Good clean shooting fun!

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  1. Josh of all trades Gendron

    This could have come in handy a few days ago. Hope your healing god bless

  2. Сергей Руденко

    Скотти, ты круче Мэтта. Привет из Украины.

  3. Bmobmo64

    Send some thanks to whoever made those safety glasses, there's no doubt those things saved your eye.

  4. matszu wildschut

    wishing you the best brother !

  5. Aatmiya

    I wish you faster recovery

  6. Jaune Arc

    I don't watch this guy, nor do I pray or have any belief in God. But thank God you're alright, man. Incredible story, and I pray for you.

  7. Ulises Vasquez


  8. James Burdette

    My god man! Just watching the video of your rifle exploding hurt! Glad you’re doing fine! Thank God your dad was there! Great job dad! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  9. TBT Wilhelm

    2 years later that 50 cal. Would explode, who would’ve thought

  10. Tyler Lynch

    Is it so small because it's too heavy to wield one with more protective surface area? What's the point in using something that small, even if it's effective...

  11. Nom

    Another idiot getting hurt by their own gun. Lets ban them already. 🙄

    1. James Burdette

      Let’s ban cars as well 😂😂😂

  12. Kingdiesel Calayag

    When a explode this or worst may happen now imgaine a fkin granade

  13. CerryStyleAlfa92

    You're a fuckin lucky man bro!

  14. Estrellieta Sanchez

    I wish you get well soon :)

  15. Mob Psycho

    gws sir

  16. mike garrity

    God speed brother....just glad your ok .I too have had a hot round explode in my face but it was a .380 round ...and had no idea it was a box of reloads...

  17. Robert Foster

    It is great to hear that you are ok now. It was shocking to see that accident. God bless.

  18. Gnome Whyte

    You lucky bastard. Subbed

  19. Kolby Kemp

    I’m glad you came threw there is certainly someone watching over you

  20. angie payne

    Praise God you're ok......🙌💕......

  21. Bunny Babu

    That why guns are not allowed in India.... we dont have good hospitals for everyone

  22. Sedat Kuş

    Dinos revenge!

  23. FunMaster

    Why is this getting recommended now

  24. Ken Mason

    Lesson learned here: YOU be the one that is in control of you.

  25. Just In Time

    Thank the Lord Above! That's crazy stuff...

  26. jjenkins1213

    Thank GOD you are here with us today Scott. I prayed for your speedy recovery (Wolverine) lol. Keep the great content coming once you are well.

  27. Layby2k

    boys shouldn't play with guns

  28. john john

    You are a legend ..

  29. Muppetpaster

    11:32 keep ripping,that is a nice way to set yourself up for another shooting accident......GREAT!

  30. Robert Hamill

    God bless

  31. strato stratorunner

    Sorry to ear , and see that... Wish ya a fast recovering. Ya are a young strong guy , i thnk it wouldn't be to long! Mario ''Canada'' .

  32. Jay Pickett

    They should make a whole suit out of that stuff.

  33. William Dendy

    Kentucky ballistics:" tis but a scratch"

  34. Geldogs Gelsoft

    What a epic story, thanks for sharing.

  35. Angel Benwah

    So glad God has spared you!

  36. morgen dikmen

    Damn dude hell of a day.

  37. Killer Alian x05

    Put more with rg10

  38. Tomo Kramik

    tough son of a gun ;) get good buddy

  39. Mikołaj Kisiel

    I think thats still best way you can get that scar

  40. F In the chat

    God bless 🙏 Im very glad your doing very well!!

  41. laokram

    Holly crap

  42. Bhawesh Upadhyay

    Get well soon

  43. Mohammed Hassaan Kara

    As long as you good man

  44. Code Punk


  45. Mr Pickles

    RPG vs hog...

  46. Prince Reiko

    no recoil NO RECOIL!!!!! AHHHHHHH

  47. Allan Francis Xavier

    Man your Warrior. Praise God you are alive. Get well soon.

  48. protector tV

    Now i know why they called it slap round,,, keep safe..

  49. well done

    I wish you to recover very soon and happy you are alive, sorry i can't buy your shirts i'm kinda in the other part of the world but praying for you to get well brother, greetings from Albania

  50. 288GTO100

    Glad your dad (good father) was there...My dad says the only thing I will ever get from him is the gun he blows his head off with...

  51. Mioara Muza

    Bro you are strong as a tank

  52. Conner Anderson

    I have never heard of your channel until today but I am glad I found it and hope you continue to make a quick and painless recovery.

  53. miguel amaya

    Your really blessed by God... We will keep praying for you during our daily prayers... We would like to thank you for sharing your video... Your just awesome dude ...

  54. Imperial Officer


  55. niva zero

    why didn't you use a barrett instead?

  56. elpmettsol

    You were shooting a very large caliber with some “very” exotic Ammo, who’s history of manufacture was unknown. Fortunately you were young and strong enough to sustain your inquiry’s until you received proper care. What happened to you would probably have killed most people. But thank God, your still with us! 🙏 PS... I subscribed!!!

  57. danofort

    Happy you made it, Sir.

  58. Aspirerx

    you crazy sunavabitch! glad youre alive and well!

  59. Kris Steele

    W t f dude not good hope you are o k 🤔🇺🇸👍

  60. Michael Hesford

    Fucking hell mate!! Your one brave guy 👍 all the best

  61. Philippe T

    Beast mode baby 🤩🤩🤩

  62. Jose Arellano

    DANG‼️ Scott that was awesome‼️🎯😁😅😁😆🤣 Well Scott I Have a few items I would like to see you shoot a bullet proof helmet a Level 3A+ body armor a 2ft high log round and a 30lb lead plate oh and a ballistics gel block

  63. Issam Adbib

    Get well bro and take it easy. Glad your still here.

  64. Steve Straining

    Jesus dude you are lucky..

  65. armsteel

    You are lucky

  66. Андрей Окиншевич

    Скот, ты прям молодец. Держись и Востанавливайся поскорее. Рад что ты и дальше будешь заниматься своим любимым делом. 💪👍

  67. Mark Keogh

    New Vegas backup piece.

  68. A S T R O 7

    Oh my goodness, gun-maniac

  69. Chris E

    Love the shirt! 😄 Crazy story.

  70. Well Man

    May God Bless!

  71. A guy that looks weird

    You are definitely lucky to be alive. Thanks to you many will learn from your experience. Hope you get better soon. And don't forget to Be happy.

  72. М А Л Э В О Л Е Н З Э

    Many can be hard, but almost nobody can be _"I survived a super hotloaded .50cal explosion" hard._ God bless you and your family, and the entire medical staff that intervened you.

  73. Freak User

    that's awful tho,sorry to hear that. glad to see you survived that accident. dont be rush, take time to healing. get well soon buddy

  74. DDW Durrant

    Only God Jesus Christ!!!

  75. Yitno Yitno

    Ngomong apa sih lu

  76. M Barcenas

    God is good 😇

  77. DDW Durrant

    My my my God is good

  78. Gareth Diamond

    Wow extremely lucky enjoy your life to max now lol

  79. TheRambunctiousLion 1913

    Also, thank your Lord, Jesus Christ that you aren't dead and that you get more time with your Wife and Children.