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  1. Jason Bourne

    Can I have it then?

  2. Linda Merchant

    Like mom said never play ball in the house

  3. Ardria Payne Evans

    Thank you Writers

  4. Diamonds R4ever


  5. Gueule D’ange

    I liked him as an actor But I never found him attractive that’s strange taste I think

  6. Ziolek2000

    A wise man once said...

  7. Mary Washington

    Loving it TOO CAUSE BB NEED TURN it UP !!!!!!!!

  8. Jackson Woodworth

    Me: WHY HAVE I NOT STAYED UP TO WATCH THE SHOW! Keep working hard at your productions C.B.S!

  9. Perez


  10. toxic yui boi

    That is so sad I feel bad for her rest in peace dawn you are missed by a lot

  11. Audrey Edwards

    See i am not even mad abt Carter and Quinn. They have mad chemistry. Eric is withholding intimacy from Quinn cause he hasn't fully forgave her and won't tell her. Carter should have never even considered taking Zoe back. She for the streets. As much as I like Brooke. She needs to mind her own damn business pay attention to her husband Ridge.

  12. Oky Lynes

    😊 #yes_these_experiments_are_still_on_going

  13. Helium Road

    Bonk bonk on the head! Thing about this episode is they never explain why this planet is an exact copy of Earth. It's mentioned early in the episode and never comes up again.

  14. Kenny Wohl

    A limo dang i wish i had a kidney transplant

  15. Trex Oxford

    R.I.P Bo. 😔

  16. EricGotThis Official

    is that the fbi

  17. Lone Wolf

    The firebird and GTO were already gone so I didn’t give a fnck. Least with Ford the Mustang never left, that would’ve been a national tragedy.

  18. Joya Johnson

    Chris didn’t deserve this.

  19. Osagie E. Guobadia

    This show is back on CBS! : )

  20. Jackson Woodworth

    Looks cool! I’ll watch it!





  23. vivek basta

    Cute boy

  24. soulassassin0g

    I see what he's saying, championship belts are a dime a dozen. When a champ retires they don't take away their belt they just make a new one. The title of "champ" is what's important.

  25. Matt Sezer

    Pretty pathetic that the national news wasn’t shooting HD in 2008. Thanks for running history with terrible video formats.

  26. Posark

    2:50 Cindy is **not** happy about the prospect of all this good behavior 😇😱

  27. Love My Doggy

    The kid?

  28. The James Bond 005

    At least he was better than Donald trump lol

  29. Paradise Living

    That man throwing that shoe was a hero bush is evil and has done more evil than good

  30. Gabriel Philips

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  31. jay C

    My favorite part was when Carter pushed Quinn down on the bed to take charge but Quinn flipped the script and pushed him down. So hot !!

  32. Triad

    I've never heard Mike Tyson speak.

  33. jay C

    Listen, the Quinn and Carter sex scenes are the most passionate I've seen in a while!! Well done !!

  34. jf k

    Delilah is going to be so shock when she finally find out who her mom really is.

  35. Andy Roon

    Rob’s a fricking genius. The final 2 he chose to join him is who I would of picked and got the easy W

  36. jf k

    Powerful and touching moment between aunt and niece

  37. Sharingan play

    lucky cat

  38. Countygone toshit

    He was a good dopey... neva hurt nobody...

  39. Nicholas Garrick

    Eric isnt interesting in quinn anymore that why she turned to carter, but i think shauna wants eric she can go ,and get him she love Santa claus , but i still don't trust him.

  40. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

    Love watching this video! Lol! Never gets old

  41. Betty Nesline

    Renew please..our favorite show...

  42. Hugh Mungus

    Love mike tyson

  43. Henry C

    0:06 incredible maybe but definitely not..... I’ll let you all finish my sentence.

  44. AextheticVibez

    I don’t know if I feel bad for Zoe or not🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Rose Miller

      I don’t . after how she treated Paris I couldn’t feel bad for her

    2. Luis Merced

      Nah, let’s not feel bad for Zoe. Lol

  45. Gabriel Iturralde

    Amazing, I love isabeli


    🙏🙏🙏💔😪 2021 Update PLEASE 🙏😪...Thank YOU 🙏❤️

  47. Bomba Deer

    Now where did I put my keys?

  48. Dom Cruise

    For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. Romans 1:20 ❤️

  49. Daniel M

    Wait until the episode where Bobby gets cast as Hitler!

  50. Tah Ia

    Rochelle representa nossa mãe tentando levantar nossa autoestima

  51. Tah Ia

    Só tem brasileiro aqui😂😂😂


    Bye Eric.....

  53. Tim Durpos

    If it was true then it's even worse now it's a fucking cess pool of vulgar filth and scams

  54. Lakiesha Powe

    Brooke really needs mind her own business and pay attention to Ridge before she lose him again.

    1. Tiffany Morgan

      She won't, unfortunately

  55. Lakiesha Powe

    I don't feel sorry for Eric he wasn't giving any attention to Quinn and Zoey needs move on Carter doesn't want her.

  56. Tomas Gorope

    En un momento se cruzar para realizar una escena de accion y por lo tanto la PEOR actuada de la película

  57. Denise Morant

    I love this show. I want to see many more episodes.

  58. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    MHUAHAHA amigos kk

  59. Maureen Houston


  60. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Jessica Simplício reis lindo neh kkk e português

  61. Eric Nels Patterson

    I wish Rodney went after medical BDSM women from Europe and other countries who torture. BDSM women are a problem like Carmen Rivera of Germany.

  62. Juliet Butler

    God Bless these boys and the man and woman who adopted them. 🙏🏾♥️

  63. Rebekah Justice

    They have the best chemistry than anyone else I’ve seen on this show

    1. Mae Lockett

      Still we hope zoe take care of both them and Eric make them suffer and fire Carter and Quinn right away

  64. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Aquela branquinha kk

  65. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Branca de neve kkk

  66. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Jessica Simplício reis lindo neh kkk e português kk

  67. Rod Guitarezz

    Jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to GEICO? Happier than Sonny opening up on bad guys with a belt - fed weapon!

  68. Lilya Davis

    Freedom fries 😀

  69. Melanie Williams

    Carter is in love with Quinn 😂

  70. Carlin brumback

    And thats how the press treats Biden.Ask softball questions.Oh Mr.President,how are you

  71. MD Rafiqul

    Nobody wins in a death penalty. Keeping prisoners in the death row years after years is a waste of money. Put them into lifetime hard labor without any wage.

  72. Rosemary Zito

    Their scene was heated today!! The way he pushed Quinn on the bed the way she threw him on the bed on his back wowzers!!😍💥

  73. Keytron Onit

    this is the toxic shit that screws black kids up

  74. Shelby Jones

    Hey love quinn she was gone leave and carter stopped her they make a good couple but she needs to get a divorce first then move on with carter and they can start a life together

  75. Chris Williams

    The music in these episodes match the scenes and are 🔥. Good stuff👋

  76. Chloe Robinson

    Like they want to win like bro if she is hurt stop