FISHING IS MY LIFE!!! Fishing for bass and other species using a variety of lures & techniques in lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, reservoirs, oceans, and bays around the Northeast & all over the States!


Be sure to read the video description for info on lures used that day, rod/reel/line, location, conditions, and more!

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  1. Tom Rowan

    When someone tells me that the owner of the water I guess maybe it's time for them to take a little swim!!

  2. Kids Account

    Really you're showing me more bugs I hate bugs just to let you know bugs are terrifying creepy I would definitely throw all of my bugs what I see into the lake I would not let anyone touch them or let me come near him I would scream and never come near anyone


    Wala Jud Kai pulos

  4. Tarun Kurkal

    So... do we need to un-sub now?

  5. Thomas Johannesen


  6. John See

    Tell me where you parked while I talk about my biker gang looking for your cars.

  7. Caleb Skoog

    He has a toumor on his lip lolll i don’t actually know but it looked like it lol

  8. 1Axe1Amp

    Can’t fish worth a fuck.

  9. Ethan Lane

    The Karen has struck again

  10. Juanf Gonzalez

    Truck is from the 1960s

  11. Ftr

    He look skinny, what happen

  12. CalebPlayz

    this was fished on my birthday

  13. Frankie Wood

    me holding it far away thinking it is a jumpscare

  14. Yoga saputra

    Keturunan piranha🤔

  15. Garrick Flecha

    Bring back Area 11 vids

  16. Minecraft Lord

    Bro when you threw the cicada he screamed 😂

  17. cryy babyy

    I guess the fishes got annoyed too

  18. Kherbz Katropa vlogs

    Hello Master new friend here full support your channel watching from dammam Saudi Master If u don't mind can give me one of your ultralight set up hehe its joke master godbless

  19. Steve Playz Roblox Official Ph - Gaming

    Cicada/roach: minds his own business eating Him: I'mma bout to ruin your life

  20. Steve Marsh

    What is your other channel and when are you coming out with a new video on you tube

  21. ●Dream Boom●

    Him Literally snatching a bug *Me Scared Of Snails*

  22. Raven Wolf


  23. Miraculous Paris World

    You help it to die .

  24. Mike G

    A bug is your “secret bait”? Stop breathing.

  25. Imperial Peanut

    did we just witness a murder?

  26. Dimitrios Giannakidis

    Ich bin gerade auf der Couch aber das war doch nicht mehr lange wie du willst

  27. Elizabeth Moser

    Fun fact:Snakes also love cicadas

  28. Neal Ebner

    What do you think KP? You suck 😂😂😂😂 8:15

  29. Mr fish

    You can tell half these kids have never touched a rod and that’s why I’m glad they are getting into it

  30. Jakub Urban

    Why did you do him like that. Mans was just chilling.

  31. Branden Jones

    I would never unsubscribe even if you don’t catch a fish on every lure

  32. Yuan Paras

    Is that a roach? -

  33. Fazilla Vega


  34. devesh more

    There was a super cut after 19 minutes ..... I don't if anybody observed it

  35. Only Facts

    How to throw away 17 years in the making.

  36. Nikki T

    I just got anxiety by seeing you holding those cockroaches I mean even approaching them gives me a heart attack

  37. Baka-san

    Him: *throws the insect into the water * Me: good bye insect😐

  38. Random Flips

    “That is a ligitemently quick sand right there” best thing he’s ever said

  39. Nicolas17_YT


  40. Colby Flowers

    Hey bill how’s ya day this pole is pretty nice to chill on Yea it pretty nice nice and warm BILL!! BILL he is takeing me oh god oh god no no no no the water FUUUUUUUUU

  41. Virgochic84

    Minding you're own damn business isn't even safe anymore.

  42. محمد المحمد


    1. every name i make is cringe


  43. David Zouraib

    Amazing video congratulations

  44. Harman Gill

    Now imagine a creature using humans for his amusement like this used guy used cicada

  45. Junglehunter677.

    Fun legal fact. He cant legally own any land within 3ft of the water, The state owns that. Also, if you have a valid fishing license and something like this happens, call a warden, its a felony to interfere with someone hunting or fishing in any way.

  46. orangemamba

    Just another example of humanities selfishness.

  47. Lavadude12

    No one: 1Rod, nom

  48. HarryT

    Cicada "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

  49. Mary Paniyak

    This cicada screeched trying to lived until a random person who wants views came.

  50. Şarkı Dünyasi


  51. lt_Dylan

    yo that fish is so big 😨😧

  52. Yara Hob

    How do you hold that-

  53. Dennis Huppe

    Bread works well also

  54. Antonio Blackstorm

    Did you just kill an innocent Cicada ?? Im gonna do my best to cancel you on twitter. Oh gosh im sooo offended

  55. Zoomfn

    7:47 is where he gets hooked, your welcome

  56. Beaver outdoors

    Regis fought a channel

  57. Deies


  58. Kalma lance lang toh

    ayyyyee back at it mtb slam that's my pb oh hey there's four helicopters right there - 1rod1reel 2021

  59. Kia K

    This is how eren’s mom died in aot


    awesome video i agree you should do more of these reviews helps other small channels like my own learn and grow

  61. DeakDJ 08

    R.I.P ThAT CicADa

  62. Egg Roll Memer

    I never realized how big bass can be

  63. Raymond Kuma

    Jesus died for your sins repent and you will be forgiven🙏

  64. DutchMan 020

    That fish was looking for food till this tiktokker came to bring him some.

  65. Call Me Kevan

    Nice Redear. I caught a pumpkinseed around that size once might have been a bit bigger as I could barely hold it with my fingers over it's spine and thumb below the stomach. (Didn't even know they got that big)

  66. RBA White

    Damn you just killed it

  67. Sami Hawasli

    You all are under zero obligation to answer any of his question.

  68. Shannon Smith


  69. Brent R.


  70. DangMan BOIPRO

    Cicada starts screaming

  71. Mumkey


  72. Davin Su

    Well Imagine Using That As A Bait It Would Be A Great Bait

  73. Woozyeman 0612

    Me no unsubscribe

  74. Eg Dog

    Everyone's talking about how he sacrificed the cicada, but no one's talking about this guy's thumb

  75. All Out Fishing

    I was coming into this video expecting him to catch a giant bass and it ended up just being a bluegill. But it was a nice catch.

  76. DarkSide Beats

    Imagine you're chlling at a zoo. Then some giant scoops you up, tells his friends to check this out as he tosses you into a lion pit. It's a hard life for cicadas. Lol.

  77. Bryton Davis

    "I just fingered his throat"