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  1. Baller Beauty

    I feel bad for David, that was so uncomfortable to watch. I cant imagine how he felt..

  2. tchak7

    every single one of their videos is fucking great.

  3. shark stain

    Where is jawed karim?

  4. Be Honest

    That dentist is a legend 🤣🤣

  5. Lollipoplover:)

    quality content

  6. eros

    Yooo lmao

  7. DavidAtDai

    In Seattle that’s near wings over Washington and Ferris wheel in that restaurant looking place

  8. Nick Nikes

    I stopped watching this right before they talked to chocolate rain because I seen them on tosh.0 and he's really weird

  9. Darpan Bhalla

    Please make captions available 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. Aryavarth Patwa

    Make part 2 please

  11. Leo Silva

    This video is actually so amazing!

  12. hey_ asha

    youtube back then is basically a google drive for videos

  13. Dragonlord Dl

    "surprise guest" me: sees the leather jacket TAY ZONDAY

  14. NanoMan_Gaming

    They need to understand that aliens are real but they are demonic and from hell

  15. T s

    seprom.info/clone/video/r9Vqdr2eZXxmlKM.html "Chocolate Rain"

  16. Rijan Neupane (Guddu)


  17. Ahmed Othman

    You gotta go see Charlie! Check if his finger still hurts

  18. reCATHY

    Poor David lol

  19. Daniel Jackson

    I hope the surprise one is Charlie but my finger

  20. Matasabra


  21. ggoD poonS

    I guess we will never find Ricardo Milos :(

  22. __Harry

    find the ginger got souls guy

  23. ItsVeggieBoy

    I feel so bad for David

  24. Rizwan_5T

    And we also find #Yestheory on youtube viral video before 4 year back

  25. Ey Du

    Imagine being picked up by Yes Theory and they bring you to the dentist. 💀

  26. Andrew Todd

    No surprise that it's raining in Seattle

  27. Isaac Tshiu Tsotetsi

    This is why I love Yes Theory….👊🏿

  28. Xave G.

    I appreciate the car seat continuity with David

  29. AR Moulana

    Travel to other continent or country by sea..with stranger may be!

  30. Shibin Mathew

    This should be made into a series.

  31. Jeremy Craig

    Great idea with the QR code! Hope you guys come back to MA!!

  32. Beans Longo

    Ebams world!! Chocolate rain!! holy shit now i feel old and im only 25 lol


    Damn I would've loved to see "Charlie bit my finger"

  34. Jessica Aitken

    YesTheory this video is SO good!!

  35. Eddie Burke

    I’m so ADHD and Autistic that meditating feels like sticking a needle in my arm, uncomfortable.

  36. Bryce Grounds


  37. arunb -lab

    10:43 back to the youtube legends


    Fun fact! "Chocolate Rain" guy went to Evergreen college. If you don't know about Evergreen check them out.

  39. Pyrox

    Google One is gonna be very helpful actually. Phone got stolen recently, you cant expect any of this so storing memories is gonna be great. its a little too late though..

  40. some mobile gamer cool

    Pogers video

  41. Story Teller - Beats

    My musicboxes just exploded when the chocolate rain guy started talking...

  42. A D

    I really enjoyed this!! Great job Yes Theory!

  43. Maestro_ Dany

    8:06 "What the dog doin'?,,

  44. PattiCakes Bakersman

    Super epic!

  45. the running man

    I wish the double rainbow guy were here to see this happen in front of his eyes

  46. DepthStrider14

    I KNOW THAT DENTIST OFFICE. Dr.Gary was the best.

  47. Axels Mayo

    I love how much attention Yes theory is putting on Florida and Puerto Rico recently, much love from a Puerto Rican in Florida!

  48. RØØVANE Levin

    I say, Tay Zonday hasn’t aged a day

  49. Peter Ryseck

    Viral videos like these haven't existed for a while

  50. SeNapses

    Crazy how we have free content like this on SEprom, thank you guys

  51. ^Masuku^

    Yes Theory be like: 🎶You don't have to come and confess, we're looking for you! We gon find you! 🎶

  52. Astorades Productions

    I hid my kids in the basement

  53. Shawn Berg

    Google One conclusion, it's capitalism making people pay money just to keep digital memories, and a very well know vpn can get messed with so their vpn isn't entirely good or safe, it's also possible to make your own vpn which is safer. Let be real here ... it's Google, they sell people's online data.

  54. Richard V.

    Brings back some good mmrs!

  55. JoooFlow

    This is a OG SEprom video 💯 ONLY THE REAL ONES WILL KNOW ❤️💯🔥 drop a like

  56. random dood

    This video led me down a rabbit hole after watching chocolate rain, I ended up watching gangnam style and the last 5 minutes of FnF7, life moves quick but tbh 2012 don’t feel so far away

  57. Marielle

    I love the dentist

  58. LOCO emo

    when is thomas going back to tuvalu?#leastvissitedcountryintheworld

  59. Ee Whoduslop

    Idk y this reminds me of Travel Channel's "50/50" show. Damn that show was fun to watch

  60. Sarah Tree

    Manz shoulda put the barcode in Florida 😔

  61. Arnav Naik

    never regret subscribing here.... non controversial wholesome content only ✌🏽❤️❤️

  62. Space Fuzz

    Ive got the chills on how creative this video is

  63. Sadaf Noor

    Best part of this video starts from 9:19 😂❤

  64. Gemao

    Legends with legends! Fantastic

  65. Silencography

    I hid everyone but now I can’t find them😂it has been years

  66. Drew

    That dentist needs his own show 😭

  67. Tejas Nair

    Awesome!!! Great concept

  68. Andrew Naguib


  69. Hassan Yousaf


  70. TayZonday

    Fun times 🙏🏽

    1. Vicarious

      I remember hearing chocolate rain as a young adult and when I looked it up for nostalgia sake yeeaars later I got a pit in my stomach as my focus was shifted from the meme to the lyrics. It is such a powerfull song and I hate the fact people think it's funny...

    2. Parallax


    3. Yes Theory

      Tay it was so good to meet you! I hope we get to hang again soon 🙏


      LETS GOOO!

    5. Planetneo

      Always see you in overwatch league chat.

  71. Sydney Mitchell

    the hide yo kids song was on repeat in our house for a hot minute. that and the 'aint nobody got time for that' song. David after dentist was hilarious- the dentist yall ended up at was just pure perfection! That whole bit was content gold.

  72. RasmusB-O

    I don’t know any of them

  73. Steege

    Wear some pants man

  74. Sophia Petrakis

    Lexie and Yes Theory posted at the same time.

  75. Gabyo

    Why did they cut the full sentence? It feels weird. "Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands cause they raping everybody out here"

  76. Alexis Tremblay


  77. Sultan X

    One of the best videos ever. ❤️

  78. SlackerSteve2004

    dang these all bring back some memories, i can remember watching choc rain pretty much the day/few days when it was uploaded

  79. T s

    Antoine Dodson is a treasure. Adam Bahner is a most interesting fellow.