!

  51. DWayne Spencer

    Damm when you cheated on me lmaooo tht stung

  52. Donna-Maria Farrell

    The SEprom name "Cut" deadass

  53. Thebiggerissue

    Wait they’re actually kinda cute together

  54. mikeyway sexybeast

    man that dude with the long black hair was really really attractive until he opened his mouth,,,,,he got the most gentile comment too,,,, his fckn pants!

  55. Leah Mernandez

    On the way home it si going to be awkward

  56. MonTeDra 24

    I need a follow up😹😍

  57. 808Preme

    We’re all waiting for Cody Ko to drop a reaction

  58. Your Friendly Neighborhood: Spider-Man!

    This is how you get something free 101

  59. el

    "my dad has crabs" "WAIT WHAT?"

  60. Aika K

    No one: The producer: Go through the texts😈😏

  61. Kungfu Kassy

    They’re both v attractive

  62. Tuhafeni Pukulukeni

    I'm not jealous.

  63. TMMR

    amelia looks exactly like vanessa morgan

  64. R IN

    When the guy in the brown coat said ,”she’s a complete pain in my ass” , I can’t tell you how hard I laughed 😂😂

  65. glorious mdma

    The gorgeous person on the right is channelling Terence McKenna and I fucking love it 🤘👑💝✨

  66. Kiara Singh

    Omg he’s gorgeous 😍😍

  67. mary anne

    I thought the rat tattoo was the fucking moana heart of tefiti shit 😭😭😭

  68. Victoria Lawton-Diez

    Her laugh is PRECIOUS

  69. 러서

    Can we appreciate his bone structure this man is handsome 😍

  70. Micah Dougan

    Me: immedietly sets up recurring reminder on phone to delete proof of depravity

  71. [REDACTED]

    The holy smoker

  72. jem

    The chemistry in the air bruh

  73. Liza Williams

    I'm going to wait until Cody watches this one.

  74. Hei Pak Lam

    Hands down to everyone in this channel. Keeping so cool been judged.

  75. Louis N

    Exactly like my mom was. Cherish your mother's guys!

  76. Russell Serna

    the editing here is top notch would love seeing the after interviews more

  77. ryah m.


  78. Null and Void

    Cody Ko punching the air rn since this wasn’t awkward enough to make a video

  79. Andrew Lee

    I like how salty foreigners here get mad at literal kids for not liking their shit, and on top of that.... dude... its school lunch.... that shit is disgusting. Not everyone had the same food you had when you went to school, 30 year old man.

  80. Dash120z

    purple pants CLEARLY always believed in the hype..