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  1. Bobby White

    I've been eating this way for over a year and a half. I never fill up when I eat and I will only eat during the day if I need to replenish some energy I used working. I have way more energy than my coworkers. They all drink soda and eat fast food.

  2. mary catherine

    Many Scientists who opposed GOF and others who oppose the fast tracking of the vaccines and don't consider these safe or effective as well as scientists who question the PCR test are constantly being censored and trashed by MSM and internet censors. Disgusting! Scientists never agree on things like this...when we are told that they completely agree then there is censorship.

  3. Julie Walker

    Brilliant podcast. Respect!

  4. An Onymous

    Joe Rogan has gone full blown idiot. What happened? TBI?

  5. Tim Henry

    I am glad they invented the chainsaw.

  6. ggg hhh

    the moment you realise joe is as wide as you.......when he sits side on....

  7. Jannie Groenewald

    Look I'm a Trump fan but after their meeting you could see that Trump did not get his way with Putin, he looked defeatd. Biden is just a joke, Putin made fun of him and his policies

  8. M D

    I've heard lots about Amazon being a bad company to work for. You're literally a cog there.

  9. Debo Papalucious

    Wh y do people even listen to Joe any more? He’s clearly manipulated

  10. Najaf Jafri

    "Or the SPOTIFY APP".....Now thay Joe is on Spotify, I wonder if he will revisit this statement again? Hahahaha

  11. S4lty Sn4k3

    Where did the soul of this podcast go?

  12. Debo Papalucious

    Fuck that.

  13. Hajra Cresswell

    Putin sat down for 1.5 hour with an NBS journalist, I would love to see Biden do the same with a Russian journalist

  14. Ball is LIfe

    The only reason why SEprom hasn't pulled this video down is because Joe told Jamie to pull it up

  15. ObiJuanKenobi

    It doesn't work.....I get older everyday

  16. Jannie Groenewald

    Putin ate him alive 🤣🤟🏻 Biden is a perv and Putin should have given him a swirly

  17. Billy Syms

    It's funny how the brain farted liberals in our lives shrugged their shoulders when rational people dismissed this Farmers Market scenario being spoon fed to us. To these emotional train wrecks, all they had to do is say racism and they were in hook, line and sinker. Liberals won't critically think about anything, they're too busy hating.

  18. meegs san

    "Amazon provided incentives for low skilled employees to leave, offering associates $1000 to resign" If I got paid to quit a job that I didn't like and I still decide to work there, isn't that a reflection of the surrounding job market that I'm in?

  19. Arnolds IOS

    Folks are being hard on her 😂 she just seems comfortable with joe.

  20. Subtone

    "is that a little racoon"

  21. BlindWorld

    We know now that it’s ludicrous to suggest we are the only life in the universe, at the same time we get ridiculed for suggesting extra terrestrial’s are real. It’s ridiculous.

  22. Forest Frost

    Do something Putin want is not a good idea sir. Hahahah

  23. Rob A.

    I know Joe really wants these unfunny, ungrateful comedians to get traction and all, but there's people who deserve to be on this show who wanna be on this show and this chick ain't it

  24. Thor, G-Man

    One more thing 🦕 never existed

  25. Andrew Stadterman

    Sorry, it's hard to believe that humans are "so pathetically weak" from a guy who looks like he's never worked out in his entire life and says running for 10min a few times a week is good enough 🤦

  26. Morgan - Vice

    We were RIGHT, fellow Comrades! The question is what do we do now with the TRUTH?

  27. Brad Ziegler

    So... Bill Cooper is outrageous, and this guy is credible. Lol

  28. ThisFuckingGuy

    Anyone else videos on spotify not loading or showing?

  29. Thor, G-Man

    Yellow beard walks into the party I stay on the opposite side of the room all nite long don’t want to even hear one half syllable of this circus clowns horse shit

  30. Eduardo Rodeiro

    Can u build muscles this way?

  31. EverlastGX

    And nothing of value was said that day

  32. Gene Szemacs

    Dominion voting systems did their job along with millions of mail-in votes and dead people.

  33. PAC

    So I would argue that most people agree with this narrative regardless of political affiliation….time to engage your congressman and push for antitrust…if they don’t support it, vote them out

  34. Chris Smith

    If you're main sources of analysis are Kyle and Glen Greenwald. 😳

  35. Mr. Bofo

    Mannn, fuck the feds. Can't believe a single word outta this dude's mouth. Notice his nervous chuckle after Joe asked, "what did you see," in regards to being to Area 51. Lie, discredit, feign ignorance, standard protocol.

  36. Alex Morgan

    Whether Graham is wright or wrong, he fucking nailed this podcast. The "mainstream view" did not have any comeback, kept avoiding direct evidence and examples by Graham. Maybe hes not right for debate? Maybe theres no comeback?

  37. J Davenport

    A puzzle to solve? Try to stop the drug flow and be hard on crime and drug dealers. Pretty simple puzzle.

  38. Luke Cold

    But he kills the Keystone pipeline here, along with thousands of jobs

  39. Alexander Dominguez

    Tyson a lil old for my generation. But he a crazy fuck

  40. D.A.B ART

    this guy is a fool...

  41. Ares Desiderata

    Biggest scam in history!

  42. Mayro

    Communist China is fake China.

  43. Whitney W.


  44. Sean White

    At 3:37 Joe talks about "ideology" and people who are willing to "abandon science"... implicitly referring to LGBT and Trans activists and others while completely ignoring that the exact thing he's saying applies to him, to people on the other end of the political spectrum, to many of the man-boys in these comments. Joe, and others who share HIS ideology "abandon science" all the time, they do it when it's convenient for them, or when what science is telling them is no longer convenient FOR THEIR IDEOLOGY. And the sad thing is that he does so completely un-ironically and seemingly unknowingly. But, to his credit, Joe does often say that he's a meat head. And, he's not wrong.

  45. CyberVoid

    My favourite comment of all time: Sometimes Joe is so open minded that his brain falls out.

  46. Serena Lopez

    It doesn't help when you're 5' 3. 😆

  47. Billy Syms

    Wonder how long it will take for the main stream media to go full bore after Joe Rogan? He's as big as any journalist out there while calling balls and strikes and people are listening. Our government will never let an outsider like Trump get elected again, it will start with the demonization of guy's like Joe Rogan. Look for SEprom to nix Joe first.

  48. spencer paulec

    Cannot wait for Bret and Heather Heying!!! I feel it coming!

  49. Dr Jones

    Hey Adam how's the family

  50. chris barker

    There aren't enough people in America who are awake enough to question what's going on.. 👍

  51. Dustin Fenyves

    Mask are making the country money. Capitalism

  52. John Adams

    They would never have been anything close to what they where without dave.. Eddie was great but get real dave made vanhalen vanhalen..the proff is look what happened without him.. sorry its true

  53. Sebi One

    Neil is the type of guy who bottles his farts for his own future enjoyment.

  54. julian ruiz

    Damn mike Tyson and joe rogan really let’s these guys ruin there own channels it’s a shame

  55. Paul Wirjawan

    So America outsourced China to develop biological weapons? LOL

  56. Sebi One

    NDT is not the guy you want to talk to about aliens. Not because he's a skeptic, but because he's dismissive of evidence.

  57. Stan Lee

    Most businesses need to try to retain employees because the company has made an 'investment' in training good employees! However, with 'NO SKILL' jobs like at Amazon, it's in Amazon's BEST INTERESTS to get rid of workers before they start having to pay raises or offer better healthcare etc... And with so many people desperate for ANY job, Amazon an EASILY hire new workers who are JUST as effective as someone who's been there for 3 years and starts wanting more money! And while at the same time, Bezo's is lobbying the government to 'invest' TAX MONEY into his Spaceship business!

  58. James Davison

    Biden- empty shell, pro china, note card reading FARCE Worst president ever And, no, trump is nowhere near the top of that list

  59. christina thorne

    Biden is a mess...he needs a cognitive test

  60. Jay Peterman


  61. Petter Houting


  62. jodu656481

    He ain’t doing push ups all day. Sorry

  63. mr8ty8

    I love PhD David Sinclair his work. But I hate the fact that he is also trying to destroy the MILF movement. Leave our kink alone!

  64. Dave Taylor

    ¿Where the f can I buy this shirt joe is wearing?

  65. Stan Lee

    And of course employees get 'lazy' after working a shitty job for 3 years, but luckily AMAZON WAREHOUSE WORKERS are VERY EASY TO REPLACE! And as long as unemployment stays high, then Amazon can EASILY replace their entire work-force on a regular basis since there's really not cost involved in 'training' new workers, so there's really no reason to make ANY EFFORT to retain 'essential' workers..

  66. Sean White

    0:13 "no one's ever said that men are better than women." Really, Joe?

  67. Cheap Dope

    Interview Rodney Mullen next!!!

  68. powderandpaint14

    This all sounds good, but if you look at people who went through real adversity, did hard physical work, were food insecure, etc did not end up looking and being youthful and fit!

  69. Michael O'Malley

    Trump was right about everything.

  70. Jay Fareway

    Damn wtf is gonna happen in the next 50 yrs?

  71. Who's Got Your Belly

    .....AND the real problem is without buckets of cash, women don't care about you, so you don't get a family. So the real answer is to actually make money, unfortunately. Unless you're like 6'6 with a 9inch bird, you need lots of money and things to gain any recognition from any women. So while I agree, that money doesn't primarily guarantee happiness.. without it, you simply cannot acquire any semblance of love unless you've been gifted and fit society's agenda. It's the dark truth we all know and mock. You can be the most loving, amazing, talented person on the planet.. but without a hefty wallet, you will never have any stable relationships. I like Joe, but he forgets how much it truly makes people think of you.

  72. Josh Cramer

    What about the pic with his legs crossed like a lady while Putin sat with legs open like a man that has something between his legs...????

  73. Banks Maynard

    Joe Rogan will never actually have someone on who actually would really intellectually disagree with him. Joe kinda only pushes opinions these days that make him feel comfortable 🤷‍♂️

    1. Banks Maynard

      These days Joe Rogan only wants sound bites that only Ben Shapiros broken logic can make sound interesting

  74. Jimmy Buckets

    Did anyone notice that at one point in the episode Adam says Lori Laughlin is a good friend of his, then later Joe makes a joke about rich people paying off USC to get admitted 😄

  75. BIFFA1871

    Does this mean Judy Mikovits was right in the Plandemic movie?

  76. Charlie Lane

    How can joe be so into fitness yet so into smoking?

  77. Kieran Brown

    So Putin gets his pipeline but the first thing Biden did was cancel ours! Disgusting.

  78. Yoyo Honey

    So romantic haha a coke filled night with you and your significant other hahaha

  79. Ev 12

    He's right I work 16hrs a day rest 2 walk 4 to 9 miles a day just for work and eat 1 time a day at dinner and I am probably more healthy than most and because I am outside from dark till dark each day my body can handle the worst our world weather has to offer snow, sleet, rain, heat, cold, etc etc etc were as my friends can't be outside in direct sunlight for more than a few minutes and they break out in sweat