What started as a home roleplaying game in 2012 has evolved into to a bit of a phenomenon. In June 2021, Critical Role concluded its second campaign with nearly 1,000 hours of storytelling across both campaigns, crafted by Game Master Matthew Mercer and fellow accomplished voice actors Travis Willingham, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien, and Laura Bailey.

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  1. Luna Haleraven

    I hate to be that person, when Yasha took that necrotic damage. My brain went "Half cuz she's resistant." They never said if it was half...does the app track resistances? I don't use D&D Beyond might have to look into that just to check. Also, we have a player who keeps forgetting that Aasimir's have that resistance so they took full necro one fight and I facepalmed so hard. We had a legit argument with them and the DM. I pulled out my book and slammed it on the table going "READ CELESTIAL RESISTANCE PLEASE!!!" Both went... "Oh." Me: >[

  2. Majinism


  3. lukassnakeman

    yasha has been such a non factor in this campaign that i really dont care about what happens in her fight with a ball of lightning. skipped through

  4. James L

    18:30 Flesh Puddle would be a great metal band name.

  5. Marina Elise

    Ahhhh I can't wait!! 😁😁😁

  6. Claude-Alexandre Trudeau

    I was thinking. What if Matt voiced Jester's mom with the accent? Still portraying the same personnality as he did, but with Jester's accent. Like using it in a way that makes her sound exotic on top of everything else. And the link between her and Jester would have been more poignant.

  7. Alex Dale

    Close your eyes shut your mouth, dream a dream and get us out. Dream dream dream dream dream dream. Hit the hay fast asleep dream a dream you little bleep. Dream dream dream dream dream dreeeeeam.

  8. Holly Stop

    Caduceus had an extra d8 to initiative! :-: did he use it an STILL get a 4 lol

  9. Eric Alexander

    I'm so excited to see Matt play. He's got such a huge knowledge of the game so I'm expecting some badass stuff!

  10. Pablo Sousa

    I was having a bad day and Liam story genuinely made me smile

  11. BTG514

    Part I: $$$ Part II CR 2: TNG, also, "This'll shut Polygon up", Part III of course there will be $ea$on 3, lol

  12. Hybridized Here

    Matt has been freed from the forever dm

  13. Kassandra Jeffery

    Finally got this recommended to me by YT! I'm just now starting to watch the first campaign and I'm excited to see Matt's DM screen that Wyrmwood made especially for him!

  14. Dale Wylie

    i always recognise Ashly's voice straight away when i hear it in a game, it's so calming and distinctive, you can't hate any character she voices

  15. lukassnakeman

    i hope this episode is better than the last one which was basically a one shot literal bottle episode because matt got tired of dming a nautical setting and having to pretend yasha was there so decided fuck it lets do a dungeon crawl and conveniently leave yasha behind

  16. michaelseparovich

    Ok heres a question though... if they got 5 hours of rest, shouldnt they have got 5 short rests worth of... recouperating? Considering that an 8 hour rest only needs to contain 6 hours of actual sleep (as has been established) it could be argued that they were all only one short rests short of a full long rest. The next question. If your long rest is cut short, can you pick up where you left off? Can you go back for the other 3 hours and be fully rested

  17. First Last

    Hazel Copperpot...best character intro evar!

  18. TheKennykelly

    Now all we need is mister Chris Trott on one episode

  19. Torch

    So they're basically in Orgrimmar and I'm all for it. Wouldn't mind if the group just aligns with Xhorhas! And Matt is just going all fucking out with his voices, gosh, such a delight.

  20. vamshi aruru

    This is probably their best one shot, holy shit. Sam is super talented at improvisation. Amazing.

  21. Murasaika

    ... It pained me watching them play left for dead 2..

  22. mrsiwtv

    I'm only halfway through the episode, but wasn't the cloven crystal in the bag of holding as well? I'm wondering why no one's panicked yet that the tomb takers have that now as well

  23. Kaan Emirler

    Please do something other than dnd for your next big campaign. Would love to see you guys do theatre of the mind rather than miniature combat story crawling.

  24. Vincent Aponte

    Wait what Laura? "1d12+3... Double the dice on a crit... 7*2=14+3 is 20!" YES and Matt didn't catch it so if you ain't cheating you ain't trying 😂😂. Math checks out!

  25. LazyNoodle

    Once again I'm in love with Marisha's outfit choices (and also Ashley's shirt is amazing)

  26. Zarah Andrahilde

    You're a fool, Klaus! We can't compete with AMAZON!

  27. Chris Bleurgh

    Jeez an ad every 4 minutes

  28. Quantum OFZENTRIX

    when is part 2 coming out?

  29. Lauren Wainwright (Moon Slippers)

    Caleb/Liam was very quiet this episode, I wonder if there was a reason or he was just having an off day.

  30. onewdubu4ever

    How do they get rolls like higher than 25 can someone explain please

  31. Alexander Klein

    1:21:14 Matt Mercer, Master Dungeon Master... not a doctor, someone really needs to tell him that the clavicle is the collarbone, and humanoids don't have a "lower" one.

  32. Corvbahoo

    Thank you, my friends. I've had a horrible year, seeing my father whittle away and losing him to cancer. You've been a ray of sunshine, of good and love and joy in my life. You mean and give so much to us. Long may you reign, Critical Role!

  33. Magnus

    i was Very Afraid after seeing comment section but this turned out to be pretty good narrative for ashley's going away for blindspot, i much prefer it to leaving poor travis to play 2 characters (3 when he demon summons), and her disappearing after a storm just wouldn't have made sense this far into her relationship with the other M9. just all in all so relieved that no one died this time

  34. Dracknid10

    Spoiler Tring not to cry at kiri but looking a waluigi and trying not to laugh

  35. Alex

    Look, i'm not mad and they play however they play and it's all cool. But I cannot BELIEVE they saw Molly literally stealing a book they KNOW Vess had and they didn't think 'oh shit, he might be in her room'.

  36. dialog_box

    1:00:09 “with disadvantage because you just summoned a f u c k i n g demon”

  37. Crow's Bridge


  38. LTC

    Am i missing something?Jester is a Tiefling, she already has fire resistance?

  39. Chronee

    Side rule: You instantly lose a guy if you don’t whisper Uk’otoa when someone says it in a sentence

  40. Michael Monroe

    I used that song at the beginning of the session for when a character came across his decimated village. Great song choice.

  41. syl nes

    Geeez when I heard nordvpn I thought "oh no not them too". But Sam makes it work 😂

  42. rohan m

    The utter defeat in Matt's voice when he said 'roll for reach around'

  43. Brock

    Why do I really want to see that bandit again that they left behind. I kinda just want to see the bandits again having a good life.

  44. dialog_box

    Liam’s shear rush of endorphins with that first counterspell is so apparent it’s contagious

  45. Dirty 20

    Can we all appreciate how TJ, who has been DMing for 3 decades, not onde jumps in and says "actually, the rules would normally be..." in the times where Liam makes a ruling that ins't strictly RAW, etc. Instead, he plays confidently and passionately. That's what seperates the 'pros' from the 'ameatures'.

  46. MadamFoogie

    I always thought there was an excessive amount of Mollymauk art during the fanart break. Little did I know, it was foreshadowing.

  47. RagingWyvern


  48. Nathan A (Shaihulud)

    Dude brought his own self from back from the dead!!! i watched it live, but i had to watch it again. Long May He Reign!! God i love DnD

  49. Max is a fan boy

    Talesin's brooch is beautiful!!!

  50. Nuglar

    *In tears* Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I am having to say goodbye to close friends. These Mighty Nein have seen me through a lot, and have gotten me through much worse. I am so grateful for having you, and them in my life this past few years. While I know I can always go back and listen to old podcasts when I need it, I am sad that I won't have this rag tag bunch on "call" when I need them through the week. <333 Love you, and I look forward to your next adventures.

  51. Stephaun Holman

    You know it's a game-changer when there's just stunned silence after Matt ends the session.

  52. Atomspl1tter19 Gaming

    Bro if they don’t make a remix of “Jessie’s mom has it going on” as “jesters mom has it going on” I’ll do it myself

  53. AdriannaTheScholar

    Let me also say this for all those like Blake the earth will remember us all weather we return to her through soil or ash we all live in the immortal cycle of life and we all live as one in the end :3

  54. McMann

    I can’t wait for Luc to be a multi class wizard/ranger

  55. Matt Dragoneed

    Brian on the beginning reminds me of Alfie Solomon if he lost weight .... Am I the only one ?

  56. Corinne and Keiran Sampson

    Everyone's talking about Bowlgate, and how Liam nearly killed Beau. But can we talk about how if Matt hadn't neglected to mention the damage she was taking from the troll until she'd completed all three attacks, she could have disengaged from the troll and not gone unconscious in the first place

  57. Blotted

    I wish TJ Storm was the one to DM for "Exandria Unlimited". Nothing against Aabria, I just love me some TJ. I also think TJ needs more exposure on the net since he mainly creeps around from DnD Cons to a guest on other DnD streams, interviews, and what not. Not much of him is out there but there needs to be more! He is One of the Best DMs next to Matt on the net (IMO)

  58. AdriannaTheScholar

    I love his fungi magic and his vibe choices are soothing :)

  59. Flop 22

    Something I noticed: 27:20 Laura just stares directly at the camera for a few seconds for no discernible reason. Slightly unnerving.

  60. Shigeruken

    Fucking hell, I can't even imagine being an audio engineer and fucking up at my job this badly. Complete incompetence that lasts for an entire 3 hour period.

  61. Lauren Wainwright (Moon Slippers)

    Proud of Laura for being so crafty and Matt for letting it happen.

  62. Rain / Slytherin Queen (Slytherin Queen)

    I'm a week late, but at least I finally got here after many... MANY tears. Can't wait to start campaign 1 after I'm done processing this one

  63. Deanne Kellogg

    Loved this!

  64. Karen Ritter

    Nicely done

  65. cybil

    oh no….this episode is sending me into a bisexual maelstrom…

  66. the Phobos

    Is Ashley going to be in it or gone most the time ?

  67. Nicole Matte

    I literally got CHILLS watching the intro. ♡♡

  68. Javier Luis Barreiro

    I just keep looking at how the hair length of mica burton on either side is uneven and it bothers me

  69. Paul Guy

    "Do you like killing parents?" "...you didn't roll anything." That's not a NO!

  70. Raichester

    hey, Sam, nuclear power isnt bad.

  71. Steven Miller

    Just realised Beau looks just like Sokka.... how has it taken me this long to realise!

  72. Hunter Cohen

    Just started

  73. funny 1.5

    2:53:18 holy shit i thought that was an edited in sound effect

  74. Daniel 88

    I made mine a Paladin

  75. Mat Stevens

    Matt's beard makes him look super villainous this whole episode and I am terrified.

  76. Daniel Balfour

    I'm just crying at Nott introducing herself to Jesters mom by apologizing for scaring her...SHE JUST TOO PURE!

  77. Andrew Schmidt

    they need to play: Rides With Strangers!

  78. chad hale

    uhm, actually ALL of the new cast look so cool!

  79. Nixoth

    And omg caleb rolled a nat 20 at disadvantage crazy!

  80. chad hale

    The new GM looks as lovely as she appears to be awesome. I MUST WATCH!