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  1. Nella Phia

    Release this song please !!!

  2. •vanillaa•

    +1 Talent

  3. Layla Robinson

    She kind of looks like Leighla from the movie bright.

  4. Møçhî

    When you're just doing something and randomly start singing this snippet and get sad because you want to hear the rest instead of saying that One part over and over :( Billie I love you with 100% of my heart but you're killing me with the suspense lol.

  5. Arc Style


  6. elston gunn

    это же ОСОБА из Лапенко)

  7. ••••Your Potato ••••

    This song is finna hit hard on late nights

  8. AltxKxmi_

    I'm gonna cry rn

  9. Jonna Wa

    twer...no justworking at home doinmythang

  10. André Henson

    She just made millions for 15 secs

  11. Wyatt Miranda

    I know I’m late to the party, but this song really brings out her amazing vocal range

  12. Dee Creem

    This kinda sounds like Creep by radiohead

  13. killuacore'


  14. Chad Gates

    No judgement here. I love how she stays unique in her own way despite societal pressure that objectifies women’s bodies. I love her voice. It’s both calming and arousing. Keep doing you Billie Eillish!!!

  15. Zemjata

    Bi curious Twerking

  16. ROBLOX Gamer

    Good somg but the spiders ahhhhhhhh

  17. Amy Benavides

    I love how you where so brave to tell you haters.

  18. Lexi Marie


  19. Sam Robosa

    Idk she did those things omg 😳

  20. trisha kayla

    I’m gonna love this sm, I know it <3

  21. Loopy

    You? Happy? Nah

  22. Geovanna neves

    Beille, you are beautiful in your own way, you don't care what stupid people say♡ BRAZIL

  23. yohari TV

    #socioos hu

  24. Niharika Halder

    I can't belive she was just 13 years and wrote her own song How creative

  25. Ashi Kumar

    Not me scrolling down her channel to see her video

  26. A Qeen

    I am Iraqi why the video has a lot of views I am waiting that it is not very nice it is normal

  27. Jodie Jones

    love this

  28. Cueio MateiFormiga

    Algum Br por aqui?🇧🇷


    Me to all my homework be like :

  30. Spandana

    Ocean eyes reminds me of Armin Arlert from Aot...like this song was made for him...

  31. JBen7

    *Existential crisis intensifies*

  32. Vanessa Maldonado

    Si le tienen miedo a las tarántulas, no vean el vídeo. :(

  33. Sadie Alice

    Wait why am I seeing this now lol

    1. LotusLatte

      title change?

  34. Amiyah Kapri

    I wrote a book and Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish inspired the “Afton” chapter. My Side of Her Story (jaimes) is available on Amazon. Annika is different and Natalie knows it. It's not long before Natalie realizes her baby has what some would call "a gift". Natalie hurts for her daughter and tries to bury the secret, hiding it from everyone, even her mama and two sisters: Tori and Roxy. The secret doesn't hide for long, instead it unravels and with it comes love, betrayal, and a solved murder. This book highlights the bond between women and how great the love from a woman can be. More than anything it focuses on a mother's love and the power it carries with it.

  35. daisy

    I’m obsessed I cant wait for this song ❤️

  36. Herix Rivas

    Me Breaking up with my Ex😎✨

  37. Ikmal Ridzuan

    Imagine billie eilish and aurora colaborate

  38. Luna Girl


  39. Nathaniel James

    Wow huge fan 😌

  40. Jmz

    Pretty twerking

  41. Jmz

    Pretty tweking

  42. jada fobister

    **Aggressively starts twerking**

  43. ShelbsterVerse

    If I ever tried that I would aggressively die lol

  44. Jmz

    Pretty twering

  45. BeAcH! bItCh? BeAcH! bItCh?

    No one: Me trying to find a comment that's from seven years ago: 👁️👄👁️

  46. Lila 3k Before Corona is Over

    Me to my mum and dad:

  47. Камила Асангалиева


  48. Zaharich - Gaming

    ох уж этот взгляд 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  49. Slushy planets

    This song is literally me talking to reality

  50. sophia alea

    we needed this song years ago- thank u billie



  52. monserrat velasquez

    Really this is showing right now?

  53. BxbyBlue

    is it just me or after evey beat it rings in a different ear

  54. Mac

    Dude this is recommended to me every year

  55. Marycris Hinampas

    Cant wait till billie eilish release this song and download it😍i love you billie eilish

  56. JHON MASCK !!


  57. Mahmoud Ayman

    I see now 😂

  58. Estefanii Benitez

    I need this to come out already

  59. Nicole Bennett

    This came out at the absolute perfect time

  60. La papa normal.

    Now this two years later

  61. Bailie the cheezit

    why her merch so much money

  62. Billie Eilish Fan


  63. your MOMMA

    This song is so good so excited

  64. Alexis Otti

    I am jealous of the spider because it be with billie

  65. Tona Fuentes

    See ya in 2 more years when this gets recomended again

  66. lea blame