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Molly Sandén is one of Sweden's biggest artists and songwriters. In the past decade Molly has released 4 studio albums, gained +300 million streams on Spotify, headlined multiple sold out shows and won several prestigious awards (Pop of the Year, Album of the Year and Artist of the Year at the Swedish Grammy Awards and Guldmicken and Pop of the Year at P3 Gold).

My Marianne is Molly’s moniker name used when singing in English and voicing Rachel McAdams singing voice in Netflix blockbuster Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. In 2021 main theme “Husavik” received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 93rd Academy Awards and Molly My Marianne Sandén was invited to perform the song at the Oscar’s ceremony.

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  1. Aaron Richards

    I watched your performance on SEprom for the Oscars and you did great. I didn't watch the rest of the Oscars and according to the ratings, America didn't either. I with that show cared about art more so your talent could be seen by more

  2. Hobby Bugs

    Yes its your new hometown they love you there

  3. V B

    byt kamera man, är det din kille, dumpa honom...

  4. Ilias Ragnor

    What a song? What an amazing performance. Husavik my home, here I come!

  5. Joan Holliday

    'Sometimes the best song is not the winning song, but a song that comes from the heart.' This is the BEST song. Molly Sanden, that was a world-class performance. Thank you.

  6. niduoe stre

    Best of Luck Molly! You have an incredible voice!

  7. opzz xsin


  8. Ilias Ragnor

    I always was in love with Iceland. I was for the pandemic to end to move there. I can't believe how a song about a place I didn't even knew existed made me to wish I could have been there all of my life. Fisherman career, here I come

  9. Lindong Wu

    Fighters, exactly!!

  10. soinhu foitu

    Best of Luck Molly! You have an incredible voice!

  11. minij hooi


  12. Illia Rybalko

    Great. Great. Great)))

  13. Ask to seduce Miss

    Холодно в Исландии, берегите Моли, нужно Оскар получить ещё!

    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      You are such a beautiful soul. Okey we don’t know each other. But I can see you give everything when it comes to music and supporting women in their selflove journey 😍.

  14. Keyboard Zombie

    sing jaja ding dong!

  15. Alex Angel

    Should have sang "Jaja ding dong*, but this was good too. 😆😆😆

    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      Me encantó desde la primera vez que la escuché. La mejor canción del Óscar.

  16. Will Ganiko

    Thank you Molly for creating something so beautiful! This is what the world needs.

  17. Joanna

    Good luck Molly! Your win is the thing I'll be looking out for.

  18. mikin lirou

    I allways use the phrase "It's good to see nice things happen' to nice people" sarchastically, but in Molly's case I genuinly feel that way!

  19. Alex Olvera

    You are the OG if you cane here before the Oscars.

  20. Briktu Lucy

    ⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *På grund av kärlek. Gud sände sin son Jesus Kristus för att dö i vår plats. Tre dagar senare. Rose honom från de döda. Nu. Endast av Jesus Kristus.* *Gud har gett oss den eviga livets fria gåva. Han kommer att rädda och läka dig..* *(titta upp mot himlen och fråga honom))*

    1. niduoe stre


  21. yolp12

    Idk good music is good music no one needs to know that I secretly like this. Its between you and me...wink 😉

  22. opzz xsin

    💙💙💙 !

  23. Evil Demon

    The most beautiful woman alive

  24. Robin Thomsen

    Du är en så grym sångerska och jag blir sjukt stolt att vara svensk när jag ser ditt uppträdande. 10/10. Att inte låten vann är ett skämt.

    1. opzz xsin

      have a no bullshit attitude, so refreshing to see. as long as there is hope there is a future for all of us.

  25. Cmntr

    Some idiot needs to learn about image stabilization. It's so shaky that it's fucking unwatchable. But at least we can see that Molly is getting a bit chubby. Or fat even.

    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      Nádherná pesnicka👌👌👌💚💚💚a mala vyhrať Oscara💚💚💚✌️✌️✌️🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇💚💚💚... A chudacikovia ako ste vymrzli☹️😥💚💚💚🍀🍀🍀🍀🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇💚💚💚

  26. Jarid S. Johnson

    beautiful version.

  27. Jón G. Hnnesson

    Húsavík er samt ekki uuu Já. Haha

  28. Jón G. Hnnesson

    Hvaða hvað þetta er eitthvað annað nett ég ég er ekki að gráta. Haha 🇮🇸

  29. Patrycja Pati

    I Love it! ❤️ A Fan from Poland! 🥰

  30. Patrick Lau

    Ok first of all, this song is amazing and it has been on repeat for the last few days. Since I’m clueless in Nordic languages, I really want to know why when Molly sings "Husavik vid Skalfanda”, it is sung as “Skalverna”?

    1. Camilo Corail

      @Patrick Lau Maybe it was recorded in a bit of a rush hahahah. Who knows, or maybe she was just to confident when they told her how to pronounce it. I am Chilean and I've tried to sing the icelandic lots of times (I think i do it good hahahahha) So I'm quite sure she could manage to sing in Icelandic perfectly and in fact she did it <3 I love her so much <3

    2. Patrick Lau

      @Camilo Corail yup I noticed that too! I had just assumed the Nordic languages were quite similar and that a Swede like Molly could easily pronounce Icelandic words. Guess I was wrong!

    3. Camilo Corail

      She mispronounced some words in the song, but when she sang at the Oscars she corrected herself and sang perfectly <3

  31. Soinas Doyi

    The way you sang Husavik is beyond words and i haven't seen such a performance for a long time. I can't wait to hear more from you. Good luck and God Bless..

    1. minij hooi

      Husavik ser ut att vara en fin stad med många trevliga människor 🇮🇸❤️🇸🇪

  32. SMZ Lindberg

    Bra låt med en fantastiskt bra sångerska ❤️

    1. opzz xsin

      Maybee she was too white to winn this year... (BLM)

  33. soniyu ziuy

    everybody knows your talented voice and you have such a good heart. You inspire me everyday with your music and the way you think.

    1. mikin lirou

      Sluta aldrig göra det du gör 🥰🥰 du är fantastisk

  34. Brenda Sigle

    Beautiful song ♥️♥️♥️

  35. E. Edson Becerra Naquiche


  36. alex perera

    What the world needs right now is a big warm hug! And this song did that for me❤️

  37. Scott Burgess

    all i can say love this song and so emotional and video to match

  38. mijuo roui

    Холодно в Исландии, берегите Моли, нужно Оскар получить ещё!

  39. Ptao Tom

    My 5 year old twin daughters have been singing this song for 2 months straight. And I still love it lol

    1. soinhu foitu

      first like, then to watch video :D?

  40. Rosannasfriend

    That does it. She’s officially my current favourite voice.

  41. SmallSneakers

    She's so effortless O.O ❤️

  42. Olivia Rosengren

    Är hon på raukarna på Öland ?

  43. adso85swe

    Du är så jäkla grym Molly, glöm aldrig det!

  44. Bolia Fops

    Molly. Thank you! Thank you!

    1. opzz xsin

      Kanske skall du använda ordet "jävla" i mindre utsträckning.

  45. Ananas Siktir

    På Skansen vi rökte en JOOOOINT!

    1. Joanna

      conquer the hearts of people and you did just that!! So i guess you really did win!! :)

  46. sotuur aeei

    The way you sang Husavik is beyond words and i haven't seen such a performance for a long time. I can't wait to hear more from you. Good luck and God Bless..

    1. Soinas Doyi

      Fina Molly!!!

  47. fouoii gyhh

    If this song doesn't win I'm rioting haha. Hope you're having the best time in Husavik, can't wait to see your performance! Vi hejar på dig här hemma 🥰

  48. sannio komi

    music! All the best.

  49. Haunani Pao

    I love this song, it's so beautiful and makes me feel longing for my home of California. :) cheers!

  50. david ringo


  51. Jonas Vogel

    Så jävla bra!!!! Du är så jävla bra Molly! Sveriges stolthet! Och riktigt bra uttal! Du kan ju det där med att sjunga på isländska, du kanske skulle sjunga med isländska artister. Hade ju gärna sett dig i någon form av samarbete med typ Bubbi Morthens eller Bríet. :D

    1. mijuo roui

      Så himla magiskt!!! Skulle ta hem Eurovision 100%🥰🪐💫

  52. Gerardo

    So beautiful!!! For me this song won all existing awards!!! 💜❤️💙💚♥️

  53. Mattias Arvidsson

    ingen aning om vem du är eller varför du är känd .. förklara..

    1. soniyu ziuy

      Hi Molly, thanks for the magic performance! You and the adorable girls are beautiful as your voice. You have winned for me and millions of others🥇👍💐

  54. drttyu liqm

    God has gifted you for all of us! Love you.

  55. Tomas Cintler

    Nádhera, krása..

  56. Per Helgeson

    Fantastiskt Molly, Whitney Houston klass🙏❤️😹! Se nu till att bli mellanakt i Rotterdam, de tävlande blir din kuliss😂! Keep up the great work❤️❤️😄😍!

    1. sotuur aeei

      very far away from having your obituary written. A long list of accolades will be written for you by then.

  57. Livet På Jorden

    mycket bra att 👮‍♂️ har hjälp till han fick säkert inte ens betalt för d🤗

    1. Bolia Fops

      I'm sobbing

  58. GreatGabboVideos

    It's a travesty this song didn't win the Oscar. So so good. Super amazing.

  59. Bryan Ferry

    Wow molly congratulations!! Over a million people have seen your performance on SEprom. That's insane. Your going to the top! 🚀

    1. sannio komi

      BÄSTA Molly! Du är sagolik!

  60. eva hallström

    Helt magisk sång med en helt magisk sångerska!!! Snälla Molly kom tillbaka till melodifestivalen nästa år🙏❤️❤️❤️

  61. Thomas Gson

    Inte alla som får flyga privatjet. Akademien sparar inte på krutet.

    1. Ptao Tom

      different oceans 🌊 :p

  62. Jeff Kai

    My BEST SONG for 2020!

  63. ابو المجد فلسطين

    Vem är hon?

    1. Tobias Lundqvist

      Molly Sandén . From Sweden! 💛💙💛💙

  64. Håkan Tedman

    Love love love

  65. The1NonlyTony

    Too bad the Oscar's suck. Molly is way above that joke of an award show.

    1. drttyu liqm

      You were and are fabulous and whoever found that Northern Lights dress-it was magical. Continued success Molly, you deserve it!

  66. Håkan Persson

    Öland and Gotland are the closest to Iceland you can get in Sweden. Just a little more vegetation but beutiful islands.

  67. Miriam Grro

    Hay pero que hermoso 😍😍

  68. Ofir Moskovitch

    Angelic Voice and Amazing Song, can't ask for more.

  69. Henrich Habiger

    It's often when a rising star is swallowed by the music industry and mold in to what they want you to be rather than who you are or want to be. Hence why it is so refreshing to see you are keeping raw and unique. Your voice is by far one of the best I ever heard so keep doing what you doing and dont let anyone to change you please👏👏

  70. Ofir Moskovitch

    Amazing! 10/10. The beautiful song of the year - 2020. Please perform it on live in Rotterdam 2021.