Since 2008, the FREERIDE WORLD TOUR has hosted the best freeriders in the world on its 5-stop world-cup competition tour.

All our stops will be broadcasted live on our SEprom channel! Better stay tuned!

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  1. Zach Varon

    Is there a trick he didn't do in this run?

  2. ian hill

    Nils got robbed

  3. Mister Paul

    Love the drone shot nice !!!

  4. Lucas Dragomir

    This is so awesome I wish I was that good🔥

  5. beb

    Amazing vid! I love this contest.

  6. M0IRAFlit52


  7. Yohan Simpson

    Andrew Pollard from slvsh?

  8. Flex Ehrlich

    Those droneshots really are an upgrade!

  9. Freeride World Tour

    Winning Runs: Snowboard Men - Blake Moller (USA): 45:20 Snowboard Women - Marion Haerty (FRA): 1:13:46 Ski Men - Andrew Pollard (USA): 2:27:27 Ski Women - Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI): 2:55:47 Snowboard Men: 42:43 Hugo Serra (FRA): 42:43 Blake Moller (USA): 45:20 Sammy Luebke (USA): 47:57 Micheal Mawn (USA): 51:03 Victor De Le Rue (FRA): 53:48 Camille Armand (FRA): 57:17 Cody Bramwell (GBR): 1:00:36 Nils Mindnich (USA): 1:03:53 Snowboard Women: 1:13:46 Marion Haerty (FRA): 1:13:46 Michaela Davis-Meehan (AUS): 1:16:32 Nuria Castan Baron (ESP): 1:19:43 Erika Vikander (USA): 1:22:45 Manuela Mandl (AUT): 1:25:27 Katie Anderson (CAN): 1:28:51 Anna Orlova (RUS): 1:31:41 Ski Men: 1:39:25 Wadeck Gorak (FRA): 1:39:25 Yann Rausis (SUI): 1:42:01 Ross Tester (USA): 1:44:58 Reine Barkered (SWE): 1:47:38 Drew Tabke (USA): 1:50:07 Aymar Navarro (ESP): 1:52:47 Isaac Freeland (USA): 1:57:11 Carl Renvall (SUI): 1:59:53 Car Regnér Eriksson (SWE): 2:02:52 Blake Marshall (NZL): 2:06:27 Raymond McDermott (USA): 2:09:22 Mael Ollivier (FRA): 2:12:43 Tao Kreibich (AUT): 2:15:50 Kristofer Turdell (SWE): 2:20:41 Dani Fornell-Prat (AND): 2:23:40 Andrew Pollard (USA): 2:27:27 David Deliv (SWE): 2:29:49 Cooper Bathgate (CAN): 2:32:25 Tom Peiffer (CAN): 2:36:38 Ski Women: 2:46:15 Zuzanna Witych (POL): 2:46:15 Tracy Chubb (USA): 2:49:39 Olivia McNeill (CAN): 2:52:52 Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI): 2:55:47 Maude Besse (SUI): 2:58:26 Hedvig Wessel (NOR): 3:02:23 Juliette Willmann (FRA): 3:06:37

  10. Simon Klinkenberg

    The more there are competitors being robbed the more I think they should be judging each other like in kings and queens of Corbet

    1. Alberto Egea


  11. Critical Jack

    Dyna-Star throne !!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  12. Angus Lomas

    Turdell was robbed

  13. harz 5

    why are their skis so fat when the snow is so hard?

  14. Stefano Pafundo

    Che grosso🤙😳

  15. bylotti

    1:35:33 Ski Men

  16. Actarus Patton

    No backflip even ? Disappointing

    1. Ian Larsen

      Ya backflip on a 270 jump

  17. HAILFLON Johetfz

    Did this dude just said ross testicles

  18. Andrew Malkin

    Who set up all the GoPros? I'm wondering why they went with the 4:3 aspect ratio.

  19. Avery Parrish

    a thin slice of butter on the rim of a butter martini

  20. Avery Parrish

    king shitttttttt A1

  21. Re Lampago

    Great run, congrats

  22. Michael Bauman

    Yeeewwww 🤙 that was big

  23. Daniel Philippe

    Best run explanation on the FWT so far!!

  24. deckert618

    skiers are so much better

  25. Brian CHIPMAN

    Way to rep Utah

  26. James Naughton

    "What he is is a strong man!"

  27. Willys World

    You guys need to show replays at the end of runs like every other comp in the world.

    1. Alex Nelson

      They do whenever it’s on hold or between groups.

  28. Andy Hornig

    Duuuuuuude! Holy $h*# what a run! And the dude has a Wu Tang sticker on his board. I'm a fan of this kids style. Bravo, young buck..holy mother of bravo!! 👏👏👏

  29. I love America

    That snow looks like crap and still pulled of a great line 🤙🏼

  30. drkimo111

    run was garbage

    1. Oystá Crew

      @Ethan Bucher backies are not as steezy as switch zeros

    2. Snarchpartch

      @Ethan Bucher it’s not all about backies

    3. Ethan Bucher

      @little keebler I think it’s a great description. He didn’t even backy

    4. little keebler

      That's a bad description

  31. Chris G.

    imagine OGs ripping this stuff. T Hall would dominate. These guys in freeride comps never really do anything special

    1. ColoradoStreaming

      T Hall is pretty good at throwing tricks in the backcountry but he cant really rip like these guys.

    2. F K

      Only guy that would probably still somehow dominante is Candide Thovex

    3. F K

      Tall took part last season or the season before idk anyway he was good but didnt win an event. Its different to do things for a Film when you can try Multiple times until you and and in a comp where the 1 Run has to be good

    4. waffle

      t hall was on the tour before he got injured, he didnt dominate

  32. Mister Paul

    so fast at the start 🔥🔥

  33. Aaron B

    I love that little transfer to the side on the 2nd drop. So clean, so smooth.

  34. J FM

    omg ... crazy run!

  35. Scott Lomm

    Yeah buddy!!!

  36. MayurCSGO

    shot on the hero 9 yet we still get a shitty resolution. i dont get it why its not in 4k, when go pro 6 had decent 4k

  37. Neal DeMaio

    Murdered it slayer!

  38. Pierce Mason

    Such a run Andrew. You were runnin those dictators with so much power and finesse

  39. Vermont Trout Hunters

    Looked like the same run from the first event

  40. Chase Baxter


  41. mvchalkart

    A bigger mountain for this guy please!

  42. Rania Mandour

    This was fireeee🔥⚡️

  43. Tucker Hayward

    Yes Pollard congrats, so sick!!!

  44. Olivier V29

    Not the best imo

    1. Rak 1

      Yea for me turdel run was better !

    2. topoderba dimare


  45. Felix Dropmann

    Every year the talent goes up so much its really insane

    1. 00 7


  46. doliio volay

    Look like a red ski slopes absolutly normal nothing extrême this slopes are a joke

  47. Eugene Kerel

    I love fwt so much, but the same slope?! It's very sad when top freeride community can't find new mountains near to ride on competition.

  48. Joseph Forrest

    Go all day!