We prank people sometimes.

Toronto, Canada

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  1. Jesus take the wheel

    Adrian lookin like a white gta online character

  2. Osama Bin laden

    Everytime I see druskii it remind me of that ig video wit somebody shit in the toilet 🤦🏽😂

  3. Jonathan Mendoza

    Do t fuck with the Colombia police

  4. Adam

    "I'm so sure"

  5. Jonathan Mendoza

    Colombia wamens are sexy

  6. Turbo Brony (Sundance)

    Where the fuck is Jesse

  7. Jonas Adolfsen

    What the dog doin?

  8. seeni gzty

    What about a cantaloupe seltzer. Haven’t seen that flavor

  9. Ryan Strahan

    I don't want to hear you guys crying lmao Kyle and Steve will do it are the goats

  10. Elijah-Shore Flores

    put it in hawaii


    wulf of nelk street speech

  12. Eugene Crabs

    Plot Twist: The tribe wasn't playing the prank

  13. Tyler Heaps

    It’s crazy I work for the same company that security guard works for

  14. 5tay Tuned

    1:22 💀

  15. Banzai Buckaroo

    Bro! Get it!

  16. Angel Faican

    stay savage NelkBoys

  17. Daniel Okafor

    The fart spray is a bit too much. You don’t know if the chemicals can have effects on the skin and you are ruining people’s days even the ones that have life changing tests that day so you can get views on your channel. It’s fucked up honestly

  18. B. Miller

    Listen, I’m happy y’all started a seltzer company and I cannot wait to try it. With that being said though, “nectar of the gods” is for Busch Light. So think of something else lol. Love y’all.

  19. Augustus Autumn

    If this video was in Russian I would 100% believe this was the Motherland

  20. ImShauzy

    Love how they are casually just chilling with Justin and Matthews

  21. Vital Chance

    31:33 I assume there are people who party, and then there are people who really party. This comment seems to come from someone who has done his fair share of parting.

  22. Newt

    Shitty video couldn’t get through it all

  23. Vital Chance

    24:35 "ya, but would you buy it" ahaha, the realist in the room, lol. That is the question. Many will drink it, few will "buy it".

    1. Vital Chance

      Meaning when the hype comes down the sales come down.. It is yet to be a house hold name and THAT is going to be a long grind.

  24. the truth

    Da boyz rock kyle made it from 905 id love to pick his business brain im from 905 after pandemic barely find work happy someones doing well keep it up respect..

  25. BearMouse

    Hamsterdam looks pretty fucking send bro

  26. John Thomas

    Without question he grassed him straight up also known as a grass/snake and snitch

  27. eric harris

    Now all we need is full send cigarettes!!!

  28. Sterling Shaw

    This video didn’t age well for Steve and Celinas relationship…

  29. CeeJay

    i just hope this stuff makes it to europe one day because the seltzers outside of whiteclaw we have here are shite and either to sweet/full of sugar or way to gassy and whiteclaw only just started selling here a few months ago

    1. seeni gzty


  30. Allen


  31. Riley Zopf

    Broooo please bring me some to Atlanta area! I’ll pay 100 for 2 idgaf! I need happy dad and it’s not in Georgia yet!!! I’m part of the send club/ number club all of it!! I need happy dad. Im originally from Florida

  32. tony ochoa

    Is that Leonardo decaprio narrating

  33. James Martin

    No more skinny can shit. That’s repulsive?😂. You guys shotgun White Claws like 15 year old girls

  34. kawasaki kamikaze

    When the intro sounds like Wolf of wall Street

  35. Jonathan Long

    Oregon has been my home since I was born. The weed is cheapest in the world here. If you guys pass through Roseburg, LA Mota and 420 club are the best for the price. 420 club will give you better prices for quality, LA mota will give you the most quantity for the cost. A gram of lemon OG is 2 dollars at LA mota, a quarter ounce is 15 dollars

    1. Jonathan Long

      There are also homeless camps all around Roseburg, most of them crack me up, it may be worth the footage lol

    2. Jonathan Long

      Dabs are 10 for a gram

  36. TheJaypound

    wait wait is that leonardo de fucking carprio lmaoooo

  37. Jordan Belfort

    Oh shit when did the other OG Nelk boy come into the series? I remember him from the old videos but he left to become a plumber

  38. juan m

    Whats the location in cali

  39. Luke Martin

    colounge testing

  40. SadInk

    i wish i had a happy dad he hits me

  41. Daniel Henry

    When y’all bringing it to GUAM

  42. Always Offended

    Do one with Biden in his basement

  43. Brian Morales

    Great idea boys! Now just gotta wait 10 years for your fans to be able to drink!😅

  44. AMG Bretheren

    Magic mike is chill

  45. Rallew

    I'm so glad my dad's condom broke or else i wouldn't be able to experience this masterpiece!

  46. Tony Jaramillo

    The feeble feigned shallot disconcertingly colour because freighter adventitiously juggle aboard a chief dead. fabulous, cheerful silk

  47. Trippy Stiix

    Banger of a Happy Dad Ad

  48. Lewis Powell

    I feel bad for that poor little dog whose owners both hate him. Jeez, just give him to a family who will actually love him.

  49. Luke Vickers

    Jesse packing a huge chew

  50. Bryce Teasdale

    You won’t come to my addy 265 laurentian cares Sarnia ont

  51. Cristian Corriols Lee

    These guys a living the fucking dream.

  52. Vetisu _

    Already sold out. When will they be back in stock?

  53. Nihar mehta

    That lady was the devil

  54. MrVnick1

    Hoppy Dad tho?

  55. Miles Hamblen

    I hope Jesse is getting some profit off Happy Dad.

  56. Leon Jordan

    get this to NZ

  57. Bubba -_- Jackson

    Your coming to the BevMo near my house

  58. Mack Langen

    Bring it Alberta boys!!!!

  59. Oh gee

    nelks music taste is 🔥

  60. Shakira Stanford

    Someone help . What’s the song playing at 3:54

  61. Pedro Mariscal

    The new place has some full send vibes for sure

  62. ibeastyou xd

    they were too nice to the kids...

  63. Brandon Hedges

    happy dad needs to come to germany!

  64. MrShred

    They lost Lucas my boy, they will lose you

  65. StockMan

    I can guarantee 99% of this comment section have no clue who John Fogerty is

  66. Edgar Ortega

    Came back again & wow I never noticed the happy dad drinkss

  67. Stock X


  68. Billy Carleton

    hire magic mike!!!!

  69. DJ BLVD

    90 is such a bitch. Listened to him on no jumper crying the whole time 🤦🏻‍♂️

  70. 5tay Tuned

    7:43 💀 8:25 💀 11:26 💀 12:51 💀 14:06 💀 15:08 💀

  71. Lux ll Fn Mc


  72. Mohamad Houdeib

    omg nelk i love this


    9:25 Randomly met Justin bieber and so normal

  74. Overhaul

    bro is lucky the police came first they would've gotten killed if someone found out they were selling "coke"

  75. Damon

    Zero comedy, no wonder the world hates sceptic tanks

  76. pufferpolo (polo3j)

    17:13 i lost it when he said im so sure HAHHAAHHAAHHAAHAH

  77. 5tay Tuned

    16:57 💀 19:59 💀 23:24 💀

  78. Henry T


  79. Retro Fotos

    Honestly the best 9-0 scene ever he 9/10 ass in every video, this was his best 30 sec ever in life glad his dumb ass gone