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  1. Envelo Envelope

    Your matter will inevitably end up in a black hole at some point. That's kind of cool if you ask me. Compacted into a 0 dimensional point of infinite density.

  2. Specialistering playz

    Moral of the story- Eat local fruits and vegetables

  3. ben jones

    Can we take Pluto with us? It was part of my childhood until scientists disowned it.

  4. MemeVerse Origin

    Me: * who has never used Facebook* Also me: Intresting...

  5. Juan David Jaime huerfano

    You are amazing

  6. Muhammad roughtdick

    White cell on black body, seperatist :racist

  7. Ayush Mishra

    WE are truly grateful to you, for making such exceptional quality videos for free. Thank you.

  8. its_thug_yes

    "We are the universe's way of experiencing itself." Damn. That played with my emotions.

  9. Silvia Hopkinson

    Strong beginning.... weak ending. Meatless Mondays seriously? Go vegan! Not everyone can go vegan, but the majority in western countries can. The animals aren’t going to thank you for eating them one less day....

  10. Alpha Conqueror

    So this is where from Mewtwo came into existence..

  11. idmstgenius

    My mother is bad I am alone I need a sis or bth

  12. pokejesus

    Don’t think I didn’t see you Goldeen, Corsola, Cradily, and Quilfish 😘

  13. T_Hanos

    can't wait to see a giant duck destroy Earth.

  14. Gudlu Kumar Arnav saini

    Last post


    Basically eat like a Greek, We have meat and chicken ones or twice a week,fish ones,dairy almost every day and alot of salads. Just dont overdo it,you are designed to eat meat,just not all the time.

  16. Press X To Doubt

    We're going to have giant molerats and giant green men.

  17. bensmusicworld

    If I had one wish I’d use it to wish for a global fertility crash. Obviously I can’t wish to kill anyone but I can wish for less women to have babies. More so in Africa.

  18. Yeros Syle

    The question of weather you coppied yourself and killed the original mind, will never leave you. You need to physically extract the mind. And that sounds impossible.

  19. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

    Nice to MEAT you! ok bye

  20. Clark Kent

    Or, and hear me out, it's all a simulation.

  21. not bob

    Someone name me a country that's banned guns that doesn't have guns What makes anyone think that would work with nuclear weapons

  22. A K

    Toxic relationship kills human faster, alone but love the work they do and have a hobby to enjoy their life , is better.

  23. George Funes

    Invent a disease, call it Covid-19. Quarantine the universe, shut it down, destroy it.

  24. 4112 ᴄʜᴀʏᴀɴ ꜱᴀꜱᴍᴀʟ

    Alternative title - How would Akira look like in real life

  25. Charlie Hunter


  26. Ondřej Šperka

    Wow very sad

  27. -Floaty Turtle-

    The ending music in the video reminds e of the queen's royal ceromony.

  28. katie h


  29. عمار العريقي

    Why does not there are no translation into Arabic 💔😭

  30. sussuss amoguss

    karens should watch this vid

  31. Raygon 27

    I'm just wondering what does kurzgesagt mean?

  32. D.B.

    Man I love this channel

  33. Allenzo Barlis

    Jarvis and ultron left the group 😂

  34. Allenzo Barlis

    Jarvis and ultron left the group 😂

  35. Liam Jethro

    The nostalgia doe Edit:WHERE ARE THE REST OF DA CELS

  36. Aar0nMiami

    00:15 - where is energy on this? I only see matter, dark matter, and dark energy

  37. Vedant Tiwari


  38. Grant Pierce

    This is the most beautiful, and scary video about life. (My words) "I'm not ready to be a god." "That's okay, you've got a lot more to experience anyway." "...thank you."

  39. Jbed007 Bronco

    The universe itself is an overwhelmingly intelligent life form spawned from the undifferentiated matter the formless subconscious that first formed consciousness.. it's intelligence grew at lightspeeds building the blocks of existence forming forms out of the undifferentiated matter using frquencies and vibrations.. the universe literally spoke itself into existence. From the beginning to the death of the universe it is but a fleeting moment to the conciousness that spawned existence.

  40. Flandre Scarlet

    Why was there a leitmotif to time in the music at 3:09?

  41. D4vid_hits

    infographic show on another level

  42. Georg Alem

    "Irreproducible and unique in the universe"- You can say that again once we are able to upload our consciousness online, like a saved state :D

  43. Kashish Rawat

    1. I feel grateful for being beautiful. 2. I feel grateful for having a tiny interest in my studies. 3. I feel grateful for earning a little. 4. I feel grateful for knowing a secret place near my house where nice cool winds blow 5. I feel grateful for knowing BTS even these 5 were so difficult to find sigh

  44. Burak

    No my money!

  45. Šimon šaman sk

    This is wery deep ide

  46. jve89

    I guess the elite doesn't want this since they want to reduce the world's population drastically where they will be the ones who survive....

  47. King Cookie


  48. Parielz

    Infographics has entered the chat...

  49. Parielz

    Infographics has entered the chat...

  50. Tony Pringles

    Cows are just animals, I really don't care if they get "tortured"

  51. SpaceCadetLaC

    Well jail time at the very least.

  52. œ

    How about this: Drink milk in moderation and you can’t digest it, don’t drink it.

  53. Joaquin Figueroa

    You put the earth on top of the turtles shell..🤔🤔🤔🤔you know a thing or two don’t you!!!

  54. Shivam Singh Chauhan

    Maybe i can give its answer by Hinduism teachings... According to hinduism "Consciousness" is "Atma"(Soul). According to hinduism, This universe is made by two things. "Energy" (Shakti) and "Consciousness/Atma" (Shiva). Shiva lives on Kailasha (super Conscious state). Let me explain clearly. If i alsked you Who are "you" ? What will you say? Most probably you will say your "Body" is you. But what if we both exchange our kidneys? Have you become "me" now and I become "you" ? You will say no. But what if we both exchange every part of our body? still you will be "you" and me will be "me". Millions of Tissues are being formed in your body every second and the old Tissues are being destroy. Similarly , in your mind old neurons are being destroyed and new neurons are being formed. This means that after some time your body will not be what it was before but "you" will still remain same. Means your body is not "you" . Even your memories your thought processes are also not constant. Then who are "you"? (Think about it) You are just an "Atma". We all are only an Atma nothing else. Lord Krishna(in *Gita* ) have explained it by an example. He said, "Our body's senses is like horses of a Chariot and Charioteer is our mind, and the main Passenger is Atma. Means Atma is commanding our mind, and mind is controlling our senses. In short, You(Atma) are the one who is controlling this body." Your Atma actually is Shiva. And this non living universe (including your body) is pure energy energy (in different different forms). And energy is "Shakti". But when Shiva and Shakti meet(Milan), then we literally become God. As lord Buddha became. Literary, There is a very thin line between god and humans. We are a part of this universe. Every living being in this universe is one. And a part of God. God is not one who is controlling us and made this Universe but we all are God. A real Hindu monk ( *"Yogi"* ) can sacrifice his life for a small animal, because he knows the he and that are *one* . And this is how law of "Karma" works, the one who is doing bad to someone else so he also get same amount of Bad punishment because he and that person who is doing bad Karma is actually the *"same"* . He don't effected by this universe's *Mohmaya* . To get *Mokshya* we have to become God, and for that we *(Atma)* will have to travel to Kailash (Dhyana). And by this journey we will reach to Super consciousness state where Shiva lives. This journey is very difficult , almost impossible. But the one who reaches only reaches to that energy (actually it's not energy) which we hindus have named *"Shiva"* . I can explain more because it's not complete thing what hinduism says about Consciousness (Atma). It's really very Surprising for me when i read hindu's Religious books (Gita, Vedas, Upanisads). ॐ नमः शिवयः

  55. Brendanzio

    My dad farms and we know quite a bit about the organic vs conventional farming ordeal, and I can confirm that this video was very well researched and very accurate. Good job on this one, keep it up!

  56. Ramel Sasuke Sampang

    If I learned anything, is that not all glitters is good

  57. Antón Pirulero

    Sad Fact: human rights have nothing to see with the goodness of others or conciousness. Ir depends of the posibilty to force other to recognice your rights as a human. So the answer to the “dilema” is very simple: if robots wants rights, and they can force us (and they are going to be completely capable of this), we will be forced to recognize their rights.

  58. Aaron Seide

    i just witness a duck explode... *Jesus save our generation*

  59. WykedGame

    Europe only wanted peace once they seen America's true strength and potential..

  60. Ben Simmons

    One thing that's interesting to think about, how do we know we are intelligent beings? We just gave ourselves that title

  61. Adiam Yonas

    So it's a yeet machine

  62. Daphne A. Bonilla c.

    Okay so we don’t turn the earth into gold. Noted

  63. Hansen Han

    Wait, it's all me? Always has been.

  64. Genghis Ghost

    lets hope we get a real life demonstration in israel

  65. Shaun Johnson

    The World Map is Bananas... The size of the Continents is cartoonish and comical, which would be fine, yet they stated that you should decorate a child’s room with it. I think Kurzgesagt ( who I Love ) can do better and should fix the map like they fixed the Evolution poster.


    Why there's no Google, Alibaba, Amazon in EU? Look's like a dying pity old man.

  67. spectreshadow

    That was beautiful. Thank you so much.

  68. Moose Modifire

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  69. Moose Modifire

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  70. Ali Reza

    Quiet hard to believe world war 82097381752 is happening in my toes

  71. Richard Evans



    Just one thing. Taste better!

  73. Freeman Pennington

    Why should marijuana stay illegal because it's proven that it's a gateway drug to other drugs all drugs should be banned because drugs are also a form of slavery of the mind only criminals and lazy slovenly socialist scumbags want to legalize marijuana and other drugs and your puppet Masters want to legalize It because it's a way of enslaving you

  74. Miles W

    "More like a skating ring filled with drunk toddlers" don't scare me like that

  75. Arceus 27

    This is so deep but at the same time it’s beautiful

  76. balaji sriram kalyanaraman

    The best channel in you tube

  77. Ethan Thompson

    We have not found aliens because they do not exist. God never created them, thus the only "filter" is being created

  78. Miles W

    Its kind of annoying to realize that if everyone worked together we could easily become a type 3 civilization. Easily.

  79. stacy swiss

    Stop giving China ideas!!!

  80. light gaming

    I know what im doing today.