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  1. Jalissa Garriott

    as a person who loves true crime and all things horror/disturbing, i hate this 🧍🏽‍♀️ literally scarred me when it started randomly playing on my tv real late at night a while back. maybe its the claymation, same reason i cant watch robot chicken 😭

  2. SynthGuy777

    Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, and Wendy Carlos.

  3. Alfred works at McDonald’s

    I shouldn’t watch these things before bed-

  4. Donny F

    Starting to think he is A bit of a poor creative, should have so many options for storylines with a show like this but he seems to have already used up all his brainpower trying to be ironic

  5. 31427dan

    Its just not funny Worse then school humor Unsub

  6. Adrian EE Perez


  7. Jessa

    Thank you Spike 💖

  8. pizzaman 024

    My battery is low

  9. pizzaman 024


  10. WC818

    This episode popped back in my mind and had to look it up. Absolutely hilarious just as the first time I saw it. I’m out of breath 😂

  11. The Dude

    1:50 Did Pickles go to school with Charles?

  12. Jamie

    Omg the end of that had me crying

  13. nemo pouncey

    when adult swim was watchable.

  14. Marcus Does Miscellaneous

    90% RICK AND MORTY WOO! 10% run the jewels. ;)

  15. nemo pouncey

    god i miss tim an eric.

  16. nemo pouncey

    noob saibot took my son aaaahhhhhhhhhh.

  17. Qbaca

    I am Rick

  18. 155chipmunkz


  19. San Tan

    I be damned.

  20. Aidan Klobuchar

    I suppose this is _exactly_ what Morty's Mindblasters are for.

  21. Jay Child


  22. Pedro Henrique Oliveira

    how a plumbus work? decoration

  23. medexamtoolsdotcom

    6 people. The 6 real people in the family are Rick, Morty, Jerry, Summer, Whatserface the mom, and Poopybutthole, right?

  24. fireblast133

    The fact they still reference one of this guy’s worst roles (he was not fitting as Lord Raiden in Mortal Kombat) astounds me

  25. MasterBlade360

    I swear the guest probably go back and hug thier families after being on his shows. Never a dull moment with Eric

  26. kamarin mann


  27. Stefan Notchev

    My mouth literally dropped when he said “Oh right, I fucked this one... meh” and then proceeded to take another bite

  28. Jared Jalad

    What even happened to the prank? Who is even in the suitcase?

  29. Aa 34aa

    Why is Michael Jackson's voice by a girl in this and why is he so disappointed that he came back to life and why would blink it want him to come back after he dangled him off a balcony

  30. Vash Tridam

    Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  31. Mr Penumbra

    “Put em on the glass!” 🤣

  32. Kristian Cholakov

    Used to think this dude was Patrick mahomes.

  33. slow soda


  34. Leanne Zezeski-Sass

    I like tree tv but I can't tolerate waterfall tv, it makes me have to pee

  35. killeing

    But who killed lois lane?!

  36. lain

    living the fucking life rn, eating my toast sandwich, drinking vodka, smoking and watching this at 3 am

    1. Caramel Stache

      rick and morty \ ruick

  37. DinosaurDude 53846

    Imagine a Jurassic Park-related adult cartoon in this art style. Or it could be in Don Bluth’s art style, with dinosaur designs different from the ones in the land before time. Anyway, the show would have episodes that would center on events that happened before InGen was made, while it was being made, before the first Jurassic park film, before that and the Lost world: Jurassic Park, between the lost world and Jurassic park lll (they could even put in a different version of Jurassic Park: trespasser on it), between Jurassic Park lll and Jurassic World, and between Jurassic World and Jurassic world: fallen kingdom.

  38. Ho Chi Squad

    Yo who da fuck played the voices .... 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  39. Rodolfo Mungain


  40. DinosaurDude 53846

    Exactly why isn’t this show portrayed in lineless animation? I know high quality animation in general isn’t cheap but still. Look at wild kratts, I didn’t even know that show had lineless animation. From a Miraheze wiki.

  41. Mark

    3 EASY payments of $45.99? That's a steal!

  42. JammastaJ23

    Y'all did her dirty with that thumbnail lol

  43. Cj Makinaw

    I love final space

  44. Brix Shadow

    He's sick of it! He's sick of the adventures!!

  45. cece dawkins

    *i’m fucking panicking*

  46. Sagar Thapa

    I genuinely felt bad when Morty lost his girl

  47. _peachiiipop_

    I really hope there's a least some development with evil Morty

  48. _peachiiipop_

    I really hope there's a least some development with evil Morty

  49. Bumblebee Prime

    Hay algunos dicen que los hombres sobreviven a la nieve mas frío del mundo

  50. Mzkittypaws400

    I feel like most commercials give the good side effects of medicines but this is like the opposite.. I guess that's why it's an infomercial.. longest commercial I ever seen.

  51. cece dawkins

    what uh *DRILLING*

  52. Jayson Tamura

    Drag-On is a slayer lol suprised about the mention

  53. splendidpheasant

    pause at exactly 11:09, this is the only time we directly see the Dad's face (and it's horrifying)

  54. Jesse Hill

    I'M Filthy.... :(

  55. Mparker123

    9:29 The screams are terrifying

  56. The Wack One

    I want what Dennis Rodman is on

  57. Rattled

    I hope we see more stories of the citadel.

  58. Max Donahue

    0:19 the original

  59. YukariWillKillYou

    I’m from a reality where we’re on season 8

  60. gyrosplater

    18:46 Funniest moment of the show. More moments like that, please. Less shit jokes, keep it more subtle and this will be a great show.

  61. YukariWillKillYou

    L-listen to me mortgage this dimension i-it’s messed up. Everyone here is pixilated but t-they’re stuck in one position doing the same thing for e-eternity while listening to the same song over and over again

  62. Anthony Wolk

    More like... Sneak BEAK HAHAHAHAHAHHAGAHA pls help

  63. The Endo Imposter

    The only fnaf reference I have seen on adult swim.

  64. Slippin' Jimmy

    Knowing Macauly Culkin, the BDSM outfit and chainsaw were probably his own idea.

  65. Sushrut Dongargaonkar

    Notice Meseeks in the background supporting an alien win the game and disappearing after he does it

  66. Viserion Targaryen

    "I am insane" oof that hurt

  67. regalbeagle7

    how have I only been watching this for 3 minutes...

  68. Tuckernutz

    Sixty *nIIIIIIIIINE*

  69. dodiswatchbobobo

    So Adult Swim is smarter than Netflix, which is smarter than HBOMax, which is smarter than Hulu, which is smarter than Peacock. And Disney+ is smarter than all of them?

  70. Dennis Crosby

    honestly, people can hate on this all they want. I love the dramatic beats. I hate Meredith's outfit. She deserves better.

  71. Đức Thành Vũ Trần

    I came here for the snakes, not the movie. :>

  72. leftfield1977

    And I'm so glad the Kington character cleared up that important plot info from the podium at the end. Phew! Clever writing, Greg!

  73. Christopher Proietti

    I need a shot of brushotti after this

  74. Pyraffin

    WHEN???? I see zero_ advertisements_ for this and just now found this video, and I've been looking forward to new episodes. People who aren't looking for it definitely won't find it or know about it :c

  75. Emperor Leroy

    The Citadel has really gone downhill.

  76. Igna Nacio

    so, the liver is ok? xd

  77. Manuel Seniceros

    Why is shake up there

  78. Manuel Seniceros


  79. PDX_Eric

    The one with the tongue sticking out LOL.