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    I loved him as the host! He definitely loosened up toward the end. Can’t be easy trying to make Alex Trebek proud.

  2. aznnp77

    I don't think Aaron is good enough to be the actual host, but he does deserve praise for jumping in there and handling the show pretty smoothly.

  3. aznnp77

    It's good Jeopardy put some video clips up. I've probably watched jeopardy for a total of 15 minutes over the last 15 years. But I watched it just now. RIP Alex.

  4. Diane Fobian

    Aaron Rodgers did a great job hosting Jeopardy and Alex would approve. 🤗 👍 ❣

  5. Eric Harrison

    Oh legit serious idea. What if kermit the frog hosted an episode?

  6. thelastpatriot

    Aaron is so Passive - Aggressive it is hilarious

  7. Brian

    This didn’t age all too well...

  8. BallzD33P

    I got everyone!

  9. alex218

    I knew he would eventually guest host this.

  10. Marybeth Duke

    Aaron Rodgers is a class act!

  11. Emilie Fulgencio

    he has the aura

  12. carly from icarly

    lol “im old”

  13. Youngisgod

    Gets beaten by Cal all the time?... Are you sure about that?

  14. Jason Larsen

    He is the one who I want to be the permanent host. He reminds me of a younger Alex Trebek. He does not belong on CNN. He belongs on Jeopardy.

  15. Brad Early

    He usually hosts his 360 show on CNN.

  16. Matt O.

    Video games?!?!?! on Jeopardy... 😂 😛 😆

  17. Justin M.

    I don’t think he’ll be that bad 🤔

    1. Kevin Chau

      He was pretty good as a Celebrity Contestant on the Show, I think he'll do well! Aaron Rodgers is the Best Guest Host of All-Time

  18. Stygian

    Josh Macuha needs to get this gig.

  19. Larry Hatcher

    I was not familiar with the Scarecrow. Was that comic book only

  20. Shaggy Rogers

    He’s boring! America wants Levar Burton listen to the fans

  21. RomanCaesar47

    I really hope Rodgers becomes the permanent host because I’d watch all of the new episodes

  22. Obvi Alías

    What a king

  23. Ethan Menzel

    Doesn't seam like he wants it

  24. Anthony Butcher

    Instead of in depth questions about video game lore or something it's literally just what type of video game is this video game? The average television watcher could tell you most of these.

  25. No Cap

    "Dennis, go again, I guess." Lmao

  26. mrs Macca

    My fave host, so far!! Besides Alex, of course. 🙏

  27. OtherJesus

    This guy is a hack. I’ll be tuning out for what is hopefully just one week.

  28. OtherJesus

    Hopefully he’s only here for a week.

    1. Benjamin Goodman

      @Azharul Tambir no you don’t need the money

    2. Azharul Tambir

      If I can guess whether you voted for Trump or not, can you PayPal me $500?

  29. AdenPlayz

    Humpty Dumpty is never said to be an egg, we just kind of accepted this

  30. Gianluke Akins

    Welp, I won’t be watching jeopardy again. Guess I’ll have to wait for a good host

    1. Mehul Rangbulla

      Why cause he’s on cnn?

  31. Benjamin Goodman

    No thanks

  32. Levi 501

    Here is your host ....Aaron Rodgers!!! He should get the job, he brings it.

  33. Angirson Lopez

    You say the same thing when Bill Whitaker is next and others. "Bill Whitajer is 10x better" and others. Just saying

  34. TheFetter04

    Aaron...I think...you win life at this point🤔😌I think you CAN take on both roles and crush it! And if it happens, I can’t wait to see it!!! Go Pack Go!!!😎✌️🖖🍻🧀💚💛💚💛

  35. Donald Stanfield

    Love this gentle giant, he did an amazing job.

  36. BeaMeUpMrScott


  37. nas84payne

    Rodgers definitely got a future as a presenter of shows, events, whatever. He’s really professional and likeable 👍

  38. Richard Fitzwel

    He's very good at this

  39. Izanami uchia

    Either Aaron or Lavar

  40. Games and Toilets Productions

    Definitely looking forward to seeing how Anderson does.in jeopardy hosting next week. He played well as a contestant previously

  41. Silver Back

    Honestly out of all of the guest hosts, Rodgers has been the best and it’s not close. Give that man the job!

  42. Collin Morris

    Won't comment on the subject matter, but I'm a tad awestruck by how well Rodgers manages the show. Dare I say it...yeah, he's a great fit.

  43. Byte and Barq


  44. FrenzyMedia - Your former place for craziness.

    Look, everybody... I don’t care if he’s hosting for the next two weeks. And neither do you. Understand? Good.

    1. Byte and Barq

      Is that an insult or a moderation techinque?

  45. chad ho

    Anderson I be there on Monday.

  46. Peter Adamo

    Anderson Cooper did a lot of appearance back then when he was a celebrity guest on Jeopardy. The first one he did when did power players week in 2004, then again in 2010 for the million dollar celebrity invitational and then he did power players for the last 2 times both in 2012 and in 2016 and now I can’t wait what Anderson Cooper to experience what a guest host look like on Jeopardy.

  47. Scott M

    Her and Lita were the only straight chicks.

  48. chad ho

    Anderson is good to meet you.

  49. Lani Colbert

    i’m gonna miss aaron hosting 😞 i guess i can give other guest hosts a chance. so long, aaron!

  50. fred cohen

    absolutely. I'm sure Akex is looking down and is very pleased. Hope he is selected.

  51. sandra cunningham

    I loved how he expressed what most of us feel about Alex.

  52. Willy Limy

    i can't wait for Anderson Cooper as power players contestant, and now he became the guest host on jeopardy

  53. Dead Ryan

    They should troll fans and let Tucker Carlson host for a week

  54. dj

    Who else thought Brigham young

    1. Cadolots

      Not me. Stanford was the first thing come to my mind

  55. Kyle Playz

    The next set of hosts include: Anderson Cooper = April 19th - April 30th. Bill Whitaker = May 3rd - May 14th. Buzzy Cohen = May 17th - May 28th. (Tournament of Champions!) Mayim Bialik = May 31st - June 11th. Savannah Guthrie = June 14 - June 25th. Guest hosts that don’t have Air Dates yet: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Joe Buck

    1. Kyle Playz

      @Sam Christie Joe Buck was announced to be guest hosting this morning.

    2. Sam Christie

      @Kyle Playz when was it announced last night or this morning?

    3. Kyle Playz

      @Sarah Anderson That’s why I post the guest host schedule here. So people who maybe don’t have social media like twitter, can see who will be on Jeopardy! :)

    4. Adam Shariff

      Mayim bialik will be a great host of jeopardy! May 31st-June 11th

    5. DuffyLONER64

      I'm most excited for Bill Whitaker and Matin Bialik

  56. Kyle Playz

    The next set of hosts include: Anderson Cooper = April 19th - April 30th. Bill Whitaker = May 3rd - May 14th. Buzzy Cohen = May 17th - May 28th. (Tournament of Champions!) Mayim Bialik = May 31st - June 11th. Savannah Guthrie = June 14 - June 25th. Guest hosts that don’t have Air Dates yet: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Joe Buck

    1. Norman Li

      hmm i wonder who will be getting the most slander: Buck or Oz although Buck should stick with being the main announcer with the MLB and NFL on FOX

    2. Devastinator

      Oh no not Joe Buck

    3. Boe Jiden

      i won't watch if joe buck is actually hosting

    4. Blaze Rooster

      Joe buck? 👎

  57. Wake Me Up Inside

    Talk about a major downgrade

  58. Prithvi Sudhakar

    Anyone think Andy Cohen should be the next Jeopardy host?

    1. Sarah Anderson

      No, he's too goofy.

  59. Paul Johnson

    He’s too good but they won’t keep him full time cause that would be perfect

  60. antibishonen

    0:20 Would have been funnier if they said The (Chicago) Bears

  61. Frisbee

    I'm really curious to see how Anderson will do. I think people from news is a interesting idea. I'm looking forward to when Bill Whitaker hosts.

  62. Myah Gloom

    I couldn’t watch while he hosted. So glad he’s done.

  63. Kevron Harris

    Anderson cooper is going to do great as guest host.

  64. Baker ,

    All that college and no useful info

  65. First Name Last Name


    1. Cleopatra Demers

      @ First Name Last Name. Ditto.

    2. Sarg778returns

      Bye Felicia lol

  66. Stratocaster

    Will the questions be as fake as the news?

    1. Devastinator


    2. Stratocaster

      I’m glad everyone is not taking this too seriously

    3. Cleopatra Demers

      @ Stratocaster. Good one!!!

    4. Matt Hartley Jr.

      LMFAO it will be okay

  67. Dave


  68. Raul Belloso

    Aaron is good, but Jennings is a better host.

  69. Jonathan Velder

    well I've never watch Jeopardy until Aaron Rodgers was a host and now I just want him to have the full-time gig I'd watch every night

  70. VGMLucifier

    Anderson Cooper = x10 better than “Dr.” Oz as temporary host, _in my opinion_ .Looks to be fun come Monday!

  71. Rashon

    I only watched clips but I'm surprised how good Aaron was as a guest host. After he retires from football, he might have something here

    1. Marybeth Duke

      He can do both...schedules don't conflict!

  72. Kent Leung

    Anderson Cooper it jeopardy this went April 17, 2021....!

  73. Ogre orange 33

    I'm out until he is off the show

    1. Gianluke Akins


    2. Cleopatra Demers

      @Ogre orange. Me too.

  74. NYC Entrepreneur

    How did they pick this host?? My first time watching him but he literally put me to sleep with that voice and demeanor

  75. Phinneus Prune

    Anderson Cooper is a piece of ... I am not even going to bother.

  76. Calvin Liu

    Welcome to the Jeopardy

  77. Joseph Elkins

    Bring back Rodgers

    1. First Name Last Name


  78. Hubert Humphrey

    Wow, Andy? Ight, LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES DROP YOUR GUNS AND BATS THIS ISN’T POLITICAL DONT KILL ME! This is a time of peace, and enjoy your favorite show without partisanship.

    1. Hubert Humphrey

      Yes, I said something along the lines of that before, but I want to spread the message

  79. TheKnightOfHyrule

    Why Anderson Cooper, such a random person

    1. Marc Power

      I wouldn't say random, he was rumored as a possible successor years ago and he's hosted the CNN quiz and The Mole so he has some experience and he's a well respected journalist.

    2. Sarah Anderson

      He is an experienced public speaker, who obviously knew Alex and has been on Jeopardy several times. He sounds perfect, at least as a guest host.

    3. TheKnightOfHyrule

      @Matt Hartley Jr. makes sense

    4. Matt Hartley Jr.

      because he did well playing the game & they thought he would be great as a (guest) host

  80. Ian gardner

    Wow I'm super early, but also this is a great thing