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  1. Taylor Bee

    What they're basically saying is that you need multiple internships to get the internship to get the job

  2. vinci

    This is the best video ever made

  3. Yellow Peril Music

    That “unvaccinated children” line hits harder now...

  4. rbetts20

    Just a reminder though There are more than 2 parties Trump was not pro gun The AR is a semiautomatic carbine, not a military grade rifle.

  5. Leo KiltGuy

    Pure genius.

  6. Boden Hamilton

    Mountain biker gang

  7. Bonish Koirala

    4:12 Narrator: ....senzu bean Kuririn from nowhere: SENZU BEAN!

  8. Andrea C.

    United States not America.

  9. Sam Dodson

    looking at the comment section I was expecting an actual argument

  10. Eurekify!

    1:39 As Norman would say, *FAUX*

  11. Grant Lewis

    Talk about your prime minister and his tendency to keep wearing blackface

  12. Learning Again

    "This video is sponsored by Bill&Melinda Gates" Okay, nothing in this video should be taken seriously after that.

  13. Tu Nguyen

    short answer: perhaps

  14. idkfa

    this is a very accurate representation of the "Land of the Free". And by "Land of the Free" I am referring to some idiots who think that COVID doesn't apply to them since it goes against their freedom rights or something.

  15. Savithry Namboodiripad

    Watching from India, had to climb on my elephant for better internet connection

  16. 최 San-shine

    Damn I srsly didn‘t get the ‘black people should be free’ joke, only when I read the comments..


    That norm clip gets me every single time. Great observations all round, 10/10.

  18. Jakub Maciejewski

    Pierogi ! From Polan

  19. লেফাফাদুরস্ত

    Title: America *proceeds to talk about USA*

  20. DocAthu

    Dude I am a girl and I have been friendzoned for 7 years I am so desperate I have reached the pickup lines stage. And it is not like I am not attractive it is just that he is more handsome. 😭😭😭

  21. Seth Johnson

    Speaking as an American, everything in this is true 🇺🇸 💯

  22. Shawn Jones

    I find as a clone of Bill Hicks in the modern times I doubt anyone would want me to come back. Its funny for me at least to make liberals look at me like I'm evil Karl Marx an they are there to protect the world from libtard an get used off stages. I do kinda enjoy getting kicked out of places. Cause I never really want to be at any of them

  23. Tim Wallace

    Growing up did you happen to play Homeworld? Or O.R.B?

  24. MrPontikas

    anemone isnt that hard to pronounce if you are greek

  25. Tacticalzd


  26. DemonHunter-120

    I'm filipino but I'm watching this through the power of being Asian

  27. jinine Lee

    Bonjour ca va? Je deux soer. salut A demain!

  28. Gabriel KK Ixleirindeviçon

    Emapanadas are not fried, it is baked >__>''

  29. John Doe

    Take my like for using old.reddit

  30. Crackfee Chan

    You dont really tip in japan

  31. hamudii93

    *They have the same last name as you* Sikhs and Khans: "Oh Diddly!"

  32. E

    Pros: great graphics Great sound Awesome customisable music Cons: First few levels are easy while the rest are too hard Everything goes downhill around level 14 (sometimes 13) Sometimes the character customisation is broken or glitches and you get stuck with a stupidly ugly chonk of a body Ps. This is a joke pls don't be offended

  33. Lone Wolf Gaming


  34. Scotty

    ‘They don’t lick the yogurt off the top’, *surprised Pikachu face*

  35. MisterL2

    2:13 rewatching this in 2021 is SO DARK -> Drinks a 'Corona' beer -> "Deleting the older players" o.O

  36. BlackDynamiteMN

    The movie thing is 100% accurate absolute shit first date spot

  37. Frostyblade 88

    I think that's Nicole Arbour, not Natalie but otherwise this was funny

  38. Антон Ткачов

    France: no crouisuannte mentioned? 0_0 Italy: add tiramisu East Europe: pierogy, borsch and vodka

  39. esttique

    don't want to be in the friend zone? don't make friends. *problem solved*

  40. Trump Won

    United States of Israel

  41. Burger Somers

    Laughed way to hard at "then i hit em with my spin move"

  42. Shane McDowell


  43. Bot1 nHere

    2,7 people? Do you leave your house only once a week?

  44. Harry Z

    ‘If you can navigate there website you’re smart enough’ has me dead

  45. random games

    Sn15 intensifies

  46. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

    I showed this to my friend and he thought I was actually trying to give him advice. Also at the time, he had a girlfriend… Goddammit he’s an idiot

  47. mop themop

    I'm just using this as background noise for Minecraft

  48. Ass Poopie

    Oh yes my favorite African dish 🍽

  49. giorgis

    Yeah in Greece we basically are 34% made from home made geometric pastry

  50. Jade Asereht

    Fuck yeah I dropped at a red zone!

  51. ScratchBobItchPants

    I feel attacked

  52. GSS // Goofy Stuff Studios

    0:06 Soooo… what drink ya got there?

  53. giorgis

    This actually perfect described the experience

  54. King 5202

    You are literally like the best short video SEpromr I’ve ever seen, love all of your content especially the stuff about relationships and stuff, absolutely amazing

  55. Harry Z

    Oi can I just say, this is the first vid from you that’s popped into my feed. I pissed myself and subbed

  56. Anthony S

    Wait there’s more than America?

  57. Jay Thomas

    I never ordered at subway until I was 20 years old. Im 21 now

  58. Fan Railer


  59. Currymcflurry • 7 years ago

    He has such a monotone voice I fell asleep in a good way

  60. Никита Розвод

    damn easters european food is the most diverse out of all of those 😎

  61. Jay Thomas

    I got an ad for the Marines while watching this

  62. Kas klause

    English speakers: squirrel is a hard word Lithuanians: hold my Nebeprisivaizdotinklaraštininkaujantiesiems and my nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaujantiesiems Btw don't even try to translate those the results won't be accurate.

  63. Violet

    U shoulda added an n tier, stands for no hat no play

  64. sucheta misra

    other people: saying they are doing things to get internet access cause they are in a 3rd world company me who live and take internet connection from area 51 from my alien friend: I am a third world country

  65. Mr FamilyFriendly

    Sponsor didn’t age well

  66. mop themop

    i don't have any friends irl and on social media

  67. Dah

    This is the most accurate thing I've ever seen

  68. frozen miner

    Fucking pay to win game as always

  69. Joey Koch

    Dude I am autistic , if a girl doesn't flat out say "I really like you" then I am not gonna pick up on it. Also when going out I am stressed out of everything going on around me , I can't focus on one person to see if she is making eye contact or flipping her hair. And even if she did walk up to me I can't make out what she is saying anyway. I did have some polite ladies though. I always asume they are just horny and not into me as a person though. At first glance I suck and I don't really meet a lot of people wanting to go in the deep end emotionally. Only has to happen once for real though right ?

  70. The Legacy Show

    Bro what the fuck? You got American food wrong bro! There weren't no beer, and no motor oil fried bacon chicken wrapped donut powder sprinkled on a steak.

  71. xnown xinc

    Answer: No she isn't.

  72. Petr Vermul

    4:05 where did the person go?

  73. TheModer8ter

    John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven.

  74. J N

    short answer: no long answer: no

  75. Lukas P

    I had to laugh so hard over the fact that "Assembly" is on one level with japanese in terms of learning time xD

  76. John Onyon

    Ride BMX or look exactly as described in this video!

  77. Hapukurk

    when america suddenly invented hotdogs, burgers, sandwiches and fish and chips the moment british people left

  78. Derill Troy Tacang

    The purge being casually explain. Possible?

  79. Trueblade

    Tipping is a scam

  80. Khaoula Ch